The Cosby Show

Season 2 Episode 16

The Dentist

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 02, 1986 on NBC



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    • (Dr. Burns is walking out with, having just finished with a patient and his mom.)
      Dr. Burns: Now, that wasn't so bad, was it?
      Patient: Yes!
      Dr. Burns: (Placing his hand over the boy's mouth) Shhhh! I have other patients!

    • (Dr. Burns is trying to get Cliff to agree to an overdue appointment.)
      Dr. Burns: Monday, you come see me.
      Cliff: No, Monday's no good.
      Dr. Burns: Tuesday?
      Cliff: No, Tuesday's even tighter than Monday.
      Dr. Burns: How loose is Wednesday?
      Cliff: Wednesday's no good, either.
      Dr. Burns: Would you consider Feezle Day?
      Cliff: No, Feezle Day we take the children out to see the Feezles!

    • Clair: (referring to Peter) I hear you had a really tough patient today!
      Dr. Burns: I've had tougher...(looks at Cliff)...which reminds me, it's been a long time since I've seen you in my office!

    • Dentist: I think if you were to go ahead of Peter and show him there's nothing to be afraid of, he'd do it. Do you understand?
      Rudy: Yes.
      Dentist: But you won't do it?
      Rudy: No.
      Dentist: mean I'm in this alone?

    • Dr. Burns: A long time ago, these teeth walked into my office. They didn't have an appointment. They didn't have anything! So I said 'Do I know you?' and they said, 'No, but you've taken out some of our friends!'

    • (Cliff makes a dental appointment with Dr. Burns.)
      Dr. Burns: So I'll see you Thursday afternoon 4 o'clock.
      Cliff: Dr. Burns, will you show me the teeth?
      Dr. Burns: Yes.
      Cliff: Will you let me ride in the 'tooth shuttle'?
      Dr. Burns: Well, you're getting a little old for that, but yes. Oh, and Cliff?
      Cliff: Yes?
      Dr. Burns: When you leave, take just one toy please?
      Cliff: But I let you kiss my wife!
      Dr. Burns: Two toys?

  • Notes

    • This is one of the few appearances of Mr. Chiara, Peter's father.

    • For his work in this episode, Danny Kaye was nominated for an Emmy as Outstanding Guest Performer in a Comedy.

    • This episode is Danny Kaye's last appearance before his death in March 1987. It begins with another voiceover from Keshia Knight Pulliam announcing that the episode is meant especially for kids.

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