The Cosby Show

Season 6 Episode 21

Theo's Dirty Laundry

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 15, 1990 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • At the end of this episode, Theo moves in with Justine's family. You never hear this referred to again.

    • Theo says that he moved into Justine's apartment after her roommate left several months ago, indicating that she had been living in an apartment for a while (probably since at least the beginning of the school year). However, just a few episodes ago, in Not Everybody Loves the Blues, he said that she was living in a dorm.

  • Quotes

    • (Denise is frustrated that her mom doesn't seem to support her desire to go back to college.)
      Denise: Look at Paula, she's back in school, getting a degree!
      Clair: Of course, Paula's back in school, honey! You're married to Paula's husband, you're raising Paula's child!

    • (Complaining when Dad tells her how to do the laundry)
      Rudy: Aw, man! When I want to stay up late and watch TV, you say I'm just a kid. But when you have grunt work for me to do, then I'm mature!

    • (Cliff takes women's underwear out among Theo's laundry)
      Cliff: All of this isn't Theo's.
      Rudy: That's definitely not Theo's!
      Cliff: Is this yours?
      Rudy: That's not mine! I'm not that mature yet.

    • Clair: Do her parents have any idea that you're living together?
      Theo: Not yet. We were going to tell them the same time we told you.
      Cliff: Well, how were you going to do that? Leave your underwear in her laundry?

    • Theo: Living with Justine has been good for my study habits. I mean she helps me organize. You know, just because you guys give me money doesn't mean you can control my life. You know if you guys aren't gonna get behind us on this, then Justine and I will just have to figure out a way to do it on our own and live our own lives! (Leaves the house)
      Cliff: (To Clair) He told YOU!

    • Clair: When are you gonna get it, Theo? This is not about living with Justine. This is about doing something behind our backs and then lying to us about what it is you're doing! Theo: I'm sorry. Cliff: The other day, you said your mother and I were controlling you with our money and that you and Justine were gonna go live your own lives. Now, did you ever stop to think what would happen if we said, "no, you can't come back here"? Theo: No, I didn't. Clair: Of course you didn't. Because we're your SAFETY NET! You always do this, you go out into the world and you mess up. Why? You know we're always sittin' in this house waiting to take you BACK IN! It's always been that way. Theo: I know, Mom. Clair: You come BACK into this house, you listen to the speech we give, just like the one your father just gave, you go RIGHT BACK out into the world, you MESS UP, and you always get to come BACK into the house again! Well, honey, I'm sorry, I have had enough. I do NOT have the strength to give you the permission to come back into this house.

    • Cliff: "Lemme ask you a question; you had her outta here and then you reeeeeeeled her back in. WHY?"

    • Theo: Now, I know when I left here, it was under some strain, and we all said some things that we're sorry about.
      Clair: Not me.
      Theo: Okay, well...I know I said some things that I'm sorry about. But, I'm sure we're all big enough to forgive each other.
      Clair: Not me!

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