The Cosby Show

Season 5 Episode 12

Truth or Consequences

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 05, 1989 on NBC
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Vanessa shows up late for dinner several days in a row, and gives an excuse about working with a school committee. She claims that she needs to go over to Kara's house to help her study; but confesses to Theo that she has a date with her boyfriend, Jeremy. Vanessa asks Rudy to cover for her if she misses curfew. However, Clair sees through Rudy's lie and gets her to come clean. Vanessa becomes uncomfortable as she and Jeremy kiss in his car and asks to go home. However, Jeremy pressures her into staying by questioning her commitment to the relationship. Cliff and Clair wait up for Vanessa, and ground her for a month. Much to her horror, Cliff insists on calling Jeremy over to the house for a talk. Vanessa irritates her parents by repeatedly yelling down to Jeremy from her room. Clair explains her point of view to Jeremy, who apologizes for his behavior. Cliff then takes him into the kitchen to make sure that nothing happened with Vanessa. Jeremy assures him that they only kissed. Cliff gets Jeremy to realize that he would not defy his own parents, and thus was wrong to expect Vanessa to disobey the Huxtables.moreless

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    Bill Cosby

    Bill Cosby

    Dr. Heathcliff "Cliff" Huxtable

    Keshia Knight Pulliam

    Keshia Knight Pulliam

    Rudith Lillian "Rudy" Huxtable

    Phylicia Rashad

    Phylicia Rashad

    Clair Olivia Hanks Huxtable

    Malcolm-Jamal Warner

    Malcolm-Jamal Warner

    Theodore Aloysius "Theo" Huxtable

    Tempestt Bledsoe

    Tempestt Bledsoe

    Vanessa Huxtable

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      • Cliff: Skim milk?!
        Clair: Uh-huh.
        Cliff: No, bring me a glass of water.
        Clair: You are having skim milk in a fine glass.
        Cliff: I'd like to see the cow that gave that milk out.

      • Vanessa: I'm moving out!
        Clair: Good, I'll help you pack!

      • Cliff: Did you know that Vanessa is allowed out of the house after 1 in the morning?
        Jeremy: No I didn't know that.
        Cliff: Oh yes, and you can see her whenever you want from that time. So 1 o' clock just bring your car over and I'll bring her out.
        Jeremy: Dr. Huxtable, I can't do that.
        Cliff: Why not?
        Jeremy: Because my parents would catch me and...
        Cliff: Say that again.
        Jeremy: Kill me.
        Cliff: Say that again.
        Jeremy: My parents would kill me.
        Cliff: Does Vanessa ask you to disobey your parents?
        Jeremy: No.
        Cliff: So why is it alright for you to ask our daughter to disobey us?
        Jeremy: It isn't.

      • Vanessa: Why'd you move the couch?
        Cliff: We heard on the weather that there was supposed to be a heavy snow storm tonight and we thought we'd watch it.

      • Clair: So she's out with Jeremy.
        Cliff: You know what we should do? We should turn this couch around so the first thing she sees when she gets home is us.
        Clair: Let's move it now.

      • Rudy: (After getting the last piece of cake rubs it in to Cliff) Mmmm! Cake extraordinaire! And I don't have to run four miles to get it.

      • Theo: It's not too easy to put something over on Mom and Dad. So remember that for when you leave for "Kara's house." Oh, Vanessa! Let me know what Jeremy thinks of my earring.

      • Rudy: Mom, please don't call Kenny.
        Clair: Why?
        Rudy: Because Kenny has a bad memory and he won't remember that I called him.
        Clair: And you have a bad memory! You don't remember that if there's one thing we will not abide by in this house, it's being lied to by our children. And any child who stands up and knowingly tells a bold-faced lie will be punished!
        Rudy: They will?
        Clair: Yes, ma'am, they will. They'll be grounded for 2 weeks.
        Rudy: (Speaking hastily) Vanessa's not at Kara's house. She's with Jeremy. He said he needed her. She didn't want to lose him. I'm going to bed! Oh, and last week,I put six chocolate chip cookies in my lunchbox when you said I could only have three. Bye!

      • Vanessa: Why are you doing this to me? I can make my own choices. It's my life!
        Clair: Vanessa, if I were you, I'd take myself up those stairs while I still had a life!
        Vanessa: Come on, Dad, please! You can't call Jeremy!
        Cliff: I've got to do it dear, because it's my life.

      • Vanessa (yelling from her room): Jeremy, I'm so sorry!
        Cliff: (yells back) SHUT UP!
        Jeremy: Would you mind if I took off my jacket? It's getting kind of hot in here.
        Clair: That's fine.
        Jeremy: Am I allowed to answer her?
        Clair: Yes.
        Jeremy: It's all right, Vanessa.
        Vanessa: (yells again) I miss you!
        Cliff: Let me tell you something right now. I'm coming up and it's not because I love you!

      • Clair: They could be anywhere doing who knows what. (Pauses) They'd better not be doing who knows what!

      • (After Vanessa tells numerous lies about being with Kara and her father dropping her off at home)
        Claire: Vanessa, you are a liar! Your whole story is falling apart right before your face. And I'm going to stop you now, because you are my child and before I see you drift deeper into the abyss of untruth, let me tell you that Rudy has informed us that you were with Jeremy tonight and you are grounded for at least a month.
        Vanessa: A month?
        Claire: I said at least a month! Might be longer.

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