The Cosby Show

Season 7 Episode 18

27 and Still Cooking


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Cliff plans a special surprise for Clair to celebrate their 27th anniversary. He decides to re-create the restaurant where they shared their first dinner as a married couple. He tracks down the same chef, Mr. Atkins, and hires him to prepare dinner. He also hires a calypso band; and Theo, Pam and Rudy volunteer to supply decorations. Mr. Atkins believes that the meal Cliff has requested is too "simple" for a chef of his caliber, and refuses to make it--until Cliff threatens to withhold his check. However, Atkins still tries to slip unnecessary ingredients such as tofu into the soup. Cliff asks Elvin to keep an eye on Atkins, and he saves the meal by secretly shoving the unwanted items down the garbage disposal. Unfortunately, Cliff becomes ill before Clair comes home from work and falls asleep. She thanks him for his sweet gesture, and enjoys the dinner and music alone at his insistence.moreless
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