The Courtship of Eddie's Father

Season 1 Episode 8

Bully for You

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 05, 1969 on ABC
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Episode Summary

Bully for You
Eddie has been having trouble with a bully at school named Joey Kelly, and refuses to fight back even after Tom teaches him the fine art of self-defense through boxing techniques. Tom is puzzled about Eddie's reluctance to defend himself, until he is called to the school and discovers the identity of the bully. When Tom realizes Joey stays at home alone after school, he invites her to their apartment - much to Eddie's dismay. Tom feels that Mrs. Livingston is just the woman to refine the little tow-headed tomboy. During dinner, she teaches Joey to serve Tom and Eddie Japanese-style. But Joey grows increasingly indignant at having to serve Eddie and wait for her own dinner, and finally explodes. Eddie then must decide whether he will follow his father's orders never to hit a girl, or if he will follow Mr. Kelly's advice and "belt her back."moreless

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (6)

      • At the Corbetts', Joey hits Eddie repeatedly with boxing gloves, while Tom and Mrs. Livingston just look on. Finally, when Eddie runs into his dad's arms for refuge, Tom puts a stop to Joey's hitting.

      • At the beginning of this episode, Tom encourages Eddie to fight back. But in episode 2, Tom tells him that fighting is wrong.

      • Eddie hits Joey on the shoulder, yet she puts her hand over her eye as she is crying.

      • At the end of the dinner scene, slow-motion reveals that Joey's punch never makes contact with Eddie.

      • Brandon has difficulty using the chopsticks, and resorts to mostly eating with his fingers.

      • Brandon seems to really enjoy ordering Jodie around!Throughout the dinner scene he's obviously trying to suppress grins. After she serves him a piece of cake, however, he smiles broadly at her as he eats it.

    • QUOTES (4)

      • Tom (repeating Joey's full name, which Mr. Kelly has just called her by):
        "Joanna Margaret Jaqueline Kelly."
        "Yeah. No wonder she went around hittin' people."

      • Eddie (to Joey, when she tells him to pour the tea himself):
        "You're the woman! You're supposed to give it to me!"

      • Eddie (to Tom, after he invites Joey to their apartment):
        "It's not so bad gettin' socked at school, but gettin' socked in your own house - wow!"

      • Tom (to Tina after she tells him about her Encounter Group):
        "Tina, they threw the mold away and THEN they made you."

    • NOTES (9)

    • ALLUSIONS (1)

      • Tina: "I'm going to learn how to encounter. It's like group therapy - we get together and tell each other our problems."
        Encounter groups (unstructured psychotherapy groups in which participants increase their self-awareness by freely verbalizing and responding to emotions) were developed in the 1960's. After Tom tells Tina that a bully has been pounding on Eddie, Tina analyzes the problem in "encounter group" fashion, and tells him that Eddie may have an abnormal need for punishment.