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  • The Cosby Show was one of those fantastic sitcoms that will stick with us from the 80's...

    The Cosby Show was deffinately one of the best sitcoms ever produced...the whole basis of the show could be summed up in one word..."family." The Cosby Show delivered positive family television throughout its reign...there was never an episode that I felt embarrassed to watch! Also, something that you don't usually find in sitcoms now-a-days, is a lesson that can be taught, yet at the same time you can easily be entertained without the episode becoming too monotone. As well as all of that, the show simply gave you a memorable laugh! Rarely did the show become too serious or boring, but at the same time, it always gave a serious feel at the right time when needed. This show was by far one of the best sitcoms in TV will always be one of my favorites!
  • Lets Have The Cosby Show Back

    Heathcliff Huxtable is a maternity doctor, While his wife Clair Huxtable is a Lawyer. They have 5 children Sondra, Denise, Theo, Vanessa and Rudy. This show shows the different problems growing up. During the middle of the 1991 series, Lisa Bonet (Denise) made an attempt at her own prime time series "Denise." However, it lacked popularity and was dropped after only 4 episodes which was a real shame.

    Surely I am not the only person who tunned into this on a Saturday afternoon and would shush everyone who dared to speak during it.

    I love Bill Cosby, he doesn't have to say a word, the faces he pulled made me laugh so loudly.

    A classic I say, a really classic.
  • This was a great family show.

    The Cosby Show was a great family show. Every week people could count on Bill Cosby to make them laugh no matter what the problem on the show was, or what the problem the people were going through in real life that watched. My personal favorite however was Claire, the attorney wife of Cliff, and mother of his children. She was hysterical because she would always use her lawyer talk at the house. She could often be heard saying to Cliff "let the record show..." Poor Cliff, he knew that when she went into lawyer mode she would win. Of the five children Rudy was my favorite, especially when she was younger.
  • Groundbreaking family values comedy

    Sitcoms really have gone to hell since The Cosby Show. This was a program my whole family would sit down to watch together. It didn't matter that it was about a black family. In fact, most of "white America" watched this show in its prime. And it delivered the goods. Hilarious G-rated humor, some great cameos and even a well-done After-School-Special message now and then.

    Alvin was always good for uncomfortable comic relief. A lot of people thought he was a terrible actor, but I think he really captured the awkwardness that many people have with their in-laws - whether he meant to or not.

    The series' most classic scene is when the whole family performs for their grandparents' anniversary, and little hair-lipped Rudi lip-syncs "Baby Baby Baby" while Cosby makes his trademark "pucker face" and rolls his eyes ... just great stuff.
  • Classic family dynamic!

    The Cosby Show was def must-see TV on Thursdays. I miss having such a genuinely funny show to watch each week. There was never any forced moments, or gross scenarios . . .every thing was done with style and humor. Each of the characters, all the children included, contributed to the success of the show. So, it wasn't as if Bill Cosby had to carry it by himself. I loved seeing, and still like watching via reruns, the guest stars that they had on the show. Many of the recurring characters that appeared on the show went on to great success themselves. The show was cosmically blessed!
  • The same guy who does stand up comedy does sitcoms!

    Bill Cosby has always been known as a family person with his fun to listen to comedy CDs and tapes. Back in the 80's, Mr. Cosby starred in his own family sitcom which was real fun for all to watch. With tons of fun adventures and family values to bestow on the American public, the show reached high ratings, and I agree that it should have those high ratings. The characters are people you can really learn to love as you watch the show and progress through the seasons. It's a really good show I advise watching if you like sitcoms. You can always expect funny things to happen, and soemtimes a lesson. :)
  • If he never end it, it would be on today. But I'm not complaining--he had no choice, the show wasn't gonna get cancel on it's on.

    I'm speechless--I have nothing to say about a show like this. Cliff was everyone's favorite dad, Bill really played this role good--and also finally hit it big after trying many times to have a successful show. Of course times have changed since then, but i think when everyone watch the Cosby Show--they reminise on the 80's and 90's during the shows run and forget for 30 minutes what's goiong on today. And if you never seen this show, I have to you not have cable. It comes on every freakin' channel out there, I believe their watching Cos on Mars right now. You can wake up to the Huxtables, eat lunch with them , cook dinner with them, and go to sleep watching them. Cosby is paid, I hope my show be a success like that.
  • A classic funny African American family sitcom

    When I first watched this show I liked how Bill cosby was funny but at the same time firm when he was giving his life experiances to his kids when they get in trouble.
    I like the shows humor and how cosby deals with situations when they arise in his home.It is a great show when it comes down to a traditional family sitcom.
    It is still a good show even still today despite that its 16 years old and still has a lot of spunk in it.
    It does have its flaws though but other than that its a well rounded show.
  • A family lives there life growing up.

    Whoo! First of all I love Bill Cosby! I love the way he acts and talks! It is just so funny! (if you haven't guessed I like to watch funny things!) But I love all the actors! Raven use to be my fav and now look at her! She has her own show! Whoot for her! But this has to be the best show ever! I love how everything gets all turned around and they always put everything back to the way it was! I just love how funny it is! that has to be the key seller to this show!
  • Through most of the series I was kept laughing.

    The Cosby show came at time when laughing was in vogue. Personally, I enjoyed that I was watching a show about a family where although race was brought in through cultural means it wasn’t the focus of the show. I know the show got a lot of flack for that and in some ways it may have been warranted, but that doesn’t mean I enjoyed it any less.

    Of course for me the loving relationship between the Huxtable parents was key to understanding how they related to their kids. I also liked when it was discovered that Theo was dyslexic as I liked that his confidence increased as he realized he wasn’t the stupid kid he had felt he was. And the grandparents – more fine acting from spectacular performers.

    I guess with the exception of the last 2 seasons, I really enjoyed the show and cherish the place it has in my youth.
  • Great show that was really funny.

    Ah, what can I say? I love the Cosby Show!
    The whole family really starts to grow on you after awhile, and I always loved it when Cliff (Bill) would go off into one of his totally random stores. Those were always histarical.
    It was so fun to watch the family grow and change and get through hard times and good times.
    I suppose it was rather unrealistic, but that's okay sometimes, because if you're watching T.V. and trying to rid your mind of an arguement you've just had with a family member, do you really want to watch a family that's in just as much crap as you are at the moment? Or fantasize "i wish things could be this way" and just for awhile, get your mind off the argument? I'd try to get my mind off it.
    Honestly, if you want to watch the rough, ragged, straightout reality, go watch Roseanne or something.
    Anyway, I love it at 10:30(Central Time) at night when "Cosby" and "That's So Raven" are on at the same time on different channels, because then, if it's a later episode of Cosby, I can flip back and forth and make Raven grow up in five seconds. She was such a cute little kid!
    This show was a really good one, and definently deserves the label of "Classic!"
    Overall show grade:A-
  • I think that this show was good, but it was a little unrealistic.

    I have this annoying tendency to get into show after they make their debut. I get into a show usally when it ends. I don't know why, but in this case, I was just born when the first episode aired.

    The show is unbelievably funny, and what makes it even funnier is the fact that the show kept going for so long, keeping fans hooked, without the use of foul language. Many shows resort to using excessive foul language and innappropriate materials (which I'm totally okay with), and end up going downhill very quickly. I can't imagine any other show staying on the air for that long, remaining a success, and in the meanwhile, maintaining an environment suitable for the children.

    The only problem I have with this show is that their family is perfect, and although they do have their share of problems, they are still pretty tight as a family. It's kind of unfair to everyone who watches them in their huge house and many children and grandchildren. The Huxtables sure are lucky.

    This is a show that everyone can watch, and admit that they loved it. I'm pretty sure there isn't anyone out there who hates the show, but hey, the world is full of crazies.
  • This show was alright but a bit too fake.

    This show was cool some jokes were laugh out loud funny. But unrealistic on some things and kinda cheesy at times.

    But some things were funny like the family was the "real world" for theo. But they have some really good actors like claire and cliff. And I really enjoyed the ongoing joke of claire always trying to get cliff to eat right but he was alwyas sneeking cake and put paper towels in it and he always snuck hogeys.
  • Wonderful show about the ups and downs of family life.

    Cosby shines the most when around the younger stars of the series. Lots of \"scripted\" improv went on in the show which led to great comedic moments. The best moments are when Cliff is left to babysit the young ones. One of those rare shows that are not only excellent but good for all age groups. A classic TV gem.
  • About a family living in New York going through life.

    About a family living in New York going through life. Doctor Cliff Huxtable (whatever) is an OBGYN who lives in Brooklyn, New York. Him and his wife (Clair) (Cliff, Clair :-)) have 5 children who keep coming back into there house. Sandra, is married, has twins and keeps coming back into the house. Denise gets married, and has a daughter-in-law, and lives in the house, Theo, goes to College, and doesn't even eat in his own home. Pam, Clair's Cousin, moves into the house. Pam being a teen. When the end comes, everyone but Rudy had moved out, and the show ends.
  • a show a bout a black family trying to keep their kids on the right track

    this show was a bout a black family whose mother was a lawyer and father was a doctor they had four girls and one boy also both their parents where still living this show tried to help us be able to talk with each other (parents to their kids and kids to their parents) yes there was yelling and punishment but all it was trying to teach us was the correct path to follow and of course there was going to be hard times and easy times with sadness and joy all in the way around but the family stuck it out together helping each other any way they could
    great family show
  • A pretty good show

    I get to watch this show mostly on weekends and holidays and stuff. I hink some of the chracters were annoying in the show. I like Bill Cosbey I think his pretty funny. So as I like Bill Cosbey I like this show. I think they should bring back the show!
  • A real classic of my childhood

    I grew watching the members of Huxtable family living, making mistakes and learning lessons from parents and grandparents. My childhood was characterized by this family, and its members. The father, Cliff, with its bad habits (cooking with his strange recipes and unusual ingredients, his obstinacy in sport or musical subjects) but also his wisdom and foresight about his kids' problems. The mother, Clair, and her ability to "frame" Cliff every time he does something stupid. The older son, Theo, and how he never wanted to study.
    Rudy and her little friends who always managed to cause some trouble. Vanessa and her shopping addiction. I always thought of this family as an ideal to achieve! This show is a real classic to me, i'll never get tired watching it over and over again!
  • Classic

    Nothing can get better than the Cosby Show. Although Bill went on to do any show called Cosby. The Cosby show was very different from all those other shows. Where the muscic would start and then they would hug and make up. And then be friends again. Very sad that it only lasted for 8 seasons. But one word to describe the Cosby show CLASSIC
  • bill cosby is a father of a crazy family. this show basicly is about what happens. mostly comedy some serious stuff, but not alot.

    bill cosby, in any show he's great. so him in this brings music to my ears ♥. i ♥ this show because it's just plain funny at times and it's cool to sit there and watch kids grow up all from a TV screen. my favorite character is bill himself.
  • ok

    its not that i dont like the cosby show its just that it was cancelled already and there are new comedy family tv shows on now. i usually watch this show when no other good tv shows are on.
    it is kinda funny. and besides all the characters are changed since the cosby show has changed and all the rumors about bill cosby and that raven symoe has her own tv show now.
  • The Cosby Show is one of the best family citcoms ever!

    The Cosbys for me was my second family, and they made me laugh and learn about africa calture. The Cosby Show is one of the best family citcoms ever! Each episode gives us family values, laughs, lessons to be learn, and more. The enitire show should you life and growing up. I love the Cosby Show and continue to watch re-runs for years and years.
  • Ok, who knew that he would actually graduate college?!

    Wow. What a show. From Theo to failing in high school, to learning he has a learning disorder (that should be a lesson to mothers who think their kids are dumb)

    All in all, I liked this show because it showed that persistance does pay off, and you can get into a college :) and actually be something
  • The Cosby Show was a classic sitcom that aired from 1984 to 1992.

    The Cosby Show first aired in September of 1984. Its star, Bill Cosby (playing Heathcliff Huxtable), played a OB-GYN, and his TV wife, Phylicia Rashad (playing Clair Huxtable), played an attorney. They had 5 children who were played by Sabrina Lebeauf (Sondra Huxtable), Lisa Bonet (Denise Huxtable), Malcolm-Jamal Warner (Theo Huxtable), Tempestt Bledsoe (Vanessa Huxtable), and Keshia-Knight Pulliam (Rudy Huxtable). The show's main theme throughout its 8 seasons was family related and each episode alsways focused on the Huxtable family members. Sondra comes home with a husband named Elvin (played by Geoffrey Owens) in the 3rd season. They later have 2 children in the 5th season). In the beginning of the fourth season, Lisa Bonet left the Cosby Show cast for personal reasons and the show covered it up by saying she had gone to college (she does Guest Appear in some later episodes). Then, in the 6th season, a surprise was thrown out at the viewers when Denise Huxtable (Lisa Bonet) came home from college with a husband named Martin Kendall (played by Joseph C. Phillips) and a stepdaughter named Olivia (played by Raven-Symone [now known from the Disney comedy series "That's So Raven"]). Symone continued to star on the Cosby Show from 1990 to 1992 at the show's end. After 8 stellar seasons, The Cosby Show ended in 1992. Some of the more famous people that guest starred on episodes of The Cosby Show were people like Lena Horne, Blair Underwood, Stevie Wonder, Sinbad, Deon Richmond, Adam Sandler, B.B. King, and many more. The Cosby Show continues to air on Nick @ Nite and on TBS Superstation.
  • One of the greatest family sitcoms of all time. Bill Cosby is a genius!

    The Cosby show was a great example of a show that the entire family could sit down and watch together. It covered everything from drugs, to relationships, to raising a family and being in the workforce. The Cosby show lead to many other networks spawning family sitcoms, but it was one of the first to gain the family audience. The show wasn’t just about family life, but it also did a good job of bringing an African American Family into homes of non African Americans. Unlike Good Times, The Jeffersons or What’s Happening it showed an African American family that was surrounded by all things positive. The parents were successful and happy in their marriage, the kids were all going to school and had positive role models. On top of all that, the show even lead to a successful spin-off that at one point surpassed it in the ratings. Television needs more family sitcoms like this one. Everyone needs to support watching the reruns on Nick at Nite.

  • Best TV Family Show

    One of the best shows on TV, basically showed how a family stays together through it all. My favorite episode is \"A Room With No View\": Vanessa & Rudy are fighthing each other verbally and physically til the point when Mr. & Mrs. Huxtable send them down to live in the basement. Rudy and Vanessa were about to hurt each other real good on that episode.
  • A Great show about a successful loving african-american family starring Bill Cosby and Phyliccia Rashad.

    The Cosby Show is a wonderful family tv classic. In the first season it was a great show but each season it just got better. There was the funny and advice giving dad (Bill Cosby)and the loving caring mother (Phyliccia Rashad. The oldest and intelligent daughter Sondra (Sabrina LeBeauf) the black sheep of the family Denise (Lisa Bonet) the laid back easy going Theo, who ends up up a great teacher by the end (Malcolm Jamal Werner) and the gossip queen and the indesisive daughter Vanessa (Tempesste Beldose) and the cute youngest daughter Rudy (Kiesha Knight Pullman). As the seasons went on these characters developed and great new characters came like Elvin, Sondra's husband (Geoffery Owens) and Martin Kendall, Denise's husband (Joseph C. Phillips) and Cousin Pam (Erika Alexander) and of course the faumous Olivia Kendall (Raven-Symone). This was a great show and I highly suggest watching reruns on Nick at Nite or Fox
  • The Cosby show gets a thumbs up with a 10 rating from me.

    The cosbyshow allowed blacks to see themselve in a positive role, with real family values, in a humerous setting. It allowed us to see and want to seek higher goals. It let us know that ther is another side to black live other than crime and violence. Young black kids need to se more shows of this caliber.
  • Just "The Cosby Show"

    Need to say more? No, I don't, cause everybody's seen this.
    The typical family show from the 80s.
    The only thing I didn't like of this show (and all those of that time) is that they used to put some kind of a message in most episodes, as if we had to learn some kind of lesson in every "story" they (or we) lived.
    But, in the end, it's The Cosby Show, a classic and a landmark in television history.
  • Absolutely a classic show.

    Every Thursday night at my home as a child, my family gathered around the television to watch the Cosby Show. I loved the premise of the show, successful African Americans raising kids. It was a trend setter, and judging by the ratings, America pretty much felt the same way I did about it. I recently purchased season 1 on DVD and just sat down and enjoyed every episode. Bill Cosby changed the way I looked at Situation comidies, there was no profanity, no violence, and although some of the things that their family did seemed to be too good to be true, I as an African American was proud to be represented in such a positive light. I can't wait to get season 2 on DVD to continue to re-live the Cosby experience.
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