The Cosby Show

Season 2 Episode 22

Theo's Holiday

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 03, 1986 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Goof: Theo says he couldn't get his "apartment" lights turned on because he didn't have enough money for the deposit and that "Mrs. Griswald" (Rudy) owns the electric company. Public utilities are not privately owned by an individual.

    • Actually, Theo always had two twin beds...later when Denise and Martin move in there, you can see that they pushed two beds together to make a king sized bed...I don't know why Theo never did that.

    • When did Theo even get two beds? Was a second one hidden under all his junk? Even in Theo and the Older Woman, when he cleaned up his room for Denise's friend, I only remember seeing one bed.

    • I've thought of this in many other episodes, but it makes sense to mention it here. When Theo tries to buy his bed from "Amanda," she says the two beds come as a set. It's always bothered me-- why does Theo need two beds in his room if he's the only occupant? Wouldn't it make more sense to have only one bed in the room and use the space the second bed would take up to house a storage unit of some sort, since Theo is such a slob, or have one double bed instead of two twins? Theo even says he only needs one bed.

    • It's funny how Mr. Weewax asked Theo how old he was because Margot said that the landlord (Mr. Weewax) had already said that a boy who was 18 (Theo) was looking for an apartment.
      Also, why didn't Mr. Weewax just turn Theo down in the first place because he already knew he was 18?

  • Quotes

    • Theo: Dad, can I have an advance on my allowance?
      Cliff: I'm sorry son, you're already backed up to your 50th birthday.

    • (Theo getting a tour of the Real World Apartment building)
      Cliff (as Harley): Hi, Millie.
      Clair (as Millie wearing a gown, bandana and apron using a heavy Texas accent): Hi, Harley!
      Theo: Millie?!?
      Harley: Yes, that's Millie Farquar. She runs the Chuck Wagon Restaurant.
      Millie: Howdy! You need to come over here 'n git yo'self some grub! We're located right off the lobby and we're open 24 hours.
      Theo: Good one, Mom!
      Millie: Who?
      Theo: I'm sorry...I mean Mrs. Farquar.
      Millie: Look forward to seeing you real soon! (enters the kitchen)

    • Cliff (as Harley): All right, let's go see the apartment. Whoa! Here comes Mrs. Griswald.
      Rudy (walks down the stairs in an old-fashioned business suit and hat wearing gloves, glasses, a pearl necklace and carrying a briefcase): Hi, Harley!
      Theo (bursts out in laughter): Who's that?
      Harley: Mrs. Griswald. She owns the building but she drinks heavily!

    • Harley: How old are you?
      Theo: Dad you know how old I...I mean I'm 18, Mr. Weewax.
      Harley: Don't take 18 year olds, they party too much.
      Theo: Did I say 18? I meant I've been on my own since I was 18!

    • Clair: (as Amanda) Welcome to Amanda's Furniture City! Where money talks and nobody walks. If you like it you touch it, if you break it you buy it. If you don't see it we don't have it but we will get it. now what can I do for you?

    • Clair (as Amanda): You are in luck! Because here at Furniture City, we accept all major credit cards.
      Theo: I don't have any of those.
      Amanda: You are in luck! Because here at Furniture City, we accept personal checks.
      Theo: I don't have any personal checks.
      Amanda: Then you are about to leave Furniture City!
      Theo: Mom!
      Cockroach: That's Amanda!
      Theo: Cockroach!
      Cockroach: That's Mr. Dansbury to you!

    • Denise (as Ms. Firestone): Do you have any experience?
      Theo: No, but I look good!

    • Theo: Time out! I need my dad. Can you get him for me?
      Harley: I'll see if he's in. (Cliff exits)
      Cockroach (laughing): Who's playing your dad?
      Theo: My dad!

  • Notes

    • This episode was nominated for an Emmy for Best Writing in a Comedy.

    • Scenes cut from this episode for syndication:

      Theo demonstrating a father holding a baby for "Mrs. Firestone" during his modeling audition.

      Theo and Cockroach buying an apple at the "Chuckwagon" after "Denise Farquar" takes up all the food.

      Theo in his "apartment" with the lights off (there was not enough money to get them turned on) with lamps he rented from Cockroach.

    • Cast and characters of The Real World:

      Vanessa: Margot Farnsworth (Tenant of the Real World Apartments), Kitty LaRue (Receptionist at the Firestone Modeling Agency), and Mrs. Covington (Vice President of unnamed bank).

      Cliff: Harley Weewax (Landlord of the Real World Apartments).

      Clair: Millie Farquar (Owner of the Chuck Wagon Restaurant) and Amanda (Owner of Amanda's Furniture City).

      Rudy: Mrs. Griswald (Owner of Real World Apartments, the bank and the electric company).

      Denise: Ms. Firestone (Owner of Firestone Modeling Agency) and Denise Farquar (Daughter of Millie, waitress at the Chuck Wagon Restaurant).

      Cockroach: Horton W. Dansbury (Owner of Cockroach Oil where Theo is supposedly a spokesmodel).

      Cliff and Clair also play an unnamed couple who get a loan from the bank.

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