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  • Season 1 Episode 8: Play It Again, Vanessa

  • Vanessa is in the beginner's class of her band. What music teacher in his right mind assigns beginner students to perform works like "Rhapsody in Blue" by George Gershwin? I wasn't playing that kind of difficult arrangements until I was a senior in high school (which coincidentally, was also in 1984)! These kids should have been playing simple pieces, like Rudy did in Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.

  • Many times in this episode it is mentioned how badly Vanessa plays, especially because she doesn't practice unless someone forces her. Why then would her music teacher give her the privilege of performing a solo in her recital? Solos are awarded to students who play WELL. I speak from experience--I played clarinet from age 9 to 24, up until I finished college.

  • Season 1 Episode 7: One More Time

  • A scene of Cliff with a patient and Claire interrupting is cut from the syndicated and DVD version of this episode. But a clip of it can still be seen in the closing credits.

  • Season 1 Episode 6: Breaking With Tradition

  • Goof: In the scene where Cliff takes the ball from Theo and places it on the counter, it is clear that the ball will roll off the counter. However, we never hear the ball actually fall off the counter. But,when the camera turns to Theo and he says, "Door two", then the camera turns back to Cliff, the ball is nowhere to be found on the counter.

  • In the scene where Cliff goes into Denise's room, to make her think about Hillman, listen closely. As he enters her room, someone in the audience coughs.

  • Season 1 Episode 5: A Shirt Story

  • During the second-to-last scene, Cliff reminds Theo about Theo giving Cliff a big yellow tie that lights up for Father's Day. This tie would surface during the episode "Father's Day".

  • Goof: When asked about the $95 Theo said that if he lived to be 90 years old that would be like a dollar a day. On this episode Theo is 14 years old as stated by Cliff. If Theo wanted to equate his age to the value of the shirt he would need to live to 109 years old.

  • Season 1 Episode 4: Is That My Boy?

  • Rudy's favorite bear, Bobo, appears for the first time in this episode and will become a favorite prop for the run of the series.

  • Season 1 Episode 2: Mr. Fish (a.k.a. Goodbye,...

  • Vanessa's favorite food/meal is hot dogs.

  • Season 1 Episode 1: Pilot

  • In the scene where Vanessa talks to cliff about getting a dog , it looks as if Rudy has grown two inches. When she turns her head to walk with Vanessa to their bedroom , it is evident that a body double is standing in the place of Keisha Knight Pulliam .

  • In the first episode, the hall way is backwards from the rest of the series, the stairs are on the left in the pilot. Theo's room looks the same however its location changes to one room over in futrue episodes.

  • Another thing Cliff forgot to deduct from Theo's "Monopoly" salary: utilities (power, water, etc.) for his apartment in Manhattan or New Jersey.

  • One thing Cliff left out of Theo's "Expenses": gas and insurance for his car/motorbike. It is highly unlikely that $200 or $100 would cover a car/bike payment plus gas and insurance, even in 1984.

  • When this show was originally pitched, the Huxtables were intended to be a blue collar family. Cliff was supposed to be a chauffeur and Clair was supposed to be a housewife.

  • Goof:After Theo gives up an extra $100 for clothes, he is clearly holding $300 left in his hand. However when the camera switches back to Cliff, who asks how much is left, it switches back to Theo, who is only holding $200 left.

  • The nameplate outside Cliff's office says: "Clifford Huxtable, M.D." This continues for a few episodes until it is revealed that Cliff is short for "Heathcliff," not "Clifford." After this, the nameplate is seen from a distance--too far to be read by viewers.

  • In this episode, Vanessa refers to Theo as "Teddy" during the dining room scene and while on the stairs. Both Cliff and Claire call him "Theodore." There is no mention of the name used for the rest of the show, Theo.

  • Cliff deducts $50 from Theo's hypothetical monthly earnings for a motorcycle helmet. He'd need to buy a new one every month?

  • If you look closely when Cliff walks into the kitchen at the beginning, you can see the living room set used through the whole rest of the series in the background, when in this episode they used a cheesy pilot living room. I guess it wasn't finished yet? Maybe they filmed the living room scenes first and then did the kitchen scenes later.

  • Rudy has shampoo on the top of her head, but her hair was
    still in braids. Washing hair while it is still braided is characteristic of people whose hair is in extentions (weave), not necessarily in the case of Rudy, whose natural hair was only braided in two cornrows.

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