The Cosby Show

Season 8 Episode 14

The Price Is Wrong

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 09, 1992 on NBC



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    • Lance: Try this one here out...we patch into the P.A. system, then during peak shopping hours, I come on the mike and go, "Attention, Advantage shoppers, for the next two minutes, everything in aisle 5 will be absolutely free! And remember, we at Advantage invite you to take advantage of us!"
      Clair: And you will be taking advantage of the big house for inciting a riot!

    • Pam: It doesn't make sense, why does the store IN the neighborhood charge more so the people there can't afford to pay them?
      Russell: Because they can. They own their own company and being the only one in the neighborhood they know they have no competition so they can charge however much they want.
      Lance: But isn't that illegal?
      Clair: Not at all, because in theory you can take your business elsewhere.
      Cliff: But the thing of it is, a lot of those people living in the neighborhood can NOT afford transportation to the cheaper market.

    • Lance: Okay, I got it. The problem is the prices are too high, right? So we go in dressed as stock boys with price guns and mark everything 2 for .99. Steak, 2 for $.99, ice cream, 2 for $.99.
      Clair: That's very good, Lance.
      Lance: thank you, Mrs. Huxtable. (to the girls) And she's a lawyer.
      Clair: Of course you'd be tried on fraudulent charges and wind up serving 3-5.

    • Lance: Well what is up with the justice system, I ask you?!

  • Notes

    • This is the fourth (and last) episode of the series in which none of the five Huxtable children appear.

    • After their "penny plan" is successful, the senior ladies are seen dancing in celebration in the Huxtable living room to "It's Time" by the Winans, a gospel quartet.

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