The Cosby Show

Season 6 Episode 21

Theo's Dirty Laundry

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 15, 1990 on NBC



  • Quotes

    • Clair: When are you gonna get it, Theo? This is not about living with Justine. This is about doing something behind our backs and then lying to us about what it is you're doing! Theo: I'm sorry. Cliff: The other day, you said your mother and I were controlling you with our money and that you and Justine were gonna go live your own lives. Now, did you ever stop to think what would happen if we said, "no, you can't come back here"? Theo: No, I didn't. Clair: Of course you didn't. Because we're your SAFETY NET! You always do this, you go out into the world and you mess up. Why? You know we're always sittin' in this house waiting to take you BACK IN! It's always been that way. Theo: I know, Mom. Clair: You come BACK into this house, you listen to the speech we give, just like the one your father just gave, you go RIGHT BACK out into the world, you MESS UP, and you always get to come BACK into the house again! Well, honey, I'm sorry, I have had enough. I do NOT have the strength to give you the permission to come back into this house.