The Cosby Show

Season 5 Episode 15

The Lost Weekend

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 02, 1989 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • In the previous episode, Mrs. Huxtable Goes to Kindergarten, a major plot point is made about Clair buying new living room furniture and giving the old couch and chair to Sondra. But in this episode the old furniture is still there. What happened to the new couch?
      (Editor's note: This episode was shown out of production order, so this may have just been a case of NBC switching episodes for no reason, rather than a continuity problem.)

  • Quotes

    • Clair: So that's where you took Theo.
      Cliff: That's the second place, the first place was the army recruiter. I was serious, I was going to put his you know what in the army. We got there and there were 50 parents there, with 50 kids, all in line ahead of us. Some of them had their kids by the neck, one had a rope tied around her kid, then after 7 parents and kids went in and came back out, the army recruiter came out with a bullhorn. And he said "Now listen up! All you parents who brought your kids here because they racked up money over the weekend on the credit card, or because your kid made somebody pregnant, or because they threw a party and destroyed the house, GET OUT OF LINE!"

    • Kenny: So you're going to be here all by yourself this weekend.
      Kenny: Bachelor pad!
      Theo: What's that supposed to mean?
      Kenny: Hey, it's just you alone in the house and you are a man. Do I have to spell it out?

    • Howard: Theo, why don't you go home, and get your place ready. I'll call our dates. I'll even pick up Justine for you.
      Theo: All right, great! Fellas, 7:00 tonight, it's colloquy time.
      Both with Denny: (Leaving the diner chanting) Colloquy! Colloquy! Colloquy!

    • Vanessa: Where do you suppose he took him?
      Rudy: Jail! (Cliff enters the house)
      Vanessa: So dad, where's Theo?
      Cliff: Away!

    • (Theo discovers that partygoers have taken over his parents' bedroom.)
      Theo: How did you guys get in here!? This door was locked!
      Guy: Somebody picked it. Hey, want some beer? It's domestic; there's imported stocked in the bathtub.
      Theo: You put BEER in the BATHTUB!!?

    • (Reading the two-page list of damages to the house resulting from the party)
      Clair: This is disgraceful.
      Theo: I was really honest about what happened!
      Cliff: Honest about what, son!? I mean did you have a choice!?
      Theo: I could have not been honest. I could have gone away.
      Clair: Gone away?
      Theo: Yeah. I could have gotten some clothes together and gone away. I really, seriously considered that.
      Cliff: Yeah, yeah. That's it. That's exactly it--Away. Yeah. Come on, let's go.
      Theo: Where are we going?
      Cliff: Away!
      Theo: Yeah, but...
      Cliff: I'm driving you. I'm driving you son. That's where you're going--A-way! (Theo gets his coat) You don't need anything else. This is all you need. Here we go. Here we go!
      Amy: (Arrives at the door) Hi, Theo.
      Theo: Hi, Amy. Can't talk now. I think I'm going away.

    • Guy: The coffee table broke. It broke when I was dancing on it.
      Theo: You were dancing on a coffee table?!
      Guy: Don't worry. I'm not going to sue you.

  • Notes

    • The idea of Amy being a student at Hunter College may be a play on the actress' name (Amy Hunter).

    • Phylicia Rashad, Malcolm-Jamal Warner, Tempestt Bledsoe and
      Elizabeth Navarez (who had a recurring role as Vanessa's friend Kara) all appeared on that night's episode of A Different World.

    • Joi Lee, the sister of acclaimed director Spike Lee, appears in this episode as one of the unwelcome party guests.

    • Sabrina LeBeauf and Geoffrey Owens do not appear in this episode.

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