The Courtship of Eddie's Father

Season 1 Episode 4

The Littlest Kidnapper

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 08, 1969 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • As Eddie is going out the door to school, Tom is trying to cheer him up by telling him about the nice report he received from his teacher. He's doing well at "sandbox" and "fingerpainting". Eddie is in 1st grade, though. Shouldn't Tom be more concerned with how Eddie's doing in reading and math?

    • Eddie implies Frank is a boy he just met at school, yet in Episode 2 he's shown as a student in Eddie's class.

  • Quotes

    • Tom: (to Mrs. Livingston)
      "Do you realize that normal little boys steal out of a cookie jar. My little boy steals other little boys?"

    • Mrs. Livingston: (to Tom, after Eddie has brought home a "son" for her.)
      "I've been pollenated."

    • Tom: (to Mrs. Livingston, after Eddie has explained the process of pollenation between bees and flowers, and suggested that Tom pollenate Mrs. Livingston.)
      "Sex at six?!"

  • Notes

    • There is a classic scene in which a confused, sarcastic police officer tries to figure out just which child Tom is reporting as missing, while nervous Tom assumes the officer is following his train of thought.

    • A discussion in the closing "Peanuts" segment provides closure to this episode.

    • Pat Morita, who plays Frank's father, is best known among baby boomers as Arnold of Happy Days.

    • Tom and Mrs. Livingston assume that Frank speaks Japanese, but he doesn't. Eddie, who has picked up some Japanese phrases, translates Mrs. Livingston's question to Frank about his last name.

    • This episode includes the first clear indication that Mrs. Livingston is either divorced or a widow - what has happened to her husband is not explained.

  • Allusions

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