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  • I'm a Cosby kid at heart!

    I will love, love, love this show forever and always! Bill Cosby's is my TV Dad & shout out to Youtube for all of the episodes I get to watch!
  • its a classic

    This is a classic, remembere this from growing up. The kids in the Cosby family was my heroes. Rudy was the favorite it every saurday i remember. all those memories.
  • Can you do better?

    ok all of you complainers make a show as successful as this one please make your own this show was funny cute life changing instead of modren family's vulgar lame not even opinion changing crap i mean its like DUH!

    Cosby was a wise family man who raised his family well. Everyone possessed a trait from him... witty, wise, laidback, stylish, and genuine to their role playing. My favorite scenes were when Bill spent time with his kids parenting (this is where I learned) and how much he loved his wife. His jokes were out of this world, but always had an intellectual standpoint supporting his thoughts. They don't make tv like this 90's classic anymore. I Love the Cosby Show! It's a legendary show hands down.
  • This show is a PERFECT family show. And the reason why this show's so great Bill Cosby.


    This show is a PERFECT family show. And the reason why this show's so great Bill Cosby. OK the Cosby show is one the few 80's show that's still on DVD. This show ROCKS! I actually discovered this show on DVD and my brother got it for Easter and when i first watched it i loved it. Also i think this is the first black cast for a show. and yet it's funny. The only 80 show that's better than this is the Jeffersons that's a good show. The reason why it's not a 10 is because there have been some boring episodes but i can get over that.

  • The perfect family show.

    There was no flaw with this show whatsoever. I just hate how some people may say it's not realistic because "A black family can't be rich with a successful family." Well those people who think that are completely wrong and ignorant. It's good to see a show that has the "picture perfect family." To be honest, instead of people complaining about it, they should look at the show as an example of a great loving family that I'm pretty sure everyone wish they had (or may already have) no matter what race.
  • The Cosby show more satisfing for kids to.

    The Cosby Show is one of these funny Comedy shows of every season. This is a show that kids will like to. It's also a very decent Family show to me just like the Characters really improved their skills very well that it can make me sit well. My mom dosen't really watch this show very much. The only show she watch all the time is Girlfreinds or Charmed. I only watch shows with kids in it. I also know about this show use to come on at Nick@Night but it comes on something eles now like tbs or something because George Lopez and Home Improvement come on that time that get's it in the way, so they band that show from coming on Nick@Night and it probably only comes on a few times on tbs and I still like this show because it's funny and very decent Dramantic.
  • a really good sitcom that showed us alot of things.

    the cosby show if you dont know it then you must be from another planet .it features a black family were one is a docotor and the other is a lawer both well successful parents and they have a older son and daughters . they go through things like any other family does but there is always a lesson to be learned and it always ends happy most of the time. and there was alot of good unforgetable moments and hilorious ones too. this show was a big hit and i watched all the time and enjoyed it that is why i gave it a 8
  • Still Love It!

    The Cosby Show premiered on September 20, 1984. I was not even two years old at the time, but the show became an important part of my growing up. Cliff, Claire, Sondra, Denise, Theo, Vanessa, and Rudy all felt as if they were a part of my own family. This has to be one of the greatest family sitcoms ever made if not the greatest. As a child I did not realize the significance of the characters until years later. But now when I watch this show it makes me happy to realize that this was one of the first shows to show an African-American family that was living in comfort and that had great careers and educations. These characters were not ignorant or struggling for the basic things in life and that was a great inspiration for all of the young African-American families out there. I should know my family was one of them. Every episode was wonderfully entertaining and funny. You couldn't help but laugh out loud at the things that the kids would get into. It's been over 20 years since the show first premiered but The Cosby Show is still a part of so many people's lives today; and probably will be for many years to come.
  • A Sitcom show casing the exciting Haxteble Family who had two carreer parents and thier five Kids.

    It has Been called by many oe of the greatest sitcoms of all time ad I do Agree with them. The show did not resort to black stereotypes, in my own opinion it gave black poeple an incetive to strive for better things in life it fought againest objectifying of women and it showed that families can have fun with each other, however all these positive points were also some of its negetives. The show was admirably pro feminist but it sought of over did its support as almost always it started to show man messing up things and women always fixing them which painted to me a picture of women dont need man for anything but man do need women as they will crumble in thier own mess. It showed the great achievemets of hard work but at the same time made light of the effects of racism had in the black community. Finally i think it concentrated too much effort on potraying the kids as well displined and inteligent that it made light of certain problems that teens face in thier sociall lives. Overall it was a great show gave a great platform to a lot of African American tallent in show biz and helped bridge race relations.
  • Great show.

    I think this was a trendsetter of a show. It really was great and also very much a unique and original show. The comedy was great, the acting was good, and the storylines were also great. I liked the characters and the plots of the show. Bill Cosby is a great actor and he made the show great with his character. The best parts of the show had to be any time where they would show the family values and also the real conflicts within a family. Overall, this was one great show and also was very entertaining and fun to watch. Thank you.
  • Wow! How I love this show!

    What an incredible show! Not to mention the wonderful acting of the cast! Bill Cosby is outstanding and the storylines while heartfelt are always amazingly funny! I laugh out loud each time I watch, even if I have seen the episode ten times! The show demonstrates that families are a great gift and should be honored and enjoyed. The dynamic of the actors and their comedic timing is something that no other family show has been able to capture! This show will always be an all time favorite. Take time to watch this one, it is one that shouldn't be missed!
  • One of the best shows ever on television!

    The Cosby shows is a true classic. One of the best shows ever on television. Not only is the show funny, but it really depicts the beauty that a love family is. The characters are wonderfully written and based off of Bill Cosby's stand up comedy, which is why it rings so true. Most of the show takes place in the Cosby family's home and yet it never seems claustrophobic. Since the show deals with pretty universal ideas of love and family it has really stood the test of time. I really suggest re-watching it if you were around the first time or trying it out if you were too young to see it.
  • Thursday nights in elementary school...takes me back!

    We watched this show in our house every Thursday night at 8 p.m. and everyone at school talked about it the next day. This was funny, endearing, and warm family comedy back when television was not the dung pile it is today.

    Cliff and Claire reminded me a lot of my own parents, and I loved how they looked after five kids without losing their sense of humor, nor their time for one another first. They were both professionals with all these little subplots happening with their kids, but they always found time and energy to do it - rock on!
  • I love the Cosby Show! It is about the Huxtables. They have a house in New York, New York. You HAVE to watch an episode or two!

    I love to watch The Cosby Show anytime i can. I really like to watch it because i think that Bill Cosby (Cliff Huxtable) is pretty funny. On some of the problems Cliff just sits away from the problem and his wife, Clair, just deals with all of the problems. that is really funny to me because he just does not care! Everyday i try to find a channel to watch this show, but if i do not, i just get kind of mad! Another little thing i like about the Cosby Show is the large amount of kids Cliff and Clair, that just makes it a little more interesting.
  • funny...

    The Cosby Show is halarious. It's one of my favorite funny families on tv and it's great. Cliff is halarious, played by Bill Cosby. The story lines are great, entertaining, and, of course, funny. I especially remember the one where the men were pregnant and several other great ones. I love how Cliff always tries to teach his kids lessons. I also love how Cliff is just like a little kid. He's so funny. Overall, great classic funny show and a must see. The stories and the characters are great and halarious and this is a great comedy for all ages.
  • This show is an absolute classic, and still very funny!

    I stumbled across reruns of the Cosby Show about 3 months ago. I used to watch the show when I was a kid (that was like 12 years ago), and I thought it was very funny. I especially liked Theo and Cliff. Now when I watch the reruns, I have to say it still is funny! Not only for children, but also for adults. I think this is because the show is about themes that almost everyone can relate to. And another factor is that the jokes are never cheap. Bill Cosby is a fine actor, and the rest of the cast is great, too. You could almost think they are a real family ;-)
    So if you like some good old-fashioned fun and take a look back to the 80's, this is the right show for you!
  • I command to bring it back!!!!

    I think they should have a reuien eposiod because it would be very intersting to see how the people have change sience the show went off air. It would be very cool. I think that everbody was the best, but Cliff, Theo, Rudy, and Vessa were the ones who made me laugh the most. My favortie eposoid was when all the men got pregent. When they gave birth that was soo funny. I loved what cliff gave birth to. He gave birth to a big sub sandwhich and a 2 litter of orange soda.
  • It is a classic and hilarious show.

    I love this show it is a breakthrough show that made sitcoms/family sitcoms popular again. It is a classic and hilarious show. Bill Cosby has the funniest facial expressions and interactions with the kids. The Cosby Show is also a very wholsome show, it is entertaining for all ages. The show is about Cliff and Clair Huxtable who have 5 kids: Sondra, Denise, Theo, Vanessa and Rudy. There also many recurring and guest stars.
  • You know why I watch this?

    This show has the right amount of everything, realism, humor, classic characters etc..

    I like how this family is protrayed. They aren't the type of family that fights then makes up at the end of the show. They might learn a lesson, but It reflects a lot better then other shows how real life is like. Sure this isn't exactly *like* real life, most of us don't get to meet famous people etc. But other then that the chacarters are clssics, and add their own spice to the show. Probably one of my favourite sub-characters is Kenny, and his brother. I really do wish we got to see his brother. He gives Kenny horrible advice. But that's what makes it funny. Good for the whole family.

  • Not bad!

    I have always loved the music played during the show. I think the use of jazz and blues throughout the show has done a lot for those genres of music and opened up the viewing audience to other tastes of music they may not otherwise have been open to listen to. I think it is important for television to cross into other fields so that viewers are aware of styles besides pop and rap. As a result of the show, I have been on the prowl to locate some of this music or the artists that performed it. I am a growing fan of jazz and blues and would like to add to my collection. Does anyone happen to know where can I find the music played throughout the show? Not the theme music, but the actual jazz and blues played during each episode.
  • I Love This Show!

    What drew me into this show originally,was the fact that it was the first sitcom that depicted black families in a positive light.They weren't struggling like blacks in other sitcoms. It told black people that they could also have a slice of the good life and that it didn't come without hard work and determination. What kept me was the superb script writing. The situations from week to week varied covering most family issues you don't see in other family shows, such as Vanessa's first bout of puppy love, or the discovery of Theo's learning disability which explained why his grades were so lousy. They dealt with real issues that not only reflected Black Americans, but all Americans. I love this show. It's even a favorite of my 12 yr. old granddaughter. I would love to see a reunion movie of all the characters, and what they and their individual families are doing today.
  • Great show!

    This is a very popular show. It crosses boundaries. Everyone loves it. OK, that is a great exaggeration, but many people like it. I love the messages it teaches. Bill Cosby is hilarious. He works well with children. I love how he never wants his children to return home, but welcomes them with open arms. It gives the message that parents are waiting for the day when they are alone, but will always lend a helping hand when their children need it.
    This is a very good family show. They don't make shows like this anymore. They try. Bill Cosby even tried. This show is special.
  • This show was a great family show, there was something for everyone to watch.

    I really liked this show, it was funny, I guess they tought you lessons too. The only thing I didn't like is how they always seem to mention how much money they had, it was kind of odd, and how strict they were sometimes. It was funny and ver different from the other family shows, which is probably why is lasted so long, they even added characters, which some times seems to ruin a show, but not in this case it worked out great. I think it was the combination of very good writing and very good acting that what that show what it was, and what it still is.
  • I get asked by lots of people if I agreed with they way The Cosby Show portrayed African-Americans, and I simply smile and say, "of course I do."

    To me, The Cosby Show was one of the best shows in creation. Not just for the comedy, but the lessons taught, the music that they listened to, the celebrity guests that appeared on the show (priceless), the history, and also how NATURAL it was. People argue that they were too perfect as an African-American family, but I say if you and your spouse had dual professions, and earned the same living, I'm quite sure you would accept the same family values as the fictious Huxtables did. A wonderful education, work before play, and respect. I must say this is, and always will be, a fabulous CLASSIC sit-com. . . .
  • This is by far my favourite sitcom.

    Bill Cosby's comedy made this show unmissable. Every episode of this sitcom was funny especially the ones with Raven Symone. When her and Cosby talked, they had the funniest conversations. In the earlier episodes when Rudy was a little kid and Cosby took her and her friends to special places were hilarious. But I must say the funniest recurring thing that has happened in The Cosby Show is Peter running out the door when anything bad happens. Also in the earlier episodes when Malcom Jamal Warner talked with Cosby those conversations also had funny parts (Money Management) Overall, by far my favourite sitcom.
  • Just my review for the Cosby show

    I first started watching this show in March of 2002. Since then this my all time favorite TV show, my favorite episode is "Goodbye Mr. Fish" which was absulutely hilarious, when I get the chance I plan to get DVD sets of this classic series. The Cosby show came on when my older siblings were kids. There was even a spin off series called "A different wolrd" which was based on what went on when Denise was at Hillman.
  • This is probably in my book the funniest sitcom of all time and thats something coming from a teenager who would probably be to young to apreciate these sort of things

    This is probably in my book the funniest sitcom of all time and thats something coming from a teenager who would probably be to young to apreciate these sort of things. Bill Cosby is funny, Malcom jamal is funny and both those little kids are hilarious and all the other characters somehow find a way to play off of them. Clair is definatley a classic funy mom and Denise is thje wild teen, Vanessa is kind of annoying and her character kids on my nerves but not really as much as rudy when she was yonger/1 1 1 1 1
  • Funny and informative! Unpredictable!

    This show had me lmao when I first saw it. I've grown up watching this show. I remember when they all were kids and grew up and left the show. They then made another version with the grandkids and the Huxtable kids off in college or getting married. My favorite moment was when Rudy was singing "baby" over and over again Lmao! Theo's jack up knock off shirt was another hilarious moment! Denise couldn't sew to save her life! Cliff made sure they were all going to college or getting out of his house! He atleast tried to get them in the right path. That's one thing I admired about him. He also loved his wife and he often showed it, but grilling outside in the snow? lol He is crazy! Grilling salads and every thang! It's on the barbeque he shout! lol Peace out!
  • Great show until the end.

    The Cosby Show was a great show just about everybody was funny esspecially Kenny and Dr. cliff huxtable.As people got older the show still stayed funny.And when Sondra and Denise got married Elvin and Martin were good aditions. Later in the show came olivia (Raven Symone) who was hilarious.Espeacily for her age.But then a bunch of people said this is the perfect family.In my opinion I have nothing against that.Because of those of people who thought they were the perfect family they had to bring the untalented Cousin Pam.She was not at all funny and because of her the The Cosby Show Jumped the shark and ended.Bottom line The Cosby Show was good until the last season.