The Cramp Twins

FOX (ended 2005)


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  • Am I the only person here who finds this show at least watchable?

    A lot of people say this show is either mediocre or bad. I for one, found this show bordering on mediocre to good. The Cramp Twins focuses on the titular non-identical brothers, Lucien and Wayne Cramp, who live in near a swamp in with their parents. Lucien is a nature-loving neat-freak while Wayne (Fun fact; Wayne's actually voiced by Tom Kenny, the voice of SpongeBob!) is a dirt-loving daredevil. Yes, they're polar opposites. Lucien's best friend is Tony Parsons, a swamp person who unfortunately, seems to be the smallest 10 year old ever. Wayne's enemy (aside from Lucien himself) seems to be Wendy Winkle, a spoilt rich girl who has a massive crush on him.

    The first problem is the art style; why do the some of the characters have different coloured skin? I mean, Wayne's is purple, Mrs Cramp's is yellow and Mr Cramp's is green! And Lucien's skin is normal! I mean, what happened? Did nuclear radiation mutated their skin colour or something? This problem is also around with the background characters.

    The characters vary in likability. I used to like Lucien when I was younger, but now I just think he's an annoying nerd. Wayne has his moments, but overall, he's just cruel. Wendy is annoying as heck and the teacher is pretty cruel as well. Tony seems to be the most truly likable character, as he seems to be one of the smartest in the show. The show also turns to toilet humour to try give us laughs. I recall an episode when Lucien has to spend the entire episode trying to go to the bathroom. Um, no. Toiler humour's not really my thing. Although you may get a laugh out of Wayne sometimes, it's not really enough.

    Overall, this is just a mediocre show. While I do find it watchable, there's loads of better shows out there.