The Cosby Show - Season 7

NBC (ended 1992)




Episode Guide

  • 5/2/91
    Theo contacts Mrs. Hudson, the head of the community center, about Stanley's problem. She recommends that Stanley undergo tests to determine whether he has dyslexia. Stanley refuses to consider this because he does not want to be different from everyone else. Another student, Rahim, must leave the center and get a job after his father is laid off. A weary Theo confesses to Cliff that his work is beginning to depress him, as he wishes that he could do more for the kids. He describes the helplessness he felt after discovering that a girl was taking leftover food from the garbage to feed her family. Cliff and Mrs. Hudson remind him that he cannot solve everyone's problems, and advise him to just keep trying his best. After Theo explains how much progress he made following the diagnosis of his dyslexia, Stanley agrees to take the tests as a favor to him.moreless
  • 4/25/91
    Theo excitedly begins an internship as 7th grade junior counselor at the community center. The students try to trick him in the hopes of getting out of doing their homework, but he is able to handle them. A boy named Stanley repeatedly refuses to do his homework. His classmate, Latisha, mocks him for doing poorly on a recent history test. However, Stanley seems to know all of the material when Theo quizzes him about it. Theo takes Stanley outside and asks him to read a short passage. His struggles prompt Theo to suspect that he is dyslexic. Meanwhile, Cliff bewilders the family by insisting on fixing the sink himself.moreless
  • Cliff and Jake
    Episode 24
    Despite the family's best efforts, Cliff learns that his friend Jake is holding a sale at his appliance store. Clair tries to convince Jake not to sell Cliff a power sander, as she is afraid that he will become obsessed with sanding the entire house. Cliff inadvertently sets Jake off on a rant about an incident from ten years earlier, in which Jake's best friend Stanley forced him to pay for car repairs after a traffic accident that Jake insists he did not cause. Jake's daughter Cookie sets up a meeting with Cliff to introduce him to her fiancé, Jonathan, who is Stanley's son. They have been seeing each other secretly for almost a year to avoid their fathers' wrath. Although they will marry even without their fathers' approval, they plead with Cliff to serve as a mediator between the men. Jake behaves very stubbornly, but Stanley proves to be more reasonable. Not wishing to miss his son's wedding, he admits that he caused the crash when he absent-mindedly backed up his car. He had argued with his wife, and wanted to return home to apologize. He denied blame for the accident because Jake hurt his feelings by screaming at him. The men apologize for their behavior and renew their friendship.moreless
  • 4/4/91
    Cliff goes out bowling with his father, Elvin and some friends. Everyone makes fun of him after his terrible play causes their team to lose. Cliff takes everyone back to the house for Chinese food. Cliff, Russell and former Negro League players Frank Potter and Joe Simms sit around telling baseball stories. Jim Harmon and his friend Carleton become extremely bored. They get their revenge on Cliff by forcing him to listen to cricket stories. After Cliff puts down the sport, they challenge him to a cricket game in the living room. The game ends abruptly when Clair returns home. As a prank, Rudy has Olivia memorize all the answers from a TV quiz show so that she can trick her parents into believing that Olivia is an amazing child prodigy.moreless
  • 3/21/91
    Rudy suffers a nightmare after an argument with Olivia. She dreams that Olivia is a tyrant who constantly gets her own way by manipulating Cliff and Clair with her cuteness. She schemes to take over Rudy's room; and Rudy is eventually forced to the basement after losing her bed to Olivia's new pony. However, Cliff and Clair suddenly stop catering to Olivia's whims. ("It's my dream," Rudy explains to the furious Olivia.) Vanessa, Pam and Charmaine serve as a musical chorus throughout the nightmare.moreless
  • Home Remedies
    Episode 21
    Olivia gets sick and develops laryngitis, spoiling her plans to sing at the party for Russell and Anna's 55th wedding anniversary. Everyone horrifies Cliff by suggesting possible home remedies for her malady. Olivia feels that she has let everyone down, and is so disappointed that she decides to stay in her room instead of coming to the party. Cliff arranges for her to put on a lip-synch performance to a blues record, with Cliff and Rudy as her "backup band."moreless
  • 2/28/91
    Cliff and Clair go away for a skiing weekend and agree to let Theo use the vacant house for a date with Cheryl. His friend Denny's girlfriend Ellen comes over to discuss plans for Denny's birthday surprise the following night. She drinks a glass of wine before remembering that she is not supposed to mix alcohol with her antihistimines. Theo believes that she has left, but she becomes ill and has to run upstairs to the bathroom. She then feels dizzy and falls asleep in Cliff and Clair's room. A worried Denny arrives and shares his suspicions that Ellen is cheating on him. Theo discovers that Ellen is in the house, and tries to hide her. Cliff and Clair return home after their ski trip is rained out, but Theo can't get them away from Denny long enough to explain what is going on. The situation becomes even more complicated when Martin gets a weekend pass and unexpectedly arrives home with Denise; and Theo's grandparents come over with Sondra and Elvin to pick up a saw. Denny discovers movie tickets with Ellen's name on the envelope and concludes that she is seeing Theo behind his back. Cheryl arrives as Denny is tossing around more accusations. Ellen overhears and sneaks out the back door. She comes around to the front and tells Denny that she has bought him the tickets as a surprise. Theo tells an understanding Cheryl the entire story over dinner.moreless
  • 2/21/91
    Clair's good friend Kris comes for a visit with her husband, Herb. Clair and Kris immediately don wigs and act silly, performing a song and dance routine from their youth. They reminisce about the past and exchange humorous stories about their present lives. Cliff and Herb plan to fill up on dessert while their wives are talking, but the women enter the kitchen and thwart their plans. Although she is not supposed to date until she is thirteen, Rudy convinces Cliff to let her go on a "group outing" to the movies with her friends Susan and Danielle and three boys. Unfortunately, the other girls get sick, and Vanessa refuses to double-date with her little sister. Cliff and Clair agree to chaperone Rudy and her date, Scott. Rudy forces Cliff to promise to behave himself. Scott is so nervous when he arrives at the house that he is literally shaking; he finds it difficult to speak, and mistakenly gives Rudy's flowers to Cliff.moreless
  • 2/14/91
    Cliff plans a special surprise for Clair to celebrate their 27th anniversary. He decides to re-create the restaurant where they shared their first dinner as a married couple. He tracks down the same chef, Mr. Atkins, and hires him to prepare dinner. He also hires a calypso band; and Theo, Pam and Rudy volunteer to supply decorations. Mr. Atkins believes that the meal Cliff has requested is too "simple" for a chef of his caliber, and refuses to make it--until Cliff threatens to withhold his check. However, Atkins still tries to slip unnecessary ingredients such as tofu into the soup. Cliff asks Elvin to keep an eye on Atkins, and he saves the meal by secretly shoving the unwanted items down the garbage disposal. Unfortunately, Cliff becomes ill before Clair comes home from work and falls asleep. She thanks him for his sweet gesture, and enjoys the dinner and music alone at his insistence.moreless
  • 2/7/91
    Cliff and his friend Jim Harmon decide to become partners for the annual pinochle tournament, rather than continuing to play with their wives. They are certain that they will win the championship and take home the big trophy. Clair and Jim's wife Nicole elect to team up, much to their husbands' amusement. The men continually mock them. Clair and Nicole defeat the three-time defending champions, setting up a grudge match with Cliff and Jim. The women win easily without having to put up much of an effort, and Cliff and Jim are forced to settle for the pocket-size second place trophy. Meanwhile, Rudy convinces Martin to let her babysit Olivia while he and Denise are out of town. Despite Rudy's pleas, Olivia insists on staying up late to watch a horror movie. She becomes convinced that vampire/werewolves are going to descend upon them at any moment. Rudy tries to calm her, but becomes almost as terrified as Olivia after a storm begins creating strange noises. Cliff and Clair are amused to come home to a booby-trapped house, and find the girls sleeping on their bed while surrounded by cloves of garlic.moreless
  • Total Control
    Episode 16
    A successful high school basketball coach and his wife prepare for the birth of their first child. They have prepared extensively, and insist that they are ready for every possible scenario. However, Ray panics when his wife goes into labor. He is also taken aback when she becomes irritable and snaps at him in the delivery room. He runs into the hallway and begins crying. Cliff is able to get him back into the delivery room by convincing him to treat the situation the same way he would handle adversity in a basketball game.moreless
  • 1/10/91
    Pam experiences a marked improvement in her grades after picking up a few study tips from Theo. Slide claims that it is pointless for Pam to strive for academic achievement, as she will not be able to afford college. Charmaine urges her not to give up, and points out all the times she has beaten the odds in the past. Pam and her friends discuss their futures with their history teacher. Miss Hobbs agrees with Slide's statement that people can succeed without attending college, but points out that he would still need a business plan. She talks to the teens about ways of achieving their goals. Pam returns to the Huxtable house and speaks enthusiastically about college. Although she seems intent on working her way through school, Cliff believes that Pam secretly wants the Huxtables to pay for her tuition.moreless
  • Theo's Final Final
    Episode 14
    Theo performs very well in his classes, and will make the dean's list for the first time if he earns a good grade on his final in a tough economics class. He is determined to see all of his hard work pay off, and insists that he will go home and study instead of attending a party at the apartment. However, he meets an exchange student at the cafe and is instantly smitten with her. After learning that she must fly back to Barbados the next day, Theo suddenly decides that his priorities are screwed up. He elects to go to the party instead of studying, and justifies his actions to his parents with a convoluted speech. He tries to have a good time with Cheryl, but cannot stop talking about economics. She tells him that he needs to focus on his exam, as it is obviously important to him. He is thrilled to learn that she has enrolled for another term and will return from Barbados after vacation.moreless
  • It's Your Move
    Episode 13
    Elvin looks forward to watching the Giants-Eagles playoff game at the Huxtable house. Sondra foils his plans by agreeing to help some friends move at the same time. Although several of the couple's friends have promised to help out, Sondra and Elvin are the only ones who show up. Panicked to discover that Nancy and Walter haven't even finished packing, Elvin seeks the aid of Martin and Theo. Theo cannot stay long because his girlfriend has tickets to the game. Nancy continually nags the men for not packing with enough care, and she and Sondra thwart their efforts to watch the game instead of working. Walter purposely gets lost on the way to the new apartment, and the guys scheme to watch the rest of the game at Cliff's house. However, Sondra and Nancy quickly track them down and remind them that they must return the moving truck or face higher rates. Cliff tapes the game for them, but Olivia seemingly spoils the outcome. Cliff admits that he told Olivia to give them a phony score as a prank.moreless
  • Clair's Liberation
    Episode 12
    Clair learns that she has begun menopause, and doesn't seem to have any trouble dealing with it. Theo, Vanessa and Pam share ridiculous stories that they have heard about menopausal women. They conclude that Clair will suffer hot flashes all the time, become incredibly moody, and lose the ability to make simple decisions. They begin to treat Clair like an invalid. She and Cliff play a practical joke on the kids and make them believe that Clair has gone completely insane. Pam's new boyfriend, Aaron, wins her heart with a series of thoughtful and romantic gestures. Lance tries to impress Charmaine by following Aaron's example.moreless
  • It's a Boy
    Episode 11
    A father-to-be panics after learning that he will have a son, as he is terrible at sports. He seeks Cliff's help to improve his athletic skills. His wife is a good athlete and insists that she can teach sports to the child, but Mr. Phelps fears that this would diminish him in his son's eyes. Theo eases his mind by assuring him that there were many things about his father--other than sports--that impressed him as a young boy. Charmaine encourages Pam to approach Aaron Dexter, a cute and intelligent new student. Aaron is even more nervous than Pam, but turns out to be a nice guy. He and Pam have a good time together and set up another date.moreless
  • 11/15/90
    Denise and Martin become frustrated by their lack of privacy and decide to look for an apartment. This news thrills both Cliff; and Rudy, who believes that she will finally get her own room. Olivia, however, vows that she will never leave the Huxtable house. Denise and Martin are unable to find a halfway decent apartment that fits within their budget. Theo learns of an opening through a friend's psychic, and passes along the information to the couple. Martin is horrified to find a tiny room (patterned after a ship) with a shower in the living room and a refrigerator that folds out into a bed. Olivia would have to sleep in a drawer. Denise believes the place has potential for some reason, and pouts when Martin rejects it. She eventually realizes that he was right, and they make up. Cliff and Clair have a good laugh at their expense, and share stories of a houseboat where they once lived. Everyone becomes terrified of Rudy after she learns that she must continue sharing her room with Olivia.moreless
  • Psychology major Theo prepares a personality profile on Cliff.
  • 11/1/90
    Cliff tells Pam that he will refer her to a gynecologist if she gets permission from her mother. Clair has a talk with Pam. She tells her that if she elects not to have sex, a good man will respect her decision. Charmaine adds that she should not sacrifice her beliefs just to hold on to a guy. Pam tells Slide that she wants to wait. Slide is unhappy, and expresses outrage when he learns that Pam has obtained condoms from her doctor (instead of going on the pill). He doesn't even seem to think it would be a big deal if she got pregnant. Pam breaks up with him, but is miserable. Theo assures her that many guys who act like dogs in high school eventually mature. Slide comes to see Pam, and they get back together. However, he immediately begins pressuring her again. She storms off after he suggests that he will move on to another girl. Slide realizes that he made a mistake. He uses Lance as a go-between to facilitate communication, and tells Pam that he is sorry and does not want to make her do anything that she will regret. Meanwhile, Cliff finds a way to keep Olivia from blaming all of her misdeeds on her invisible dog.moreless
  • 11/1/90
    Slide tries to convince Pam to sleep with him. He insists that all of their friends are sexually active, including Lance and Charmaine. Pam asks Charmaine why she didn't confide in her about this. Charmaine insists that it is a lie, and publicly confronts Lance. He manages to talk his way out of the situation. Slide continues to pressure Pam. She has a talk with Cliff and Clair and says that she may be in love. They understand what she is feeling, but try to explain that love may be more complicated than she believes. Cliff is stunned when Pam asks him for birth control pills. Meanwhile, Olivia plays with an imaginary dog.moreless
  • Getting the Story
    Episode 6
    As a school project, Rudy and Kenny plan to make a video of a typical day of Clair on the job. They believe that their video will be a shoo-in for first prize in the school's contest and earn them a trophy. However, they soon discover that Clair's work entails a lot of paperwork, and is not nearly as exciting as they had anticipated. When Cliff has to go to the hospital to deliver a baby, Rudy and Kenny plead with him to let them tag along. They are supposed to stay in the waiting room, but try to sneak around the hospital to film the doctors at work. They eventually loan the father-to-be the video camera, and convince him that Cliff wants a copy of himself delivering a baby. Cliff learns what Rudy and Kenny have done, and accuses them of being dishonest. Rudy and Kenny believe they have failed the project, until the new father comes over with the videotape and begins raving about the importance of Cliff's work. The kids intersperse clips of patients talking about Cliff with the birth video, and give Mr. O'Royo credit for the footage. They easily win first prize.moreless
  • 10/18/90
    Cliff and Clair return from a relaxing weekend in Vermont to find total chaos in the house. Theo repeatedly asks to "borrow" household items for his apartment. Rudy successfully begs for permission to sign up for ice skating lessons, at a cost of $200. Olivia breaks the washing machine by trying to wash some of her crayons. Vanessa comes home from the library and tries to hide the fact that she broke a headlight by crashing the station wagon into a parked car. Cliff and Clair begin to rant about the various calamities associated with parenthood, and compile a list of the most common lies told by children. Theo, Denise, Vanessa and Rudy fight back by naming off a series of embarrassing things that Cliff has done to them. They complain about the heavily embellished stories that Cliff constantly tells about his childhood.moreless
  • 10/11/90
    Pam Tucker, Clair's 17-year-old second cousin, comes to live with the Huxtables after her mother flies to California to care for Pam's sick grandmother. Her boyfriend invites her to a party in the Bronx, but Rudy informs her that the kids are not allowed to stay out after ten o'clock on weeknights. Slide goads Pam into asking Cliff for permission to let Slide borrow his car, but Cliff turns her down. Slide comes to visit Pam with their friends Lance and Charmaine. Pam is very nervous about their presence; she warns them not to touch anything, and won't give them any food or drink. Pam's friends convince her to sneak out while the Huxtables are away, but Cliff and Clair return just as they are on their way out the door. She admits that she was going to the party. Cliff and Clair refuse to bend the rules and let her go out; but ask her friends to stay, and treat them very well. They encourage Pam to relax and think of the Huxtable house as her own home.moreless
  • The Last Barbecue
    Episode 3
    The Huxtables hold a barbecue as Denise and Martin's first anniversary approaches. After learning that Denise had a wedding shower but Martin never had a real bachelor party, Theo decides to rectify this problem. Denise is horrified by Theo's plans to hire a stripper for the event. Martin delivers a mixed message by smiling and laughing as he tells Theo not to do this. Denise believes that Martin should have rejected the suggestion outright. Denise and Sondra rant and rave over the sexism involved in having strippers at bachelor parties, and Sondra criticizes Elvin for agreeing to attend the party. An all-out battle of the sexes breaks out as the couples fight at the barbecue. Cliff and Clair stay out of the fray, although Clair repeatedly criticizes Theo for causing trouble. Cliff's parents arrive, and Anna seems not to mind as Russell recalls the fan dancer at his bachelor party. The Tibideauxs and Kendalls decide that their arguments are trivial, and make up. However, a furious Anna confesses to Russell that she hates his bachelor party story; she didn't want him to have a stripper either. Everyone eventually ends up hugging and kissing, and Cliff gives the credit to his special barbecue sauce.moreless
  • Bird in the Hand
    Episode 2
    Cliff prepares to take on rival Jim Harmon in an auction for an original copy of Charlie Parker's Night in Tunisia. He volunteers to drive Olivia to preschool so that Denise can complete a paper. However, Denise had forgotten that she is supposed to watch the preschool class all day. The teacher insists that Cliff must take her place if she does not show up. Denise offers to come down, but Cliff takes the assignment because he does not want Denise to lose her newfound dedication to her studies. He calls the auction house and arranges to place bids over the phone. He beats out Harmon, and is on the verge of winning the recording when a late arrival enters the bidding. Clair inadvertently bids against Cliff and drives up the price. Even after Cliff bows out, the overly enthusiastic man at the phones continues to shout out bids. His error is eventually revealed, and Clair wins the record for $450 (only $150 more than what Cliff would have paid!).moreless
  • 9/20/90
    Cliff is ecstatic as the first day of school arrives. Vanessa, who took summer school courses and graduated high school a year early, leaves for Lincoln University in Pennsylvania. Denise begins her first semester at Medgar Evers, while Olivia enters preschool. Rudy becomes nervous about her first day of the sixth grade and refuses to leave her room. She confesses to Cliff that she is upset about the fact that she doesn't have breasts yet. He cheers her with a story about his youth and convinces her that her personality, intelligence and smile are what matters. She is prepared to go to school--until her friend Margie, who "developed" over the summer, appears at the door. Rudy's friend Amy brings over a cream that will supposedly enhance their bust within 48 hours. Clair tells Rudy that she shouldn't worry about the reactions of boys her age, as they laugh at everyone whether they have breasts or not. ("They're dumb," she explains succinctly.) She convinces Rudy to toss the cream and go to school. Cliff and Clair have a few moments of peace and quiet, until Theo returns from his trip to Europe. Rudy comes home in a much better mood, as most of the girls in her class have yet to develop.moreless