The Cougar

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  • I love Jimmy.

    Yeah, me and my mom made fun of this show for weeks before we actually watched it. Then one Saturday morning it was one so we sat down and watched it and then fell in love... I'm madly in love with Jimmy. He's so cool! But I have a feeling he'll get the boot tomorrow night. :( The weird thing is, I picked 5 guys I wanted to win at the beginning of the series: Jimmy, Joe, Colt, Ryan, and David, with Jimmy being #1 and David being #5. And the irony of it all is, they're all still in and there's only 9 guys left. :P I have a feeling Stacey will either pick Joe or Jon. I'm not too fond of Jon. I don't know what it is about him, he's just kinda... IDK. I was glad she voted off Nick, he gave me the willies. What I hope will happen is for Stacey to pick Jimmy to win and then he dumps her because she's a big meanie. Seriously! In the first episode Grant decided to be a gentleman and vote himself off so that Adam could win and Stacey so rudely replies, "Good, because I was gonna give you my cheek anyway." What a butthead! I was also sad that she voted Poetry Guy off. I can't remember his name. :P