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  • Season 7 Episode 10: You Can Go Home Again

  • Martin, as an officer in the Navy, likely could have afforded a modest apartment in 1991 Brooklyn, despite the writers' attempts to appear otherwise, thus keeping Martin, Denise & Olivia living with the Huxtables for another year.

  • When the family returns home from their trip and complain that Cliff let the car run out of gas, he argues that he usually has another 15 miles after the tank reads empty. This is the same trait he attributed to his car, "Betty Lou," but he traded in that car in Say Hello to a Good Buy.

  • Season 7 Episode 8: Just Thinking About It (2)

  • In this episode, Slide seems jealous of Pam's relationship with Theo. He DOES know that they're related, doesn't he?

  • Season 7 Episode 5: It's All in the Game

  • The goof would be Vanessa saying that she never saw Jeremy again since we know she did in at least Can I Say Something, Please? and Theo's Women. They are just insinuating that Jeremy told Vanessa about the apple incident.

  • When Vanessa complains about the way Cliff is tough on the girl's dates, she cites an example from Truth or Consequences, when Cliff yelled at Jeremy for keeping Vanessa out past her curfew; Vanessa says Cliff "took two apples, said one was me, one was him, then took the apple that was him and skinned it!" First of all, that isn't what happened at all--Cliff took the apples and put them one on top of the other, then asked Jeremy if he and Vanessa had been that close in the car. Second of all, Vanessa goes on to say that she never heard from Jeremy again after that, but in Can I Say Something, Please? Vanessa tells Clair that she's going to the mall for a date with Jeremy. Did she get a new boyfriend with an identical name?

  • Season 7 Episode 4: Period of Adjustment

  • After Pam is introduced to the girls, Clair leaves Pam alone in the living room. She later returns with three glasses of apple juice. How did Clair know that Cliff had entered the room while she was gone?

  • When Pam is in the office talking to Cliff and he tells her about the curfew time, she has a pencil in her hand and a pad in her lap. In the next shot, Cliff offers her a pencil and tells her to take the pad (which is on his desk). Why would she need does she take the pad and pencil when she was supposed to already have them?

  • When Pam is about to arrive and move in with Vanessa, Rudy complains that she's never going to get her own room. This doesn't make any sense; Vanessa moved into Denise's room in the episode Food for Thought, and Olivia didn't move in until the episode Denise: The Saga Continues when Denise returned home from Africa. This means that with Sondra and Denise either away at school or living with their husbands and Vanessa living in their old room, Rudy has had her own room for over three years! What does she have to complain about?

  • Season 7 Episode 3: The Last Barbecue

  • Goof: When Anna chews Russell out in the backyard, Clair calls her Mama, but since Anna is her mother in law Clair normally would call Anna by her first name.

  • Cliff claims his barbecue sauce is what makes everybody get all "huggy-buggy," but Russell and Anna hadn't eaten any of it yet before they started to get romantic.

  • When Denise, Martin, Sondra & Elvin are arguing about men liking legs and breasts, Russell enters and mentions he's a "leg man," referring to the chicken, causing Denise to yell out, "Oh, great, it runs in the family!" This doesn't make any sense, since Russell is HER grandfather, not Martin's, and she's complaining about Martin being a "leg man," too.

  • Season 7 Episode 2: Bird in the Hand

  • The drinking glasses that Cliff uses in the kitchen to drink orange juice while talking to Clair and Harmon are also used in the later series Cosby. They are better seen in the episode Florida when Ruth is sitting in the kitchen with the dog.

  • Season 7 Episode 1: Same Time Next Year

  • In this episode, Denise says that Olivia is starting preschool for the first time. However, in Live and Learn, isn't Olivia in preschool with Uncle Wilton?

  • Season 6 Episode 26: The Storyteller

  • The pastor at the church mentions that Gramtee came all the way from Norfolk, Virginia. In real life, Minnie Gentry was born in Norfolk in 1915.

  • Even though her character was celebrating her 98th birthday, Minnie Gentry in reality was only 75 when this episode was filmed.

  • Season 6 Episode 25: Live and Learn

  • Goof: When Denise is talking to Clair about Olivia's teacher, she calls him Uncle Wilkin instead of Uncle Wilton.

  • When Denise is sitting at the drums trying to get her "pupil" Rebecca to rap with her, she says, "3 times 3 is 3."

  • In this episode, Olivia called Denise "Mommy" for the only time in the series. It may have been a mistake by Raven-Symone that wasn't caught.

  • Denise complains that only one of her courses at Hillman will be accepted for transfer because it has a grade above C, and Clair remarks that it must be in Archery. Whatever happened to the Modern Cinema class Denise was getting an A in from Denise Gets a D?

  • Denise gripes that she went to college for three semesters and it did no good. Her math skills really fail her here. If you follow the timeline for A Different World, the first season profiled her sophomore year in college, which she completed in the last episodes that dealt with her taking finals. If she completed two years of college, that's four semesters, not three.

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