The Cosby Show

Season 8 Episode 2

There's No Place Like This Home


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Cliff surprises Clair by showing her plans for an addition to the house, a soundproof room where she could be free from the children and their demands. Cliff and Clair co-sign a loan for Sondra and Elvin to help them secure financing on their new house. Elvin suffers a panic attack after the papers are signed as he thinks about just how much money he will have to spend each month. Cliff tries to calm him by reminding him that he and Sondra are both successful professionals. Sondra and Elvin complete the final paperwork and move out of their apartment. Unfortunately, the couple selling the house suddenly files for divorce, complicating the sale and leaving the Tibideauxs homeless. They plead with Cliff and Clair to let them stay in the Kendalls' bedroom while Denise and Martin are in Japan. They lay it on thick, talking at length about the sleazy motel where they will otherwise stay and having the twins trudge sadly across the living room. Cliff and Clair let them stay, but abandon the idea of Clair's room because they feel they can never escape the children. They later decide to build an addition for the kitchen.moreless
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