The Cosby Show

NBC (ended 1992)





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  • A Sitcom show casing the exciting Haxteble Family who had two carreer parents and thier five Kids.

    It has Been called by many oe of the greatest sitcoms of all time ad I do Agree with them. The show did not resort to black stereotypes, in my own opinion it gave black poeple an incetive to strive for better things in life it fought againest objectifying of women and it showed that families can have fun with each other, however all these positive points were also some of its negetives. The show was admirably pro feminist but it sought of over did its support as almost always it started to show man messing up things and women always fixing them which painted to me a picture of women dont need man for anything but man do need women as they will crumble in thier own mess. It showed the great achievemets of hard work but at the same time made light of the effects of racism had in the black community. Finally i think it concentrated too much effort on potraying the kids as well displined and inteligent that it made light of certain problems that teens face in thier sociall lives. Overall it was a great show gave a great platform to a lot of African American tallent in show biz and helped bridge race relations.