The Cosby Show

Season 3 Episode 24

Planning Parenthood

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 30, 1987 on NBC

Episode Recap

Cliff takes Rudy and her friends to an expensive restaurant for lunch. He is bemused when they express disgust for the menu and insist on ordering hamburgers. They do not care for the gourmet burgers they receive, as they are too large and come on toast instead of in a bun. The sympathetic waiter saves Cliff and makes the kids happy by picking up some burgers from a Circus Burger across the street from the restaurant. Clair's sister Sarah and some friends stop by to visit after their workout. Vanessa convinces Theo to give her tennis lessons so that she he can play with a guy that she likes. When they return, Vanessa reports that Theo forced her to agree to play doubles against two cute girls so that he could show off. Clair and her friends are very amused by her tales of his antics.
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