The Cramp Twins

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The Cramp Twins

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Meet Wayne and Lucien Cramp. They're 10-year-old twins with zero in common! Wayne likes fighting, collecting weird stuff and stuffing his face with candy. And he's blue - literally! Lucien is a vegetarian who is totally into knitting, studying and saving the world. In practically everything they do, the Cramp Twins are polar opposites. Not surprisingly, each dreams of the sweet ecstasy of a world without the other. Since they're stuck with each other, their lives are a never-ending battle. Together, they're taking sibling rivalry to a whole new level in this offbeat animated series! Launched second season on 4Kids TV™ in Fall 2003. Nominee for 2002 British Academy Children's Film and Television Awards (BAFTA). Produced by TV-Loonland and based on two graphic novels by Brian Wood. Opposites Attract Laughs! Watch The Cramp Twins every Saturday on 4Kids TV! These twins will make you laugh forever and ever. The Cramp Twins became a very popular show in France. Brian Wood developed the Cramp Twins during his trip to France and many young cartoon fans noticed his hilarious storyline. The Cramp Twins became a high success in France, behind Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends and Ed, Edd n' Eddy. The Cramp Twins ruled France's Cartoon Network for over two-and-a-half years. Brian Wood was nominated as the best cartoonist in France and won the competition after being nominated two years in a row. Character Guide Lucien Cramp - Lucien Cramp is the shy twin-brother of Wayne Cramp. Lucien is always wearing modern clothes and he has glasses too, he also has pink skin. Lucien is always spying on his twin-brother, Wayne with his friend Tony Parsons. Lucien thinks he can save the world with his smart and creative brain. Lucien is into nature and watches the beauty of it closely with Tony. Lucien and Tony are always on fun and important adventures, while getting away from his twin brother, Wayne. Lucien is ten years old and has much to learn before he does anything. Wayne Cramp - Wayne Cramp is the evil-hearted, bossy twin-brother of Lucien Cramp. He is always calling his brother, Lucien names because he wants Lucien to feel bad. Wayne Cramp always wears a blue star shirt and has purple skin. Wayne is unusually odd and is the exact opposite of Lucien. Wayne's basically, evil and Lucien's good-hearted soul shows the opposites attracting easily. Wayne is also ten years old and has a lot to learn. Mr. Herman Cramp - Mr. Cramp is the curious father of Lucien and Wayne Cramp. He is always trying to do things that he can't do until he finds a way how to do it. Mr. Cramp is very concerned about Lucien and Wayne fighting all of the time. Mr. Cramp is basically like your own average father who does what a father should do. Mr. Cramp is also a lot like Wayne, he likes to build and trash things without making a big deal. Mrs. Dorothy Cramp - Mrs. Cramp is the mother of Lucien and Wayne Cramp. She is always very convincing and always tries to solve Lucien and Wayne's problems. Mrs. Cramp sees both of her children as angels when one is and the other is a devil. Mrs. Cramp is very concerned and a neat freak, she is. Mrs. Cramp is just like your own, average mother. Mrs. Cramp shows the two twins how to get along and how to learn new lessons, most of the time. Tony Parsons - Tony Parsons is possibly the shortest ten-year older in the whole entire world. Tony Parsons is about two feet, six inches. Tony's best friend is Lucien Cramp and his worst enemy is Wendy Winkle and Wayne Cramp. Tony Parsons uses his small height to crawl through pipes and help his Dad with his own job. Tony Parsons is very smart and kind which makes him a really good friend to Lucien Cramp.moreless
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  • i like wayne .

    it's not that bad a show, it just needs more character development . i ship Wendy and Wayne . I try to imagine them as teenagers .

    it's pretty entertaining though , i hate how Lucien always gets blamed for everything but Wayne is amazing !

    "Moon babies live in moon trees , and eat sky cheese for breakfast . And i was a moon baby once , because i like sky cheese ."

    -Wayne Cramp

    The animation was weird but i remember loving it as a kid and i love it now , the plots are kind of weird and random and i guess i like this show cause it's just different and that's what makes it cool :)moreless
  • Decent show, but killed Sunbow Productions.

    to begin with, Sunbow was a company who produced hasbro TV series with Toei Animation. They started making more shows and then it all ended with The Cramp Twins.

    The series is about Wayne and Lucien Cramp, who are twins the same gender who have nothing in common except they were born from the same mom.

    Lucien is a nice and calm boy who respects the world around him and loves nature, he has a friend called Tony, who is like a dwarf and also likes nature. He tells Lucien about the animals and his area and home which is a swamp near the boy's home.

    Wayne however is always causing trouble and messes everything up, he spends time mostly at a Junkyard with Joe, the owner. He always calls Lucien Girl pants.

    Mrs. Cramp is a mom who wants to keep everything clean and tidy and Mr. Cramp is nothing but a coward.

    The characters bring up some laughs.

    The animation is decent enough, but not like other Sunbow animations.

    Each episode has it's own plot.

    Overall, this show gets an 7. it was successful, but somehow caused TV-Loonland to fold Sunbow Entertainment into its own company. TV-Loonland is gone now.moreless
  • The Oposites Attract Each Other

    Now, this series is not one of those series which you would think it's great at first sight, mostly because of its animation and premise. Still, the Cramp Twins is a series which itself is quite good. The series tells us the adventures and misadventures of two twins, Wayne and Lucien Cramp, who have nothing in common, not even their appearence.

    While Lucien is a kind-hearted spirit who loves peace and respects nature, along with his good friend Tony, who tells him all sorts of things regarding nature and the animals who live in the swamp behind the twins' house, Wayne is a bully who loves to destroy and smash things and is always looking for an excuse to prank people up (he spends most of his time in the junkyard, talking to the owner, Joe, as he tries to find parts for his crazy mechanical contraptions), not to mention doing his favourite, which is to call Lucien "Girl-Pants".

    Then, we have the boys' mother, who is a clean freak and their dad, who is always nervous about something. Really cool characters, who bring up so many funny situations. Overall the series deserves an 8.moreless
  • A tolerable show

    This show is not my favorite but it's still tolerable. At least it's not Fanboy and Chum Chum.
  • The Cramp Twins has no value or redeeming qualities at all.

    I really don't know what the creators of this show had in mind for this show, but if this is what they wanted then I hope they aren't working on anymore shows. The Cramp Twins is about Wayne and Lucien Cramp two boys who are twins, and yet have nothing in common not even the same skin color. Wayne is a bully and loves gross stuff, but Lucien loves nature and peace. Together they have to put up with each other, and come to terms with their different lives. Now the premise sounds really boring, but it could have worked sadly it didn't. The characters on this show are all dreadful, and uninteresting. Pretty much every character is flat and one dimensional with no distinct personalities to them. The only one who didn't drive me cray was Lucien's friend, Tony. If most of the show had focused on him then this show would be a lot better. The plots are very stupid, and are absurd. One was about Wayne being obsessed with a food, and has to overcome it boring. The artwork has got to be some of the worst I have ever seen on a cartoon, and that's saying a lot. Everyone's skin is a different color for some reason. The dad's is green, the mom's is yellow, Wayne's is purple, but for some reason Lucien's is the only one with normal skin color. What happened? Does everyone live near a nuclear plant and some sort of meltdown mutated everyone's skin or something? Also the tins have no noses, but a pair of holes instead. Did the artists have trouble with noses? The animation is very stiff, and choppy. There's also these wobbly lines around the characters, why? The humor is nothing but potty humor. Is that the best they could come up with. Potty humor can only work for a limited time before it gets really bad. There is nothing redeeming about this show at all. The jokes are terrible, the characters are awful, the artwork is bad, the animation is even worst, and the stories are not interesting at all. I am glad this show is gone for good, and will never come back. Unless you want to lose some brain cells or go insane don't watch this at all, but if you do don't say I warned you.moreless