The Cosby Show

Season 6 Episode 21

Theo's Dirty Laundry

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 15, 1990 on NBC

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  • Theo gets his comeuppance, and the Huxtables FINALLY take control of the house!

    The one scene at the end when Theo returns with his stuff expecting to be taken back is a classic. You just have to admire Cliff and Clair's stolid and almost frighteningly cold refusal to allow Theo to skate by this time. This episode marked a major evolution for Theo's character. Earlier, he finally got the means to deal with his learning disability. Now, in a not-readily-apparent loving way, he's given the means to finally stand on his own two feet. But, why is there never any more mention of him living at Justine's parents' house? That in itself would be interesting to explore.