The Cosby Show

Season 2 Episode 2

The Juicer

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 03, 1985 on NBC



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    • Cliff: Peter's mother found him standing in the laundry hamper, and he said, "All I did was hold the bread."

    • Clair: Appliances can be hard to resist sometimes. They're shiny, they make weird noises, they have those buttons that light up. That's why your father likes them!

    • Clair: You are guilty of contributing to the delinquency of a six-year-old.

    • Cliff: Is this the same juicer that I said, 'Mine, mine, mine'?
      Rudy: Yes...are you mad?
      Cliff: Yes, yes, yes.

    • Clair (to Rudy): Just because you are the baby of the family doesn't mean that you are a baby.

  • Notes

    • This is the first of four episodes in which Peter appears that he runs out of the house when things get hairy. This time, it was Cliff's juicer flying out of control.

    • This episode's end credit music is different from the rest of season 2.

    • Peter Costa, who played Rudy's friend Peter, runs out of the house when the grape juice flies everywhere from the juicer. This was not meant to be in the plot. Peter Costa simply forgot his lines sometimes, so either his character was barely talking or running out of the house.

    • Guest star David Langston Smryl has also guest-starred in a few other episodes, playing various characters. In Clair's Case, he played a man in court. In Mr. Quiet, he played a man at the Center named Chester. In this episode and Denise Drives, he plays a man named Sam Lucas.

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