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  • The Show Is Ancient.

    When you get to the beginning of the show, it is very old. Then you have half the cast dancing around in the opening music. Very odd. I don't think anybody has done anything else like it.

    I can't say anything about A Different World, since nobody's bothered to show it on TV. I think they should since I would like to watch it.

    Theo is a big jerk that eats everything. And would name a friend Cockroack?!

    And Olivia is about the only good character on the show but the whole story behind that is horrible.

    Her parents are divorced. One in college, and one in the navy. They both decide that Olivia should stay with the Dad. Big Mistake, since he's in the Navy, which is no way to raise a kid.

    The show may be fictional, but Olivia ended up being raised by Dr. Huxtable, and then went to Indonesia or the Phillipenes, or wherever. That would be horrible for any kid. The parents are either gone a lot, or the kid is never home either.

    The show is another one that is one way too much.

    And Even though Denise is in college, she is taken off the opening cast. Maybe she doesn't want to dance around like everyone else in the openings, but she is still making appearances in the seasons that she is starring in A Different World.

    One good thing about the show is that there are several dream episodes. Most of them are okay.
  • ok

    its not that i dont like the cosby show its just that it was cancelled already and there are new comedy family tv shows on now. i usually watch this show when no other good tv shows are on.
    it is kinda funny. and besides all the characters are changed since the cosby show has changed and all the rumors about bill cosby and that raven symoe has her own tv show now.
  • Thursday nights in elementary school...takes me back!

    We watched this show in our house every Thursday night at 8 p.m. and everyone at school talked about it the next day. This was funny, endearing, and warm family comedy back when television was not the dung pile it is today.

    Cliff and Claire reminded me a lot of my own parents, and I loved how they looked after five kids without losing their sense of humor, nor their time for one another first. They were both professionals with all these little subplots happening with their kids, but they always found time and energy to do it - rock on!
  • This show was alright but a bit too fake.

    This show was cool some jokes were laugh out loud funny. But unrealistic on some things and kinda cheesy at times.

    But some things were funny like the family was the "real world" for theo. But they have some really good actors like claire and cliff. And I really enjoyed the ongoing joke of claire always trying to get cliff to eat right but he was alwyas sneeking cake and put paper towels in it and he always snuck hogeys.
  • Pretty good show.

    Even though it started before I was born and only continued til i was about 5 or something..I watch it now and think it's a pretty funny show. Though that Dr. and Mrs. Huxtable seem to always have..well u know..on their mind. They're always flirting and such.. besides that it's pretty funny.
  • This show not only gave a template for what a black comedy could and SHOULD be, it also was a family sitcom that was not cheesy in the least.

    The Cosby Show at its debut was one of very few shows on the air that featured an African American cast. The shows that came before it, such as the Jeffersons, rarely enjoyed any amount of popularity. The aforementioned Jeffersons were an exception to that. The Cosby Show excelled for a couple of reasons, and it was influential for those same reasons:

    1. It managed to be a family show that wasn't cheesy or unrealistic. They were a rich family, with an attorney and a doctor, yet they did not spoil nor pamper their kids. They were good parents, but it was a house that wasn't without its problems. Bill Cosby played a great comedic father here, and Mrs. Rashad played more of the "straight" mother role. The kids weren't too annoying like they often were in other sitcoms. What's more, the "lessons" that were learned were not shoved down your throat like some of the later cheesy shows (Full House, Step by Step, Family Matters, etc.). This made it seem less preachy and it didn't detract from the funniness of the show. I feel the characters and situations that occurred were not entirely out of the realm of possibility for any family.

    2. It's a trendsetter in that it shows the black family in a positive light. It does this without a lot of slang and "urban" culture. Black culture on this show was about jazz and black leaders in history which is the way it SHOULD be. It didn't try to be "hip" and it didn't try to get the inner city people to watch it by selling out what Bill Cosby wanted the show to be.

    It's always been a personal favorite of mine and I hope that it continues to enjoy wide popularity in syndication.
  • Cliff is a doctor, Claire is a lawyer, they have 4 girls and a boy. No matter how old their kids get they never seem to leave, so the house is always crowded and noisy.

    This show is good wholesome fun. It's not laugh out loud funny but its also not boring. Bill Cosby definitely carries the cast and show and is truly the only reason to watch. Of course they also have the cute little kid, first it was Keshia Knight-Pulliam and when she grew up it was Raven Symone. The interactions between cosby and the little kids are definitely the highlights of the show. Definitely the classic family sitcom.
  • bill cosby is a father of a crazy family. this show basicly is about what happens. mostly comedy some serious stuff, but not alot.

    bill cosby, in any show he's great. so him in this brings music to my ears ♥. i ♥ this show because it's just plain funny at times and it's cool to sit there and watch kids grow up all from a TV screen. my favorite character is bill himself.
  • This comedy started out great, but became less so over time.

    I'm debating whether or not to buy the first season. I think I will buy the first few boxed sets because the family's adventures and storylines during the first few seasons were brilliant. I enjoyed the Cosby show a lot when Rudy was little. Sure, the show was phony, but it was entertaining nonetheless.

    However, as is typical with children who grow up on a show, another little one has to be cast in order to keep the show going and keep the audience entertained by a cute little child. By then, it just got too chaotic and got kind of cheesy in certain scenes. The Cosby Show went on for too long, and too much was done with too many characters to keep it going as long as it did.
  • Not bad!

    I have always loved the music played during the show. I think the use of jazz and blues throughout the show has done a lot for those genres of music and opened up the viewing audience to other tastes of music they may not otherwise have been open to listen to. I think it is important for television to cross into other fields so that viewers are aware of styles besides pop and rap. As a result of the show, I have been on the prowl to locate some of this music or the artists that performed it. I am a growing fan of jazz and blues and would like to add to my collection. Does anyone happen to know where can I find the music played throughout the show? Not the theme music, but the actual jazz and blues played during each episode.
  • Lets Have The Cosby Show Back

    Heathcliff Huxtable is a maternity doctor, While his wife Clair Huxtable is a Lawyer. They have 5 children Sondra, Denise, Theo, Vanessa and Rudy. This show shows the different problems growing up. During the middle of the 1991 series, Lisa Bonet (Denise) made an attempt at her own prime time series "Denise." However, it lacked popularity and was dropped after only 4 episodes which was a real shame.

    Surely I am not the only person who tunned into this on a Saturday afternoon and would shush everyone who dared to speak during it.

    I love Bill Cosby, he doesn't have to say a word, the faces he pulled made me laugh so loudly.

    A classic I say, a really classic.
  • Poignant dialogues and comical faces

    I watched the Cosby Show when I was kid. It got me a first idea of how to raise children: with warmth, firmly and lovingly.
    The Cosby's family represented to me the all-american family (I'm in Germany, so I have no own experience here).Its reassuring way to deal with all the problems a small family can run into was fun to watch, and the hundred faces of Bill Cosby, combined with the calm attitude of his wife just added to my urge to slump on the couch on a daily basis for several years. I'm not much a TV-freak, but whenever I stumble over an episode I stay put and watch. (And as I do remember some of the things that have happened I am reminded of how different my reaction to some plots now is: I relate much more to the side and view of the parents, and I do NOT wish anymore to be Lisa Bonet. (though she is great!)
  • A pretty good show

    I get to watch this show mostly on weekends and holidays and stuff. I hink some of the chracters were annoying in the show. I like Bill Cosbey I think his pretty funny. So as I like Bill Cosbey I like this show. I think they should bring back the show!
  • This was a great family show.

    The Cosby Show was a great family show. Every week people could count on Bill Cosby to make them laugh no matter what the problem on the show was, or what the problem the people were going through in real life that watched. My personal favorite however was Claire, the attorney wife of Cliff, and mother of his children. She was hysterical because she would always use her lawyer talk at the house. She could often be heard saying to Cliff "let the record show..." Poor Cliff, he knew that when she went into lawyer mode she would win. Of the five children Rudy was my favorite, especially when she was younger.
  • The Cosby show more satisfing for kids to.

    The Cosby Show is one of these funny Comedy shows of every season. This is a show that kids will like to. It's also a very decent Family show to me just like the Characters really improved their skills very well that it can make me sit well. My mom dosen't really watch this show very much. The only show she watch all the time is Girlfreinds or Charmed. I only watch shows with kids in it. I also know about this show use to come on at Nick@Night but it comes on something eles now like tbs or something because George Lopez and Home Improvement come on that time that get's it in the way, so they band that show from coming on Nick@Night and it probably only comes on a few times on tbs and I still like this show because it's funny and very decent Dramantic.
  • Great show!

    This is a very popular show. It crosses boundaries. Everyone loves it. OK, that is a great exaggeration, but many people like it. I love the messages it teaches. Bill Cosby is hilarious. He works well with children. I love how he never wants his children to return home, but welcomes them with open arms. It gives the message that parents are waiting for the day when they are alone, but will always lend a helping hand when their children need it.
    This is a very good family show. They don't make shows like this anymore. They try. Bill Cosby even tried. This show is special.
  • Great show until the end.

    The Cosby Show was a great show just about everybody was funny esspecially Kenny and Dr. cliff huxtable.As people got older the show still stayed funny.And when Sondra and Denise got married Elvin and Martin were good aditions. Later in the show came olivia (Raven Symone) who was hilarious.Espeacily for her age.But then a bunch of people said this is the perfect family.In my opinion I have nothing against that.Because of those of people who thought they were the perfect family they had to bring the untalented Cousin Pam.She was not at all funny and because of her the The Cosby Show Jumped the shark and ended.Bottom line The Cosby Show was good until the last season.
  • A classic funny African American family sitcom

    When I first watched this show I liked how Bill cosby was funny but at the same time firm when he was giving his life experiances to his kids when they get in trouble.
    I like the shows humor and how cosby deals with situations when they arise in his home.It is a great show when it comes down to a traditional family sitcom.
    It is still a good show even still today despite that its 16 years old and still has a lot of spunk in it.
    It does have its flaws though but other than that its a well rounded show.
  • Through most of the series I was kept laughing.

    The Cosby show came at time when laughing was in vogue. Personally, I enjoyed that I was watching a show about a family where although race was brought in through cultural means it wasn’t the focus of the show. I know the show got a lot of flack for that and in some ways it may have been warranted, but that doesn’t mean I enjoyed it any less.

    Of course for me the loving relationship between the Huxtable parents was key to understanding how they related to their kids. I also liked when it was discovered that Theo was dyslexic as I liked that his confidence increased as he realized he wasn’t the stupid kid he had felt he was. And the grandparents – more fine acting from spectacular performers.

    I guess with the exception of the last 2 seasons, I really enjoyed the show and cherish the place it has in my youth.
  • The Cosby Show was one of those fantastic sitcoms that will stick with us from the 80's...

    The Cosby Show was deffinately one of the best sitcoms ever produced...the whole basis of the show could be summed up in one word..."family." The Cosby Show delivered positive family television throughout its reign...there was never an episode that I felt embarrassed to watch! Also, something that you don't usually find in sitcoms now-a-days, is a lesson that can be taught, yet at the same time you can easily be entertained without the episode becoming too monotone. As well as all of that, the show simply gave you a memorable laugh! Rarely did the show become too serious or boring, but at the same time, it always gave a serious feel at the right time when needed. This show was by far one of the best sitcoms in TV will always be one of my favorites!
  • The Cosby Show is one of the best family citcoms ever!

    The Cosbys for me was my second family, and they made me laugh and learn about africa calture. The Cosby Show is one of the best family citcoms ever! Each episode gives us family values, laughs, lessons to be learn, and more. The enitire show should you life and growing up. I love the Cosby Show and continue to watch re-runs for years and years.
  • Great show that was really funny.

    Ah, what can I say? I love the Cosby Show!
    The whole family really starts to grow on you after awhile, and I always loved it when Cliff (Bill) would go off into one of his totally random stores. Those were always histarical.
    It was so fun to watch the family grow and change and get through hard times and good times.
    I suppose it was rather unrealistic, but that's okay sometimes, because if you're watching T.V. and trying to rid your mind of an arguement you've just had with a family member, do you really want to watch a family that's in just as much crap as you are at the moment? Or fantasize "i wish things could be this way" and just for awhile, get your mind off the argument? I'd try to get my mind off it.
    Honestly, if you want to watch the rough, ragged, straightout reality, go watch Roseanne or something.
    Anyway, I love it at 10:30(Central Time) at night when "Cosby" and "That's So Raven" are on at the same time on different channels, because then, if it's a later episode of Cosby, I can flip back and forth and make Raven grow up in five seconds. She was such a cute little kid!
    This show was a really good one, and definently deserves the label of "Classic!"
    Overall show grade:A-
  • Great show.

    I think this was a trendsetter of a show. It really was great and also very much a unique and original show. The comedy was great, the acting was good, and the storylines were also great. I liked the characters and the plots of the show. Bill Cosby is a great actor and he made the show great with his character. The best parts of the show had to be any time where they would show the family values and also the real conflicts within a family. Overall, this was one great show and also was very entertaining and fun to watch. Thank you.
  • It is a classic and hilarious show.

    I love this show it is a breakthrough show that made sitcoms/family sitcoms popular again. It is a classic and hilarious show. Bill Cosby has the funniest facial expressions and interactions with the kids. The Cosby Show is also a very wholsome show, it is entertaining for all ages. The show is about Cliff and Clair Huxtable who have 5 kids: Sondra, Denise, Theo, Vanessa and Rudy. There also many recurring and guest stars.
  • You know why I watch this?

    This show has the right amount of everything, realism, humor, classic characters etc..

    I like how this family is protrayed. They aren't the type of family that fights then makes up at the end of the show. They might learn a lesson, but It reflects a lot better then other shows how real life is like. Sure this isn't exactly *like* real life, most of us don't get to meet famous people etc. But other then that the chacarters are clssics, and add their own spice to the show. Probably one of my favourite sub-characters is Kenny, and his brother. I really do wish we got to see his brother. He gives Kenny horrible advice. But that's what makes it funny. Good for the whole family.

  • The same guy who does stand up comedy does sitcoms!

    Bill Cosby has always been known as a family person with his fun to listen to comedy CDs and tapes. Back in the 80's, Mr. Cosby starred in his own family sitcom which was real fun for all to watch. With tons of fun adventures and family values to bestow on the American public, the show reached high ratings, and I agree that it should have those high ratings. The characters are people you can really learn to love as you watch the show and progress through the seasons. It's a really good show I advise watching if you like sitcoms. You can always expect funny things to happen, and soemtimes a lesson. :)
  • If he never end it, it would be on today. But I'm not complaining--he had no choice, the show wasn't gonna get cancel on it's on.

    I'm speechless--I have nothing to say about a show like this. Cliff was everyone's favorite dad, Bill really played this role good--and also finally hit it big after trying many times to have a successful show. Of course times have changed since then, but i think when everyone watch the Cosby Show--they reminise on the 80's and 90's during the shows run and forget for 30 minutes what's goiong on today. And if you never seen this show, I have to you not have cable. It comes on every freakin' channel out there, I believe their watching Cos on Mars right now. You can wake up to the Huxtables, eat lunch with them , cook dinner with them, and go to sleep watching them. Cosby is paid, I hope my show be a success like that.
  • I think that this show was good, but it was a little unrealistic.

    I have this annoying tendency to get into show after they make their debut. I get into a show usally when it ends. I don't know why, but in this case, I was just born when the first episode aired.

    The show is unbelievably funny, and what makes it even funnier is the fact that the show kept going for so long, keeping fans hooked, without the use of foul language. Many shows resort to using excessive foul language and innappropriate materials (which I'm totally okay with), and end up going downhill very quickly. I can't imagine any other show staying on the air for that long, remaining a success, and in the meanwhile, maintaining an environment suitable for the children.

    The only problem I have with this show is that their family is perfect, and although they do have their share of problems, they are still pretty tight as a family. It's kind of unfair to everyone who watches them in their huge house and many children and grandchildren. The Huxtables sure are lucky.

    This is a show that everyone can watch, and admit that they loved it. I'm pretty sure there isn't anyone out there who hates the show, but hey, the world is full of crazies.
  • Wonderful show about the ups and downs of family life.

    Cosby shines the most when around the younger stars of the series. Lots of \"scripted\" improv went on in the show which led to great comedic moments. The best moments are when Cliff is left to babysit the young ones. One of those rare shows that are not only excellent but good for all age groups. A classic TV gem.
  • Fantasticly brilliant comedy.

    This is one of my favourite American comedies. Being English Amreican humour doesn't always translate to me very well. But this show if based on something we can all relate to. The most excruciatingly painfully embarassing father ever. The Cosby Show has characters which appeal to everybody. They bounce off each other really well and are funny as hell. They manage to deal with issues in a way which isn't preachy and combine it with humour. A work of minor genius.
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