The Cosby Show

Season 3 Episode 14

Rudy Spends the Night

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 15, 1987 on NBC

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  • An unforgettable, embarrassing scene for Theo makes this episode fun!

    Overall not that much happens in this episode, but it has its moments!

    Clair does not appear in this episode (due to Phylicia Rashad's maternity leave at the time) which gives the episode a bit of a "cold" feeling. I always feel this way when a key member from a show is missing from an episode. Clair and Cliff have great chemistry and when you don't get to see that played out on screen it affects the episode's flow.

    Cliff brings Rudy to visit her grandparents and stay the night, but as soon as Cliff leaves Rudy gets nervous and wants to go back home. Her grandparents try their best to ease her fears of staying over, but she insists on leaving. Eventually she relaxes and wants to stay after hearing about old times from her grandparents and playing dress up with her grandmother. There is some nice dialogue here when the grandparents talk about some of the old slang they used to use when they were younger ("gimme some skin", "solid!", "lets cut a rug"). Note that the painting they received as an anniversary gift from the kids is hung on the wall in the background.

    At home Vanessa gets invited to hang with Denise and her college friends in The Village. Vanessa is excited about this but wonders if they'll think she's too young. They both come up with a story that she is actually a freshman in college to ease this fear. Afterwards they raid Cliff's closet for some men's clothing to look cool. Meanwhile Theo waits for his friend Maxine to call about a girl he likes named Lana. She doesn't end up calling so Cliff tries to cheer him up with a "mans night in" complete with hoggies, soda and cowboy movies. While Cliff is away picking up the supplies, Theo relaxes on the couch in his pajama's while Denise and Vanessa get ready to leave. When Theo goes into the kitchen to fix a snack, Vanessa and Denise see someone approaching the door. They greet the visitors who turn out to be Maxine and Lana who are giving Theo a surprise visit. Vanessa and Denise run into the kitchen to tell Theo the good news but Theo thinks they are joking. They warn him not to leave the kitchen and enter the family room because the two girls are really there, but he really doesn't believe them. He bolts into the family room with a jar of peanut butter in his hand and celery in his mouth only to find Maxine and Lana waiting on the couch. This scene makes the episode worth watching, the look on his face is priceless. Theo is wearing a big/long oversized blue pajama shirt with small cutesy designs on it. He is wearing no pants so you can see his legs from the knees down (it's a long shirt), with bright orange/pink socks (ahh the 80s!) Later on Cliff returns home to find Maxine and Lana sitting on the couch and tells Theo that he can stay with the girls. Cliff is not too bummed out this since he gets to eat all the food! Vanessa and Denise return home from the Village and get worried when they see their dad sitting on the couch (since they are not allowed to take his clothes). They race by him, run up the stairs behind his back to avoid behing scene. With a full mouth, while keeping his eyes on the TV, he shouts "Don't forget to put my clothes back in my closet!"

    All in all it's a good episode, but only for the few key scenes (Theo's surprise, 80's fashion, grandparents slang).