The Cramp Twins

FOX (ended 2005)


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Episode Guide

  • Season 4
    • Keith / Mommy Boy
      Keith: Wayne builds and creates a new brother out of junk from the junkyard. He names him Keith. Mommy Boy: Mrs Cramp is away working on a cleaning job leaving Lucien to mother Wayne and Mr Cramp.
    • Happy Gas / Twin Toys
      Happy Gas: Gas from the swamp called "Happy Gas" makes Mr Cramp, Mrs Cramp, and Wayne temporary insane, Lucien is the only one unaffected. Twin Toys: Wayne tries to find an owl toy from when he and Lucien were babies because the toy Wayne has is worth alot when it's with its twin. He finally finds it in the Parson's attic with a real owl. Lucien becomes greatful towards Wayne.moreless
    • Neigh Means Neigh / Miner Mishaps
      Neigh Means Neigh: Mr Parsons uses Tony as a talking doll for a show. Wendy wants the talking doll so much not knowing it's Tony. Mr Parsons then offers Wendy a talking pony and has Tony throw his voice to give the allusion that it can actually talk. Miner Mishaps: Wayne wants to become a miner, then he wants to be a chimney sweep, then he ends up testing out products for Hazchem.moreless
    • Just Desserts / Pirate Pants
      Just Desserts: Wayne is sick of Wendy and so when Lucien is complaining about Wayne bullying a boy at school for being overweight gives Wayne the idea of becoming overweight so Lucien makes him a fat costume so Wendy will no longer like him. Pirate Pants: After Lucien protests about sexism by wearing a skirt at school, Mr Pretty refers Lucien to the Phelps family and Mari has to stay with the Cramps. Mari notices how Wayne loves pirates so she makes a treasure map. Meanwhile Lucien is not enjoying being tricked by Mari’s brother and sister.moreless
    • Slave Mart / Cool for Cramp
      Slave Mart: Wayne and Lucien become slaves for knocking over a tower of glasses in a shopping market and Marsh and Tandi are becoming enemies.

      Cool for Cramp: Mr. Cramp wants to copy Wayne. Wayne is annoyed about it, so later on, Mr. Cramp accidentally crashes some cars and goes to prison for it. Lucien and Wayne also go too.moreless
    • Mister Congeniality / Get Greedy
      Mister Congeniality: Mrs Cramp enters Lucien into the beauty princess pageant and Wayne makes sure Lucien wins by making a mockery of the all other contestants until he gets caught by Wendy. Get Greedy: After seeing that Wendy has a doom buggy, Wayne wants his dad to get a job promotion so he can buy a doom buggy of his own, instead of getting on Wendy's.moreless
    • Lion Worrier / Grandma Dearest
      Lion Worrier: Wayne takes an interest to lions so he tames Mr Cramp to be a lion, so Wayne says he'll bring a lion into school which is Mr Cramp who believes he's a lion from Wayne's encouragement. Grandma Dearest: Wayne and Lucien spend a terrifying night at their Grandma's house.moreless
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