The Court

ABC (ended 2002)


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  • Season 1
    • Back In The Bottle
      Brandt's attempted exposé on Nolan is promoted on television without his knowledge, causing Nolan to hurriedly prepare a defence against the false charges of indiscretion. Brandt's producing partner Marsha Palmer ignores his protests and insists that he broadcast it. But he surprises everyone by publicly declaring Nolan innocent and retracting his premature accusation. Brandt's job is terminated, but he is triumphant—and Nolan is greatly relieved that she did not bring dishonour to the Supreme Court.moreless
    • A Wing And A Prayer
      Betsy flirts with Nolan's brother Keith, and takes advantage of his attraction to her to gain information on Nolan's possible involvement in a financial scandal years ago. Brandt boldly interviews Nolan's mother Elizabeth, searching for confirmation of Nolan's guilt. But when Nolan confronts Brandt and explains the situation, he reluctantly must admit that she is blameless. Meanwhile, the justices argue whether or not students should be required to report misconduct by their peers. And an environmental debate results in a flock of birds being released into the courtroom by protesters.moreless
    • Snakes In The Grass
      The court rules on a case involving a Federal agent who accidentally shot a state agent, and Nolan is assigned to write the majority opinion. That means all-nighters for the clerks. Meanwhile, Harlan tricks a student librarian into giving him access to the papers of Nolan's late predecessor, Christina Flynn. It opens a can of worms. And so might the appearance in Washington of Nolan's black-sheep brother.moreless
    • Stay
      Episode 3
      It's the day before a Texas man is to be executed for a rape and murder, and his petition for a stay arrives at the Court. As usual, Nolan has the swing vote. Recent DNA evidence throws his guilt into question, but the Court can't rule on that. It can consider procedural matters, though, so Kate's clerks scour the trial record (and play devil's advocate with each other). Meanwhile, Harlan, who's covering the story in Texas with Betsy, receives an intriguing proposal from an old girlfriend.moreless
    • Due Process
      Due Process
      Episode 2
      Nolan looks both good and bad in cases involving securities fraud and abortion. But her clerks don't exactly cover themselves with glory. Meanwhile, Harlan and Betsy pursue what could be a major coup in the abortion-case story; and Nolan's long-time Ohio aide rejoins her in Washington.
    • Life Sentence
      Life Sentence
      Episode 1
      Field plays Ohio governor Kate Nolan, who, in the opener, is quickly confirmed by the Senate. That's no surprise: Nolan's capable, likable and hard to pin down philosophically. How she'll fit in on the sharply divided court remains to be seen, however, as she weighs in on her first case, involving an Ohio woman serving a life sentence. At the same time, back in the Buckeye State, a TV reporter is digging for dirt on Kate.moreless