The Cosby Show

Season 8 Episode 23

Some Gifts Aren't Deductible

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 23, 1992 on NBC

Episode Recap

The Huxtables prepare their taxes. Cliff insists on trying to help, although Clair would rather just work with the accountant. He is upset to learn that he cannot claim many of the people who have lived in his house as dependents. Sondra and Elvin do not count because they are adults with their own income, while Denise and Martin have claimed Olivia in their return. Pam could legally be included as a dependent, but Clair refuses because she "wouldn't feel right" about it. Cliff desperately searches for a way to come up with more deductions. After realizing that socks are not an appropriate birthday gift, a panicked Kenny tells Deirdre that he has organized a party at the Huxtable house. Cliff agrees to pay for the affair, but Stanley's slip-up lets Deirdre know that the whole thing was organized at the last minute. Deirdre breaks up with Kenny, but Rudy convinces Stanley to talk to her on his behalf. Deirdre agrees to take Kenny back if he stops lying to her and takes "boyfriend lessons" from Stanley.