The Cosby Show

Season 5 Episode 1

Together Again and Again

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 06, 1988 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Lisa Bonet was pregnant in real life (with Zoe Kravits, her daughter with Lenny Kravitz), but the producers chose to hide her pregnancy rather than having it written into Denise's storyline.

    • Whatever happened to the promise Denise made to Clair in the Different World episode Clair's Last Stand, where she said she was going to get a summer job? When Clair asked her about it, Denise gave the lame excuse about being on vacation. Shouldn't Clair have been nagging Denise about getting a job for the last three months instead of just now?

    • Since she's quit school, it's assumed that Denise's new job is full time (40 hours). But it only pays $25 per week, which comes out to about 63 cents an hour. I'm not sure what the minimum wage was in 1988, but it had to have been more than that.

    • When Denise first announces she's not going back to school, she's says she's afraid Cliff and Clair will throw her out of the house. Cliff protests that they have never said that, but in "Denise Drives," after Denise argues about using the money in her savings account to buy a used car, Clair says, "The next time you show any attitude like that you can take whatever money is in that account and go discover America!" Isn't that throwing her out of the house?

  • Quotes

    • Denise: (talking about her job at the recording studio) I'm the assistant to the executive assistant.
      Clair: And tell your father what the assistant to the executive assistant DOES!
      Denise: Well, I take care of the needs of the guests and I operate the inter-office telecommunications system.
      Cliff: You get coffee and you answer the phone!

    • Clair: Listen, let me take out some of these bags.
      Theo: Oh, wait. This trunk is heavy. Let me help you.
      Clair: Don't worry about that, honey. (Nudges him aside) No problem. I've got lots of energy today! (Pulls out trunk with ease)
      Cliff: Stong woman. Strong woman! All right.
      Theo: You know, I get the feeling that you and Mom can't wait to get me out of the house. Aren't you the least bit emotional?
      Cliff: Oh, yes. We're going to miss you. Now get your bags!

    • Theo: I don't get it. If you weren't going back to school, why did you pack all your bags?
      Denise: 'Cause soon as I tell Mom and Dad what I'm doing, Dad's going to throw me out of the house.
      Vanessa: Good. That means I'll get my room back.
      Rudy: So will I.
      Denise: You guys! I'm about to face a really difficult situation and all you can think about is yourselves?
      Vanessa: Hey, who else are we supposed to think about?
      Rudy: Yeah! (Both leave the room)
      Theo: Denise, what you are about to go through with Mom and Dad is going to be tough. And I really feel for you. But look at the bright side. Once Mom and Dad hear about this, they'll totally forget about I did! (Laughs and jubilantly slam dunks nerf basketball through the hoop of his room door before leaving as well) HA HAAAAH!!!

    • Denise: I've decided to discontinue my college education.
      Clair: Come again, young lady?
      Denise: I'm not going back to Hillman.
      Cliff: Wanna bet?

    • Denise: And who am I? An industrious young woman who wants to examine life without....pressure!
      Cliff: And how much does that pay?

  • Notes

    • This season five premiere episode was delayed into October because NBC was covering the summer olympics in Seoul, South Korea.

    • For the majority (if not all) of the season 5 closings nobody says, "The Cosby Show is taped before a studio audience" in the syndicated versions.

    • The logo shown in the opening for The Cosby Show is written in colored script writing on the top of the screen, as opposed to the white block logo used in previous seasons.

    • The music for the closing credits in season 5 have two renditions. One is longer than the other. However, neither are the same as the opening sequence music.

    • This opening credits is the only credits that feature the whole cast dancing together in the whole run of the show.

    • This is the first time that Sondra is shown pregnant.

    • The opening sequence now features the cast dancing on a veranda to music performed by The Oregon Symphony Orchestra,
      in Hawaiian-like clothes. Elvin (Geoffrey Owens) does more of his dance with Vanessa (Tempestt Bledsoe) than Sondra (Sabrina LeBeauf).

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