The Courtship of Eddie's Father

Season 1 Episode 2

Teacher's Pet

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Sep 24, 1969 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Eddie (who is frequently well-dressed in little suits in the 1st season) commits a "fashion faux pas" in the first scene by wearing bright red socks with orange pants!

    • After Eddie comes home roughed up from a fight, he and Tom have a talk in Eddie's bedroom. Tom wants to know if the kids are giving him a hard time because Tom's taking out his teacher. "Sometimes," Eddie answers. "Like this afternoon?" Tom presses. Eddie hesitates for several seconds, starts to say "well", but apparently Brandon has forgotten his line, so Bill repeats his, probably to prompt him. This time, Eddie replies, "Yeah."

    • In the first scene, Eddie is explaining what made Karen throw up at school. He repeats the word "how": "She was just showing the class how - how she could spin around 100 times without getting dizzy."

    • Although Eddie is supposedly in 1st grade, the equipment in his classroom looks like it belongs in kindergarten: a toy piano, plastic stacking rings, and other toys.

  • Quotes

    • Eddie: It's not how you play the game, Mrs. Livingston, it's how I win and you lose.

    • Tom (to Miss Allen, who has just told him her first name is Kerry, like the county in Ireland): My name is Tom... like in "peeping."

  • Notes

    • Tom plunks out several measures of a classical tune on the toy piano in Eddie's classroom.

    • Eddie's version of the game "Doctor": Sometimes somebody comes into the doctor and says, "I'm sick," and the doctor says, "Stay in bed, and drink lots of fluids." Other times, somebody comes into the doctor and says, "I'm sick," and the doctor says, "I'm sorry, today's Wednesday. Come back tomorrow!"

    • Eddie is in 1st grade.

    • Miss Allen wants to assign Eddie some extra projects because he's so bright - to keep him "stimulated", she tells Tom, as she flirts with him.

    • Mitchell Sakamoto ("Frank"), who Eddie "kidnaps" in Episode 4, appears as one of Eddie's classmates in this episode.

    • Eddie cheats while he plays the board game "Roll 'Em" with Mrs. Livingston.

    • In Brandon's real life, once he learned to read, he became an excellent reader with a remarkable memory for vocabulary. According to Bill Bixby, when Brandon was only 6 or 7, he would read everything in sight - even the stenciling on studio equipment. His mom once mentioned that reading was his favorite subject in school.

    • In the opening "Peanuts" segment, Eddie indicates that he wants a baby brother. At this time in his life, Brandon did have a baby brother - named Blake. He also had a younger brother named Darrin (who reportedly had a tough time dealing with all the attention his big brother received), and a younger sister, Mandy.

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