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  • This show not only gave a template for what a black comedy could and SHOULD be, it also was a family sitcom that was not cheesy in the least.

    The Cosby Show at its debut was one of very few shows on the air that featured an African American cast. The shows that came before it, such as the Jeffersons, rarely enjoyed any amount of popularity. The aforementioned Jeffersons were an exception to that. The Cosby Show excelled for a couple of reasons, and it was influential for those same reasons:

    1. It managed to be a family show that wasn't cheesy or unrealistic. They were a rich family, with an attorney and a doctor, yet they did not spoil nor pamper their kids. They were good parents, but it was a house that wasn't without its problems. Bill Cosby played a great comedic father here, and Mrs. Rashad played more of the "straight" mother role. The kids weren't too annoying like they often were in other sitcoms. What's more, the "lessons" that were learned were not shoved down your throat like some of the later cheesy shows (Full House, Step by Step, Family Matters, etc.). This made it seem less preachy and it didn't detract from the funniness of the show. I feel the characters and situations that occurred were not entirely out of the realm of possibility for any family.

    2. It's a trendsetter in that it shows the black family in a positive light. It does this without a lot of slang and "urban" culture. Black culture on this show was about jazz and black leaders in history which is the way it SHOULD be. It didn't try to be "hip" and it didn't try to get the inner city people to watch it by selling out what Bill Cosby wanted the show to be.

    It's always been a personal favorite of mine and I hope that it continues to enjoy wide popularity in syndication.
  • The Cobsy show was an excellent example of everyday family.

    This show captured the hearts of many Americans simply because it revealed what family life is all about. I personally love the episode where the parents show their son what life is like outside their house. This is reality! I also really enjoyed watching the parents stick together in decisions raising their children while all the time enjoying themselves.
  • "The Cosby Show" is one of the most influential television sitcoms in history.

    In the 1980s, an NBC phenomenon called "The Cosby Show," flooded living rooms across the country. It changed television completely by putting forth the image of a wealthy, intelligent, and highly successful African-American family. In my opinion, it is one of the greatest and most influential sitcoms of all time. It changed many people's perceptions of African-Americans, and made history when one of its stars (Keshia Knight-Pulliam) became the youngest person in history to be nominated for an Emmy; that feat has yet to be matched.

    While this series is definitely influential and full of clean, family-friendly humor, it is by far not the funniest sitcom of the 1980s---or ever for that matter; as far as the 1980s goes, "227" was the funniest for me, but what sets The Cosby Show apart is its influence on American culture.
  • A show about a middle class family African-American family living in Brooklyn New York. The father is a doctor and the mother is a lawyer. They have five children--Sondra, Denise, Theo, Vanessa, and Rudy. This show is a classic in it's own right. Very pop

    I love the Cosby Show. I could watch a marathon of the Cosby Show all day long and not be bored of this show. I've seen every single espoidoe and still watch it to this day. It showed a portrayed a positive image of African Americans during that time. That we are educated and successful.
  • The best show to ever air on earth

    This show represents all good on television. It is a classic show that never gets old. An average family, yet it is so special and close to my heart. Its funny too. Bill thanx for this grace to tv!!! Perfect. If this show was any better, I might have a heart attack. I luv the Cosby Show
  • This show is about an African-American gynocologist who has a wife that is an attorney at law. Together, they raise 5 children in Brooklyn, New York. They go through the ups and downs of desperately trying to get rid of their children one by one. Their pl

    In my opinion, "The Cosby Show" is the best thing to ever happen to television. The plots are extremely funny and unheard of. The way Bill Cosby delivers his unexpected jokes is incredible. The punch lines are great, and so are the characters. If I were to cast my own situation comedy, I'd probably end up stealing this entire idea, because it's so great. I wouldn't have been able to bring sonmething to the table like what Bill Cosby did. I guess just his intelligence and his prescence around the set of "The Cosby Show" is something that the cast members would look forward to every week. I know I would look forward to it. Bill Cosby has such great knowledge about children and their characteristics that cannot go unnoticed. I get very surprised myself sometimes at how much he knows. One of my personal favorites of "The Cosby Show" is episode 185 from season 8, entitled "For Men Only". The reason why I like this episode is because of the plot. Bill Cosby gets a chance to come in contact with the new generation of male teenagers on national televison. They talk
    about "teenagery" (as Mr. Cosby calls it) problems, like being blamed for the Greenhouse Effect/being the "Lost Generation", teen-pregnancy, and seeking an acceptable career field. The jokes from this episode were extremely hilarious. One funny joke is when they are all discussing being teenaged fathers. Just so happens, one of the young boys was already a father of two. One of his friends asked him why he spent his birthday money on new sneakers for himself instead of food or clothes for his kids. Then his friend said "Why don't you get discount Skips?". A nearby friend said "No, not the shoes man!!! Not the shoes!!!". This shows how children these days react toward the material things in life. Overall, I give this show two thumbs up.
  • The Cosby Show is my favorite sitcom out there.

    I'm not sure if it is the funniest show that I watch. I'm not sure if it has the best plot of a sitcom. But it is the most watchable of any sitcom, and thats what I love about it. There is no episode that I'd say "I'm sick of it", and every sitcom I like has 1 or 2 of those.

    Now the Pam/Safe Sex episode disturbs me, and never watch it which docked this grade from a 10, but still a great show. Bill Cosby is hilarious and has great moments every other episode. In some starts of the season, they started with a "Parents are ultra pissed at their kids for horrible decisions". Like Denise dropping out of college, or Denis marrying Martin. But my favorite is when Elvin and Sondra decide to open a Wilderness store. Another favorite is the pregnant men. This is a great show and it gets a Red Giant rating of a 9.8 out of 10.
  • It's about a black family of a lawyer and doctor raising 5 kids. It's classic for the life of television.

    This show was very inspirational and pivotal for the portrayal of black families on television. It shows a successful black family living and enjoying life and it's funny all in between. I reallly like this show. Many more shows like this need to be made because that's what real entertainment TV should air. The stuff that's on TV today is basically garbage compared to what The Cosby Show was about. There was an actual lesson you could learn from each of the episodes while it still being a funny show, and every family enjoyed watching it. it reached out to all families, and that's what TV is missing today.
  • Very funny

    I still watch the reruns of the Cosby show when they are on. I loved that show. It was very funny. Bill Cosby is a very comical man. His facial expressions were priceless. The way he interacted with Claire was great. I learned alot about different music from that show. Music I would not normally listen to. It was geat fun to grow up with the kids as they grew. I loved it when Cliff would obsess over his hogies. It was a novel idea to have Cliff's office in his home. The only thing I found now as an adult is how unrealistic the kids behavior was. But the show was a classic.
  • This show was totally amazing. Powerful for Blacks. Good word out for us too.(BTW, I'm BLack)

    This show was so good, strong and an ear opener on the word of Blacks. Unlike other shows, this show started off well, with the first season. A show's first season is always rocky because its new. But nope, not this show. It was just amazing. Like they've been at it all their lifes.
  • This comedy started out great, but became less so over time.

    I'm debating whether or not to buy the first season. I think I will buy the first few boxed sets because the family's adventures and storylines during the first few seasons were brilliant. I enjoyed the Cosby show a lot when Rudy was little. Sure, the show was phony, but it was entertaining nonetheless.

    However, as is typical with children who grow up on a show, another little one has to be cast in order to keep the show going and keep the audience entertained by a cute little child. By then, it just got too chaotic and got kind of cheesy in certain scenes. The Cosby Show went on for too long, and too much was done with too many characters to keep it going as long as it did.
  • A very charming family.

    Each of the characters in the show are all different and original in their way. Bill cosby always brings comedy to the table in every episode even if its sad. The reruns nick @ nite and the other channels give, I always watch them again because they are so darn funny. This family really works together despite that their's too many of them living in one household. I suggest anyone to see it is very good.
  • Awesome show about the Huxtable family!!!

    One of the best shows ever created! Bill Cosby is a genius and his comedic timing is so perfect. Even the comedic timing of Raven was so on point for such a young child. It was so nice to see a successful black family being portrayed on tv that didn't just appeal to one race. And I just remember growing up wanting to be like phylicia rashad because she was a strong black woman on tv and off!!
  • Pretty good show.

    Even though it started before I was born and only continued til i was about 5 or something..I watch it now and think it's a pretty funny show. Though that Dr. and Mrs. Huxtable seem to always have..well u know..on their mind. They're always flirting and such.. besides that it's pretty funny.
  • Its about a family of 7 that live in a house in New York and have new experiences everyday, especially the 5 children.

    I think this show is awezome its one of the best family shows ever, its really realistic and most of the episodes are real life issues and it talks about real things like kids with drugs, or political issues, its a show that talks about anything, it also has a lot of comedy, all of the kids are very funny, but the funniest person on the show will have to be Heatcliff \"Cliff\" Huxtable ( the dad ) or known as Bill Cosby. This show will always be one of the best !
  • Best show of the 80's.

    Back in the 80's "The, Cosby Show" was the number one show in America. Some felt the show went a little to far as showing a black family being to successful. The heads of the house were both rich and successful "Cliff" a doctor and Clair a lawyer. I enjoyed this show for the funny moments it brought. The adventures of the Huxtable kids always found entertaining never a dull moment was found with Sondra, Denise, Theo, and little Rudy. Most important the character of Bill Cosby that being Dr. Heathcliff "Cliff" Huxtable was the one to watch. I always looked at Bill and even his character as a role model for the good advice that was given. "Cliff" and even Bill Cosby always did listen and give great advice to a person. Both made great father figures, no wonder "The, Cosby Show" was such a hit and made Bill Cosby so popular and wealthy in the entertainment business. You can still watch the reruns of this hit series on TBS so watch your friend many times again that being Bill Cosby and Dr. Heathcliff.
  • A series of the wonderful adventures that happened within the Dr. H and Mrs. H household. A great show for all of the family! A great show for all generations! A great show to watch and enjoy all by yourself.

    I love this show! I can't even begin to think what kind of person I would be if I was never introduced to the Cosby Show! Sure after a while the story lines got a little out there, but nonetheless I love this show. It's one of my all time favorites and I can't wait for it to come out on DVD! This show has something for everyone and besides's brilliant!
  • The Cosby Show was 1 Of The Greatest Shows Of All Time!

    I just started watching the show 1 or 2 years ago. Its a really good show. The last few seasons are my favorites. And the Series Finale is a classic finale. Cosby is a genius! This show was/is very succesful. The episodes were full with family problems that alot of familys face. That's what made it re-latable.
  • Its a funny show.

    I enjoy watching this because it has everything. Its funny it has all kinds of situations. Its one of the best shows on nick @ nite next to The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air of course. Its also one of those shows where the family can sit around and watch and enjoy it too.
  • One of the best classics

    The Cosby Show is a show my parents used to watch, and it still comes on today! It shows the value of family and friends, and taking in new members of the family. My favorite new member was Olivia Kendall, played by Raven-Symone, who is now a great actress and singer. She acted very well for her age and that is how her major carrer started. The Cosby Show had an effect on that.
    The Cosby Show is funny, but not the dirty funny. I think now a days, people are entertained by "TV-14" Funny, but in this show, you can be entertained by "Family" Funny.
  • Cliff is a doctor, Claire is a lawyer, they have 4 girls and a boy. No matter how old their kids get they never seem to leave, so the house is always crowded and noisy.

    This show is good wholesome fun. It's not laugh out loud funny but its also not boring. Bill Cosby definitely carries the cast and show and is truly the only reason to watch. Of course they also have the cute little kid, first it was Keshia Knight-Pulliam and when she grew up it was Raven Symone. The interactions between cosby and the little kids are definitely the highlights of the show. Definitely the classic family sitcom.
  • The Cosby show is about a family of five the mom is a lawyer and the dad is a gynecologist and they tackle their families problems with a comical twist

    The Cosby show is amazing and the facts I learned makes the show even better and here are some facts about the Cosby show they started in the year 1984 and they ended in 1992 and it was all laughs the hole way from the beginning of the sires where we first met them going to the local community center and Theo their only son graduating form college and the good old doctor final figuring out how to fix that door bell that was never quite write. When I first saw the Cosby show I knew I was watching a good show and I knew it from all the laughs and the facts they were first rejected by the major networks (ABC and CBS) NBC did the write thing bay taking the risk of a black family and they did the write thing because they had 20,000 viewers every Thursday making it the place to be says the article the hole entire series they were in they top 20 shows to watch and the number one show for 5 continues years and you know its good because when your look in for something to watch the Cosby show is always their for a laugh.
  • A True Classic!

    Just the other day, I was browsing through the sales paper and stumbled across the advertisement for the complete first season of the ground-breaking television hit sitcom, "The Cosby Show." I was just as shocked as other fans of the series. The series finally made it onto DVD format. Although the show is a staple on Nick-at-Nite's line-up, it would be just as welcomed into the homes of fans everywhere whom still can't get enough of the 'Cos'.

    I am definitely looking forward to adding this classic series to my already growing DVD collection in the future.
  • Great show for any decade.

    The Cosby Show was a great show which also portrayed African Americans in a different light. The show has not so much of a dramatic element, but it is still very funny. There is not really a particular order that each show goes through, it’s very unpredictable. It portrayed Doctor Heathcliff Huxtable (I Know, Heathcliff?) played by Bill Cosby and his family. There was his wife Clair, and their good but sometimes menacing children Sondra, Denise, Theo, Vanessa, and Rudy. Later on other characters like Elvin, Martin, Olivia, and Pam are introduced, and occasionally the grandparents. One thing I do like a lot is unlike Home Improvement’s Jill Taylor, Clair is a hell of a lot more understanding of Cliff. Most stories revolved around some situation with the children, they probably did something stupid, and Cliff and Clair try to deal with it or have to just accept it, like when Denise married Martin. It’s an overall great show, only a few problems. One is the family style, I like it, but unfortunately it seems that these days people appreciate a more dysfunctional family, like the Taylors of Home Improvement, this also comes into play that Cliff and Clair hardly ever argue very harshly with each other. The only other problem is that something what they wear or how they look, mainly Denise and sometimes Vanessa are just too stupid and ridiculous. It’s a great show, no matter how old it seems, and I hope reruns last for a long time. It ran for 8 seasons, and was one of the best family shows ever. You will probably, especially with Bill Cosby, laugh a lot.
  • Superb

    The Cosby Show was very good. I enjoyed the fact that the characters seemed very much like a loving family. One of the all-time classics.

    Writing: Superb. The characters were funny, and usually realistic. The Huxtables were wise, but with just enough foibles to make them seem human. Even the unrealistic scenarios are often things real parents wish they were creative enough to think of. (Of course, every once in a while, they\'d throw in a pure fantasy, like the pregnant men, but these were usually clearly labeled as such and were funny enough to justify their existence)

    Acting: Good. The actors seemed to be their characters, and the onscreen chemistry between the Huxtables was apparent.

    Direction: Good. Usually well-timed. Pacing could flag when characters recalled important historical events, but the actors were usually successful in conveying their importance.

    Racial issues: The lead family was black, but their blackness was never emphasized. Instead, they chose a more subtle way of representing the culture, in order to reflect universal situations rather than stereotypes. The best thing is that the family had several friends from various ethnic backgrounds, and this never once became an issue.
  • It's just great

    The Cosby Show is an eye opener for the whole world, it tells that a family should be loving and also have a understanding in a way that it connects to everyone. This show proved that an african american family can be sucessful, intelligent, and facetious at time and still maintain a strict perspective on life and the true meanings of life. For these reason I would like to personally thank the actors who on The Cosby Show hasn't got enough credit that is superb. To the tough one I love your portrayal of Clair Huxtable and I Horon you, you make my day when I see the strenght that a black woman can have. I wish one day to be that strong, intelligent, and fun-loving woman. As a cast together The Cosby Show has touched the life of many and will for many more generations to come. "The Cosby Show" Season 1 in stores now! Go Get it!!!!!!!!!!!
  • This is the best!

    This has to be the best ever,; a loving family, showing unconditional love, with great warmth and compasion, the couple stil wild about each other, the kids being normal kids but stil caring for eaach other, the situtions so real. This show has everything. The kind of people you'd want to invite into your living room.
  • The show that revived the sitcom in the 80s! One of the best sitcoms ever, The Cosby Show revolved around Cliff and Claire Huxtable and their family.

    I can watch this show over and over again and never get tired of it. This is classic comedy! This is one family that showed real love and respect for one another, something that doesn't happen too often in television shows these days. This is an excellent show that isn't dated and will never grow old.
  • great show no questions asked

    great show, iam proud of this show, has a great cast, fine mother in the mix, and bill cosby is a great comedian in the clean way not like eddy murphy or richard priyor, who i like very much, but bill cosby takes comedy in a clean way and there's nothing wrong with that. i even got the dvd to the first season episodes, recomend people to pick that up.
  • Bill cosby is one of favorite actors/comdiean. he knows how to make you laugh when you are mad at the world. this show is great. everyone is awesome. everyone is funny. i really love the show

    the cosby show is one of my favorite show. i really love this show. i watch mostly everyday. bill cosby is soo funny. he write good story lines. i wish it didnt get cancel but sometimes everything has to come to an end. this is truly a classic show. watch it
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