The Cosby Show

Season 2 Episode 7

Rudy Suits Up

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 07, 1985 on NBC

Episode Recap

Rudy decides to join a pee-wee football team so that she and Peter can be teammates. The coach is impressed by her natural ability, and immediately makes her the starting tailback. The rest of the family is very excited, but Clair fears that Rudy will get hurt. She is reluctant to attend the first game. However, her attitude changes considerably after Rudy proves to be the star of the team. Her four-touchdown performance earns her the nickname "Sweet Feet." Clair begins watching football with Cliff, but leaves him bewildered by declaring that Chicago Bears star Walter Payton isn't very good because he sometimes gets tackled. Cliff leaves the room after Denise and Clair begin discussing the uniforms and giggling about the attractiveness of certain players. Rudy's team takes on the defending champions, the Cougars, in the season finale. The defense constantly swarms her, and her team gets clobbered 47-6. Although her mother and siblings feel let down, Rudy doesn't seem all that affected by the defeat.