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  • i like wayne .

    it's not that bad a show, it just needs more character development . i ship Wendy and Wayne . I try to imagine them as teenagers .

    it's pretty entertaining though , i hate how Lucien always gets blamed for everything but Wayne is amazing !

    "Moon babies live in moon trees , and eat sky cheese for breakfast . And i was a moon baby once , because i like sky cheese ."

    -Wayne Cramp

    The animation was weird but i remember loving it as a kid and i love it now , the plots are kind of weird and random and i guess i like this show cause it's just different and that's what makes it cool :)
  • Decent show, but killed Sunbow Productions.

    to begin with, Sunbow was a company who produced hasbro TV series with Toei Animation. They started making more shows and then it all ended with The Cramp Twins.

    The series is about Wayne and Lucien Cramp, who are twins the same gender who have nothing in common except they were born from the same mom.

    Lucien is a nice and calm boy who respects the world around him and loves nature, he has a friend called Tony, who is like a dwarf and also likes nature. He tells Lucien about the animals and his area and home which is a swamp near the boy's home.

    Wayne however is always causing trouble and messes everything up, he spends time mostly at a Junkyard with Joe, the owner. He always calls Lucien Girl pants.

    Mrs. Cramp is a mom who wants to keep everything clean and tidy and Mr. Cramp is nothing but a coward.

    The characters bring up some laughs.

    The animation is decent enough, but not like other Sunbow animations.

    Each episode has it's own plot.

    Overall, this show gets an 7. it was successful, but somehow caused TV-Loonland to fold Sunbow Entertainment into its own company. TV-Loonland is gone now.
  • The Oposites Attract Each Other

    Now, this series is not one of those series which you would think it's great at first sight, mostly because of its animation and premise. Still, the Cramp Twins is a series which itself is quite good. The series tells us the adventures and misadventures of two twins, Wayne and Lucien Cramp, who have nothing in common, not even their appearence.

    While Lucien is a kind-hearted spirit who loves peace and respects nature, along with his good friend Tony, who tells him all sorts of things regarding nature and the animals who live in the swamp behind the twins' house, Wayne is a bully who loves to destroy and smash things and is always looking for an excuse to prank people up (he spends most of his time in the junkyard, talking to the owner, Joe, as he tries to find parts for his crazy mechanical contraptions), not to mention doing his favourite, which is to call Lucien "Girl-Pants".

    Then, we have the boys' mother, who is a clean freak and their dad, who is always nervous about something. Really cool characters, who bring up so many funny situations. Overall the series deserves an 8.
  • A tolerable show

    This show is not my favorite but it's still tolerable. At least it's not Fanboy and Chum Chum.
  • The Cramp Twins has no value or redeeming qualities at all.

    I really don't know what the creators of this show had in mind for this show, but if this is what they wanted then I hope they aren't working on anymore shows. The Cramp Twins is about Wayne and Lucien Cramp two boys who are twins, and yet have nothing in common not even the same skin color. Wayne is a bully and loves gross stuff, but Lucien loves nature and peace. Together they have to put up with each other, and come to terms with their different lives. Now the premise sounds really boring, but it could have worked sadly it didn't. The characters on this show are all dreadful, and uninteresting. Pretty much every character is flat and one dimensional with no distinct personalities to them. The only one who didn't drive me cray was Lucien's friend, Tony. If most of the show had focused on him then this show would be a lot better. The plots are very stupid, and are absurd. One was about Wayne being obsessed with a food, and has to overcome it boring. The artwork has got to be some of the worst I have ever seen on a cartoon, and that's saying a lot. Everyone's skin is a different color for some reason. The dad's is green, the mom's is yellow, Wayne's is purple, but for some reason Lucien's is the only one with normal skin color. What happened? Does everyone live near a nuclear plant and some sort of meltdown mutated everyone's skin or something? Also the tins have no noses, but a pair of holes instead. Did the artists have trouble with noses? The animation is very stiff, and choppy. There's also these wobbly lines around the characters, why? The humor is nothing but potty humor. Is that the best they could come up with. Potty humor can only work for a limited time before it gets really bad. There is nothing redeeming about this show at all. The jokes are terrible, the characters are awful, the artwork is bad, the animation is even worst, and the stories are not interesting at all. I am glad this show is gone for good, and will never come back. Unless you want to lose some brain cells or go insane don't watch this at all, but if you do don't say I warned you.
  • A nice show

    A good show for everyone

  • A good show

    I have been watching this show since I was young it is very good. The show is about Lucian and Wayne Cramp. Lucian is a nature loving kind person and Wayne is a junk loving evil person who does extreme things and lives dirty. There dad works for a very rich man named Walter Winkle and Walter Winkle's daughter fancies Wayne. Lucian has a small friend called Tony whos aprents live in the swamp. Wayne and Lucians mum is a clean freak she can not have one thing not clean or she goes crazy. The Cramp Twins is a very good show!
  • Am I the only person here who finds this show at least watchable?

    A lot of people say this show is either mediocre or bad. I for one, found this show bordering on mediocre to good. The Cramp Twins focuses on the titular non-identical brothers, Lucien and Wayne Cramp, who live in near a swamp in with their parents. Lucien is a nature-loving neat-freak while Wayne (Fun fact; Wayne's actually voiced by Tom Kenny, the voice of SpongeBob!) is a dirt-loving daredevil. Yes, they're polar opposites. Lucien's best friend is Tony Parsons, a swamp person who unfortunately, seems to be the smallest 10 year old ever. Wayne's enemy (aside from Lucien himself) seems to be Wendy Winkle, a spoilt rich girl who has a massive crush on him.

    The first problem is the art style; why do the some of the characters have different coloured skin? I mean, Wayne's is purple, Mrs Cramp's is yellow and Mr Cramp's is green! And Lucien's skin is normal! I mean, what happened? Did nuclear radiation mutated their skin colour or something? This problem is also around with the background characters.

    The characters vary in likability. I used to like Lucien when I was younger, but now I just think he's an annoying nerd. Wayne has his moments, but overall, he's just cruel. Wendy is annoying as heck and the teacher is pretty cruel as well. Tony seems to be the most truly likable character, as he seems to be one of the smartest in the show. The show also turns to toilet humour to try give us laughs. I recall an episode when Lucien has to spend the entire episode trying to go to the bathroom. Um, no. Toiler humour's not really my thing. Although you may get a laugh out of Wayne sometimes, it's not really enough.

    Overall, this is just a mediocre show. While I do find it watchable, there's loads of better shows out there.
  • Canceld.

    It was the best show and they canceld it.The first time i saw it i loved it.How could it be canceld.The tv cridicts where wrong.I think i was as good as the Simpsons.The cramps where agood family and reguler problems.It was probely canceld because cridicts thought it was bad because they where to loud and voilent.The ony diference between them an a reguler family is the mom because she is a clean freak(It is a term.)and the dad does not have good job.The only problem is Wendy obsesst with Wayne and the mom is a clean freak and the dad has a bad job.
  • CatDog dosn't devire to stay on the air

    One of the most unappreciated of the 4kids shows, Cramp twins is a gentle comedy that follows Lucien and Wayne as they explore art and imagination!

    That's the pitch. In truth, the psychedelic imagery and bizarre plots make this show the closest you'll get to an acid trip without going to Hashbury. Lucien and Wayne are good kids prone to the minor mistakes and learning experiences true to age ten. They are a good antidote to the unrealistically good kids of PBS and the smartalecks infesting other kids' programming. Episode quality can be erratic - the closing Tony's segments and Wendy's episode are often tedious - but the warmth of the three and the weird conceptual art make it all worth while. Deserves a second look.
  • I love this show!

    This show is so funny and in my opinion is better than EEnE. It may not be funnier but at least the characters look like actual people. Ed on Ed, Edd n Eddy looks like no human I've ever seen! Anyway, my favourite character is Wayne. You can't help but love him and laugh out loud at every single funny line he makes. Lucien on the other hand is an absolute idiot!!!! he continually tortures Wayne and I love every episode where Wayne wins. He is defenately a whimp, that is all i can say about him. Stupid Lucien, I love you Wayne!!
  • This show stinks!!!!

    I really hate this show.Its horrid!There is absoultley nothing good about it!Lets see:animation.Its horrible!Why are people yellow,green and purple instead of black and white?Do people who made that crappy design consider them self unique and creative artists?Well they shouldnt,cause its stupid!And animation is also too colorfull and serioussly lacks details.People dont even have a nose,just 2 nostriles.Now the plot:its about twins who have nothing in common.The story is mainly set around Lucien,a boring nerd who likes nature and his only friend is Tony,a morbidly small swamp boy,and his brother Wayne,who is mean and stupid and bullies Lucien.Ok,the plot is boring.I couldnt care less about a nerd trying to save lizards and worms.Wayne,on the other hand,plays with junk all day,and there is this spoiled rich girl in pink who is sexually harrassing him.Great plot for a kids show,really.Luciens friend Tony is acctually the only one thats not stupid and annoying.Same goes for Luciens dad.But mom is really annoying neat freak(btw,dexters mom did it first)and always blames Lucien for stuff he didnt do.And the twins have morbidly obese teacher who is also very annoying and mean.But besides bland and annoying characters there is the humor:potty humor,the only one bad writers can come up with.Ok,so the animation stinks,characters stink,humor stinks,and there is no moral for younger children.Dont wach this crappy poor exuse of a cartoons.Its not healthy for your brain cells
  • This show sucks!

    The Cramp Twins sucks! It's a total rip off of Ed, Edd n Eddy. I bet they were like "Ed, Edd n Eddy is too funny." That's the point of Ed, Edd n Eddy, you fools! I'm glad it got cancelled. I used to like it, but due to my dismay, I loathed it. Lucien and Wayne stole their personalities of Ed, Edd (Double D) and Eddy! Lucien is smart, and Wayne is gross and naughty! It's gone out of hand since it first debuted on FOX and Cartoon Network! Was 4Kids Entertainment like crazy or something? At least the only good thing about this show is that Tom Kenny played a character in this show.
  • This show is gross!

    I used to be a huge fan of The Cramp Twins when I was younger, but now it sucks! I mean, the humour is just revolting! A whole entire episode was just Lucien trying to get into the bathroom to use the toilet but Wayne wouldn't let him in. Seriously, who would want to watch that?! The sound effects to match his... eh, well let's just say his "desparate need to use the toilet", were just really creepy and disturbing. The characters are all different colours! A blue guy? A green guy? What the heck?! Is that supposed to be "creative" or something?
  • What's up with those ugly characters?

    Seriously, what's up with this show? Is it supposed to be funny? I really don't like it. I mean, the humour is very disturbing. It has a lot of toilet jokes, and all the characters annoy me; Wayne, Lucien, the mum, Wendy, and Wendy's dad. The only charcaters that don't annoy me are the dad, and Tony. And what's up with those random lines around the characters? And they don't even have noses! Just two random nostrils on their face. The mumis yellow, the dad is green, Wayne is blue, and Lucien is pink. Seriously, don't watch this show! You will not like it.
  • It's about 2 twins named Lucein and Wayne who have nothing in common.

    This was on 4kidstv yet it's not done by 4kids. Who would want to watch a show about twins that have nothing in common, the voice acting is horrible and all the characters have diffrent skin colors but no blacks which is weird. This is ended I see because of bad ratings. Plus I remember it airing on Cartoon Network in 2004 along with Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi and Atomic Betty which were all cancelled since 2006. I probably give it a 2 cause it was better then Mucha Lucha at least but still this show is bad but not horrible.
  • Why?

    I don't see why people hate the show so bad the way they do. I didn't think it was bad show it wasn't the greatest but not the worst. I wouldn't say it was the greatest UK show on the face of the planet earth but it is still an OK show. It was a fun show to watch for an half hour. When nothing else is on I would rather watch The Cramp Twins then Chalkzone. I just don't see why its so bad I guess I never will. But anyways I rate The Cramp Twins a 10.0.

    Please bring it back!
  • more like crap twins >.>

    ok so there is a peace loving hippie and a crazy phsyco that should go to juvinle camp a half sized guy living in the swamp and somehow can survive there and nerd another nerd and pretty much the rest of the cast is adults that act like their 5 like playing cow boy thinking their wrestlers etc.

    if you watch this prepare to witness something that should proably be in hell where it belongs i cant stand 10 minutes of it crap voice acting

    crap drawings

    crap plots

    crap ideas

    go watch some anime and grow the hell up seriously nerds go watch naruto
  • Ugh,just another crappy show form 4kids entertainment

    Ok,where to start,it's supposed to be about two brothers who are twins and yet they don't even look,act,or sound like it.The mother is a regular neat freak,the dad's just some guy who works for a soap company that the owner uses to control the city as if he is some sort of god,the daughter is spoiled and annoying,but wiat,that's only characters,wait untill you look at the animation!It is so dang ugly.I mean it screams Ed,Edd n Eddy rip off!Really,Lucien's the brains like Double D,and Wayne is basically the gross and ego centric qualities of Ed and Eddy,Wendy is just the Kankers mashed in one character,and well,it's just to crummy for my own enjoyment.So they tryed to animate it off the book it was based off of.Well it may be tolerable in a still page but if you try animating it,well let's just say you better not have weak stomachs.It's just too immature and childish.Thank god it's off my screen
  • Best Uk show since Mr. Bean: The Animated Series

    I miss this I mean 4kids cancelled Kirby: Right Back at Ya! & other great classics for that dumb Winx Club show & this show I'm writing aboutisn't a 4kids dub at all

    This features great plots like the one about Big Baby that one was my favorite beileve it. Man I hope it comes back.
  • Bring it Back

    This show is also one of my favorite 4kids tv along with Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, Shaman king, Sonic X and Mew Mew Power [Viva Pinta was great but it's not over yet]. I don't get a chance to see this show very often because it is never on because of all the cheap japanese cartoons on 4kids tv and CN. Overall this is a great show.
  • *Shakes head.* No.

    No, this show just won't cut it. It needed a lot of work before it even aired. It's got a star main character voice, Tom Kenny, but the show lacks so much with utterly strange and worthless plots and character designs. Plus, the characters aren't to great either, they show no emotion and you don't end up caring about them at all, as you should in a good show. I honestly don't know how it made 50 some episodes, but it was not a good show. Music lacked, colors were meh, and the overall plot lines and stories were crummy. Try again, it's a no go. Nothing offensive though for kids from what I know and predict from the others.
  • I dont believe it.

    I couldnt believe my eyes. I thought this show would at least get a rating of 7 or above but I was dead wrong. The Cramp Twins, is not that bad of a show but it really REALLY needs to work on plot and character development. The characters are allright I guess. Some episodes are completely stupid and boring while others were ok. I wouldnt expect this show to last any longer, oh wait it already ended? Thank god. Run away from this show no matter what. Go watch KND or Foster\'s instead of this. Run away before your to late.
  • Pathedic!

    If you for some reson like this show then dont read this review, or just dont take it personally if you do. Ok so this show has bad animation, bad story, pathedic characters, and well the voice overs are bad too. So I gave it a 1.7 out of 10, and if you like the cramp twins and read this then, dont report abuse please Its just what I think about this pathedic show so well thats all I have to say about this pathedic show, see ya! :).
  • Like sticking a certain body part into a blender.

    Which body part am I talking about... why the manhood of course :). Not only is this show poorly animated and written but it just completely sucks hard. I watched some episodes [because I needed to be bored to sleep] but instead I just wound up desperately reaching for the remote. The characters are terrible and like i said poorly animated with lines moving off of them and terrible skintones [killing Simpson Yellow by a huge margin]. I hope it stays down.
  • Did someone said crap twins? Oh it\'s cramp twins.

    This show sucks big. First off, the name of the city they live in is a rip off of the website Soap City. And we all know twins can not be then eachother. So we don\'t need this to tell us that. This is just more proof that tv, is very slowly dying. But it can be stoped. How? By geting rid of cartoons like this.
  • The Cramp Twins is about two brothers named Lucien and Wayne.

    The Cramp Twins is about Lucien and Wayne. Two twin brothers that are the exact opposite. Lucien is nice, wants to help the enviroment and is a nice person. Wayne is mean to Lucien (and almost evryone around him) and basicly a menace to society. But I like this show and I think its funny (in its own weird way) The animation isn't the best but it suits this particular show. People should try to give it a chance. Its not that bad if you really like it and if you like this kind of humor then you may love it. I'm not saying its the best but it should get more credit than it recieves.
  • Not great but not bad either

    This show is okay overall. It was a bit strange and the plots were a bit too silly, especially when the storylines sometimes repeated themselves too much. It's about two boys who have nothing in common and they always get into arguments with each other. The animation is acceptable and quite different (not too bright). Nothing that special about this show or nothing makes it stand out, but it isn't as bad as a lot of people would put it.

    I'd recommend this to people who like a bit of weirdness to their cartoons.
  • This show is The Greatest Why dose eveybody Hate it

    Bringe it back this show needs to be return but I should be know that Gilbert Gottfried Guest Stars in 3 episodes to make up for Dr. benderin fact this show made Oblones look bad & Stupid

    you critits got it wrong
    CatDog is the one bad animation & Bad story plots
  • The Cramp Twins, not a bad show.

    The Cramp Twins is a decent, kinda funny show about two twin brothers, that are polar opposites. Wayne is trouble- making and odd. Wayne does'nt really have any friends what so ever, because he's a bully and treats every body else badly, especially Lucien. Lucien is the exact opposite of Wayne, he's kind, caring, enjoys knitting, and is kind of a hippie vegetarian . Then there is Wayne and Lucien parents. Mrs.Cramp is a clean freak, who can't let one speck of dirt in her house, and Mr. Cramp
    , who works at a soap factory, who tries to impress his boss all the time. It would be nice if The Cramp Twins was brought back .
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