The Cosby Show

Season 6 Episode 18

Rudy's Walk on the Wild Side

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 08, 1990 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Goof: At the beginning, when Vanessa is begging for money from her dad to buy a CD, Cliff says she can clean the garage. But the Huxtables live in a brownstone townhouse and brownstones do not have garages.

    • When Clair handed the deliverer the money she said she had counted the eighteen dollars and fifty cents for him. But when she tried to look for the missing $2.30, she said she laid out the eighteen dollars and fifty five cents.

    • I'm just they not charge any tax in New York? Rudy was only accounting for the exact price of the sweater and not accounting for any tax. This might be a little nitpicky but I was just wondering. And when she asked Theo for the money, why didn't she just ask for the whole amount of the sweater instead of just the $2.30? It would've looked way less suspicious.

  • Quotes

    • Rudy: Would you tell my Mom something for me?
      Olivia: Sure, your Mom's nice. What'd you do?
      Rudy: I borrowed some money to buy a sweat shirt.
      Olivia: That's not so bad.
      Rudy: It was the money she set out for the cleaners.
      Olivia: That's not so bad.
      Rudy: She put the money on the counter, and Kenny said he'd give me the money if I sold him my Magic Johnson poster, and I did, and he didn't, so I took the money from Mom.
      Olivia: Sorry, Rudy, I think you're on your own.

    • (Rudy tells Cliff that she stole the money)
      Cliff: If it was just $2.30, why'd you steal it? If it was just $2.30, why didn't you just come and ask me for it?
      Rudy: If I would've asked you for the $2.30, you would've asked "What's it for?" and I would've said "A sweat shirt", and you would've said "Do you know how much they paid coal miners in 1919?"

    • Theo: Rudy, you called me at school, got me out of the library, told me you needed two dollars and thirty cents, said it was an better take this money, girl!
      Rudy: Theo, I just called to see how you were doing.
      Theo: Rudy, you begged me to come up here and you said if you didn't get the two dollars and thirty cents by tonight...(realizes he's said too much in front of Cliff) Oh you know what, you're right, it must have been Justine who know, you guys really sound a lot alike! Well, since I'm here, I might as well get something to eat.
      Cliff: You owe it to yourself!
      Theo: Yeah!
      Cliff: You owe it to yourself, just make sure you eat two dollars and thirty cents worth!

    • (Rudy and Kim are practicing the Electric Slide as Kenny watches)
      Rudy: Come on, Kenny, don't you want to learn this new step?
      Kenny: No way, real men don't dance!
      Rudy: Lots of men dance...besides, I look around the room and I don't see any real men!

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