The Cosby Show

NBC (ended 1992)





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  • I Love This Show!

    What drew me into this show originally,was the fact that it was the first sitcom that depicted black families in a positive light.They weren't struggling like blacks in other sitcoms. It told black people that they could also have a slice of the good life and that it didn't come without hard work and determination. What kept me was the superb script writing. The situations from week to week varied covering most family issues you don't see in other family shows, such as Vanessa's first bout of puppy love, or the discovery of Theo's learning disability which explained why his grades were so lousy. They dealt with real issues that not only reflected Black Americans, but all Americans. I love this show. It's even a favorite of my 12 yr. old granddaughter. I would love to see a reunion movie of all the characters, and what they and their individual families are doing today.