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  • I'm a Cosby kid at heart!

    I will love, love, love this show forever and always! Bill Cosby's is my TV Dad & shout out to Youtube for all of the episodes I get to watch!
  • its a classic

    This is a classic, remembere this from growing up. The kids in the Cosby family was my heroes. Rudy was the favorite it every saurday i remember. all those memories.
  • Can you do better?

    ok all of you complainers make a show as successful as this one please make your own this show was funny cute life changing instead of modren family's vulgar lame not even opinion changing crap i mean its like DUH!
  • The perfect family show.

    There was no flaw with this show whatsoever. I just hate how some people may say it's not realistic because "A black family can't be rich with a successful family." Well those people who think that are completely wrong and ignorant. It's good to see a show that has the "picture perfect family." To be honest, instead of people complaining about it, they should look at the show as an example of a great loving family that I'm pretty sure everyone wish they had (or may already have) no matter what race.
  • Wow! How I love this show!

    What an incredible show! Not to mention the wonderful acting of the cast! Bill Cosby is outstanding and the storylines while heartfelt are always amazingly funny! I laugh out loud each time I watch, even if I have seen the episode ten times! The show demonstrates that families are a great gift and should be honored and enjoyed. The dynamic of the actors and their comedic timing is something that no other family show has been able to capture! This show will always be an all time favorite. Take time to watch this one, it is one that shouldn't be missed!
  • One of the best shows ever on television!

    The Cosby shows is a true classic. One of the best shows ever on television. Not only is the show funny, but it really depicts the beauty that a love family is. The characters are wonderfully written and based off of Bill Cosby's stand up comedy, which is why it rings so true. Most of the show takes place in the Cosby family's home and yet it never seems claustrophobic. Since the show deals with pretty universal ideas of love and family it has really stood the test of time. I really suggest re-watching it if you were around the first time or trying it out if you were too young to see it.
  • I command to bring it back!!!!

    I think they should have a reuien eposiod because it would be very intersting to see how the people have change sience the show went off air. It would be very cool. I think that everbody was the best, but Cliff, Theo, Rudy, and Vessa were the ones who made me laugh the most. My favortie eposoid was when all the men got pregent. When they gave birth that was soo funny. I loved what cliff gave birth to. He gave birth to a big sub sandwhich and a 2 litter of orange soda.
  • I Love This Show!

    What drew me into this show originally,was the fact that it was the first sitcom that depicted black families in a positive light.They weren't struggling like blacks in other sitcoms. It told black people that they could also have a slice of the good life and that it didn't come without hard work and determination. What kept me was the superb script writing. The situations from week to week varied covering most family issues you don't see in other family shows, such as Vanessa's first bout of puppy love, or the discovery of Theo's learning disability which explained why his grades were so lousy. They dealt with real issues that not only reflected Black Americans, but all Americans. I love this show. It's even a favorite of my 12 yr. old granddaughter. I would love to see a reunion movie of all the characters, and what they and their individual families are doing today.
  • I get asked by lots of people if I agreed with they way The Cosby Show portrayed African-Americans, and I simply smile and say, "of course I do."

    To me, The Cosby Show was one of the best shows in creation. Not just for the comedy, but the lessons taught, the music that they listened to, the celebrity guests that appeared on the show (priceless), the history, and also how NATURAL it was. People argue that they were too perfect as an African-American family, but I say if you and your spouse had dual professions, and earned the same living, I'm quite sure you would accept the same family values as the fictious Huxtables did. A wonderful education, work before play, and respect. I must say this is, and always will be, a fabulous CLASSIC sit-com. . . .
  • This is by far my favourite sitcom.

    Bill Cosby's comedy made this show unmissable. Every episode of this sitcom was funny especially the ones with Raven Symone. When her and Cosby talked, they had the funniest conversations. In the earlier episodes when Rudy was a little kid and Cosby took her and her friends to special places were hilarious. But I must say the funniest recurring thing that has happened in The Cosby Show is Peter running out the door when anything bad happens. Also in the earlier episodes when Malcom Jamal Warner talked with Cosby those conversations also had funny parts (Money Management) Overall, by far my favourite sitcom.
  • Just my review for the Cosby show

    I first started watching this show in March of 2002. Since then this my all time favorite TV show, my favorite episode is "Goodbye Mr. Fish" which was absulutely hilarious, when I get the chance I plan to get DVD sets of this classic series. The Cosby show came on when my older siblings were kids. There was even a spin off series called "A different wolrd" which was based on what went on when Denise was at Hillman.
  • This is probably in my book the funniest sitcom of all time and thats something coming from a teenager who would probably be to young to apreciate these sort of things

    This is probably in my book the funniest sitcom of all time and thats something coming from a teenager who would probably be to young to apreciate these sort of things. Bill Cosby is funny, Malcom jamal is funny and both those little kids are hilarious and all the other characters somehow find a way to play off of them. Clair is definatley a classic funy mom and Denise is thje wild teen, Vanessa is kind of annoying and her character kids on my nerves but not really as much as rudy when she was yonger/1 1 1 1 1
  • Groundbreaking family values comedy

    Sitcoms really have gone to hell since The Cosby Show. This was a program my whole family would sit down to watch together. It didn't matter that it was about a black family. In fact, most of "white America" watched this show in its prime. And it delivered the goods. Hilarious G-rated humor, some great cameos and even a well-done After-School-Special message now and then.

    Alvin was always good for uncomfortable comic relief. A lot of people thought he was a terrible actor, but I think he really captured the awkwardness that many people have with their in-laws - whether he meant to or not.

    The series' most classic scene is when the whole family performs for their grandparents' anniversary, and little hair-lipped Rudi lip-syncs "Baby Baby Baby" while Cosby makes his trademark "pucker face" and rolls his eyes ... just great stuff.
  • About a family living in New York going through life.

    About a family living in New York going through life. Doctor Cliff Huxtable (whatever) is an OBGYN who lives in Brooklyn, New York. Him and his wife (Clair) (Cliff, Clair :-)) have 5 children who keep coming back into there house. Sandra, is married, has twins and keeps coming back into the house. Denise gets married, and has a daughter-in-law, and lives in the house, Theo, goes to College, and doesn't even eat in his own home. Pam, Clair's Cousin, moves into the house. Pam being a teen. When the end comes, everyone but Rudy had moved out, and the show ends.
  • a show a bout a black family trying to keep their kids on the right track

    this show was a bout a black family whose mother was a lawyer and father was a doctor they had four girls and one boy also both their parents where still living this show tried to help us be able to talk with each other (parents to their kids and kids to their parents) yes there was yelling and punishment but all it was trying to teach us was the correct path to follow and of course there was going to be hard times and easy times with sadness and joy all in the way around but the family stuck it out together helping each other any way they could
    great family show
  • Classic

    Nothing can get better than the Cosby Show. Although Bill went on to do any show called Cosby. The Cosby show was very different from all those other shows. Where the muscic would start and then they would hug and make up. And then be friends again. Very sad that it only lasted for 8 seasons. But one word to describe the Cosby show CLASSIC
  • Ok, who knew that he would actually graduate college?!

    Wow. What a show. From Theo to failing in high school, to learning he has a learning disorder (that should be a lesson to mothers who think their kids are dumb)

    All in all, I liked this show because it showed that persistance does pay off, and you can get into a college :) and actually be something
  • The Cosby Show was a classic sitcom that aired from 1984 to 1992.

    The Cosby Show first aired in September of 1984. Its star, Bill Cosby (playing Heathcliff Huxtable), played a OB-GYN, and his TV wife, Phylicia Rashad (playing Clair Huxtable), played an attorney. They had 5 children who were played by Sabrina Lebeauf (Sondra Huxtable), Lisa Bonet (Denise Huxtable), Malcolm-Jamal Warner (Theo Huxtable), Tempestt Bledsoe (Vanessa Huxtable), and Keshia-Knight Pulliam (Rudy Huxtable). The show's main theme throughout its 8 seasons was family related and each episode alsways focused on the Huxtable family members. Sondra comes home with a husband named Elvin (played by Geoffrey Owens) in the 3rd season. They later have 2 children in the 5th season). In the beginning of the fourth season, Lisa Bonet left the Cosby Show cast for personal reasons and the show covered it up by saying she had gone to college (she does Guest Appear in some later episodes). Then, in the 6th season, a surprise was thrown out at the viewers when Denise Huxtable (Lisa Bonet) came home from college with a husband named Martin Kendall (played by Joseph C. Phillips) and a stepdaughter named Olivia (played by Raven-Symone [now known from the Disney comedy series "That's So Raven"]). Symone continued to star on the Cosby Show from 1990 to 1992 at the show's end. After 8 stellar seasons, The Cosby Show ended in 1992. Some of the more famous people that guest starred on episodes of The Cosby Show were people like Lena Horne, Blair Underwood, Stevie Wonder, Sinbad, Deon Richmond, Adam Sandler, B.B. King, and many more. The Cosby Show continues to air on Nick @ Nite and on TBS Superstation.
  • One of the greatest family sitcoms of all time. Bill Cosby is a genius!

    The Cosby show was a great example of a show that the entire family could sit down and watch together. It covered everything from drugs, to relationships, to raising a family and being in the workforce. The Cosby show lead to many other networks spawning family sitcoms, but it was one of the first to gain the family audience. The show wasn’t just about family life, but it also did a good job of bringing an African American Family into homes of non African Americans. Unlike Good Times, The Jeffersons or What’s Happening it showed an African American family that was surrounded by all things positive. The parents were successful and happy in their marriage, the kids were all going to school and had positive role models. On top of all that, the show even lead to a successful spin-off that at one point surpassed it in the ratings. Television needs more family sitcoms like this one. Everyone needs to support watching the reruns on Nick at Nite.

  • Best TV Family Show

    One of the best shows on TV, basically showed how a family stays together through it all. My favorite episode is \"A Room With No View\": Vanessa & Rudy are fighthing each other verbally and physically til the point when Mr. & Mrs. Huxtable send them down to live in the basement. Rudy and Vanessa were about to hurt each other real good on that episode.
  • The Cosby show gets a thumbs up with a 10 rating from me.

    The cosbyshow allowed blacks to see themselve in a positive role, with real family values, in a humerous setting. It allowed us to see and want to seek higher goals. It let us know that ther is another side to black live other than crime and violence. Young black kids need to se more shows of this caliber.
  • Absolutely a classic show.

    Every Thursday night at my home as a child, my family gathered around the television to watch the Cosby Show. I loved the premise of the show, successful African Americans raising kids. It was a trend setter, and judging by the ratings, America pretty much felt the same way I did about it. I recently purchased season 1 on DVD and just sat down and enjoyed every episode. Bill Cosby changed the way I looked at Situation comidies, there was no profanity, no violence, and although some of the things that their family did seemed to be too good to be true, I as an African American was proud to be represented in such a positive light. I can't wait to get season 2 on DVD to continue to re-live the Cosby experience.
  • the greatest old school show ever they should make a reunion

    Awesome tv show that was the best old classic show because it was so funny because bill cosby is the king of comedy and they are awesome every episode is just a classic and they were so funny it should still because it was so funny the world in 2 years are going to watch it and say this show is the best i have ever seen
  • A very sucessful male doctor and female lawer go throught their daily life with 5 children. Oh and their black! Power to the people!

    Possibly the greatest show of all time!!!!! The first time i saw it I was immeadiately hooked! Now I know every episode by heart! And I still watch it every time! I am definitely getting the Season 1 dvd, who knows what kind of raw feautres and bloopers are in there! Love it with a PASSION!
  • The Cosby Show deals with a devoted couple who live in New York City. The husband, Cliff Huxtable is an OBGYN and loving father/husband. The wife, Clair Hanks Huxtable, is a lawyer and attentive mother/wife. They have 5 children who dont seem to ever leav

    The Cosby Show is one of my all-time favorite shows. I have been watching it for many years, and it never gets boring! Each episode from it's fabulous 8-season run (From 1984 to 1992), is funny, unique, and a fine example of devoted actors working hard to make people laugh.
  • This show is truly a classic. The best show of all time!

    This show is the best. It is so funny. Each person gives their charater life. This show gave African Americans a better name. This is my favorite show. I'll never stop watching it. It healing for the soul. Bill Cosby is a very funny man. He is one of the pioneers of comedy. His shows had a lot of stars in it during its time. I love this show.
  • a

    Definitely one of my favorites by far. All the shows that are on now are terrible (except for family guy of course). The show is not only humorous but deals with what people face in everyday life. even though it is off the air I try to watch it as much as possible. It inspired many african american shows, and it is just fabulous. Including its spin off a different world which is not quite as good, but still bettter than most shows.So, overall all i have to say is what ever you do, Watch this show!
  • Best Show

    The Cosby Show is the best show ever that was aired in the 80\'s. The Cosby Show has alot of funny characters, and very funny lines. and plus some of my favorite actors/actress are in it such as Malcom Jamal Warner and Raven Symone. Also, I\'m very happy that the Cosby Show aired for a long time because everyone who really really loves the show gets to see all of the episodes if they don\'t want to keep on watching the same episodes. Thats why I love me some Cosby Show because of the Comedy in it and the acting in it.
  • Bill cosby is one of favorite actors/comdiean. he knows how to make you laugh when you are mad at the world. this show is great. everyone is awesome. everyone is funny. i really love the show

    the cosby show is one of my favorite show. i really love this show. i watch mostly everyday. bill cosby is soo funny. he write good story lines. i wish it didnt get cancel but sometimes everything has to come to an end. this is truly a classic show. watch it
  • great show no questions asked

    great show, iam proud of this show, has a great cast, fine mother in the mix, and bill cosby is a great comedian in the clean way not like eddy murphy or richard priyor, who i like very much, but bill cosby takes comedy in a clean way and there's nothing wrong with that. i even got the dvd to the first season episodes, recomend people to pick that up.
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