The Cosby Show

Season 3 Episode 11

War Stories

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Dec 11, 1986 on NBC

Episode Recap

Russell and Homer come over to the house with their army buddy, Sgt. Major Boswell Stokes. Cliff is well-aware that they plan to goad him into playing pinochle, and that Sgt. Stokes has come along to help them cheat. The men eventually begin telling stories about their military days, and laugh about the horrified reaction of German soldiers who found that they had been captured by an all-black unit. Cliff tries to chime in with a story about his Navy days, but no one will listen to him because he served during peacetime and never saw combat. Vanessa prepares for a skating date with a boy named Tyrone. Theo introduces the petrified young man to Cliff, who is less hostile than usual. Sgt. Stokes' handsome grandson Aaron shows up at the door with his grandfather's glasses. A smitten Vanessa tells Denise that she wants Aaron to come along on her date. Denise doesn't think this will happen. However, Tyrone makes friends with Aaron and decides to invite him to the skating party so that Tyrone won't feel so much pressure. Theo loses a date when he foolishly takes Cockroach's advice and gives the girl a "deadline" for deciding whether to go out with him.