The Cramp Twins

FOX (ended 2005)


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  • The Cramp Twins has no value or redeeming qualities at all.

    I really don't know what the creators of this show had in mind for this show, but if this is what they wanted then I hope they aren't working on anymore shows. The Cramp Twins is about Wayne and Lucien Cramp two boys who are twins, and yet have nothing in common not even the same skin color. Wayne is a bully and loves gross stuff, but Lucien loves nature and peace. Together they have to put up with each other, and come to terms with their different lives. Now the premise sounds really boring, but it could have worked sadly it didn't. The characters on this show are all dreadful, and uninteresting. Pretty much every character is flat and one dimensional with no distinct personalities to them. The only one who didn't drive me cray was Lucien's friend, Tony. If most of the show had focused on him then this show would be a lot better. The plots are very stupid, and are absurd. One was about Wayne being obsessed with a food, and has to overcome it boring. The artwork has got to be some of the worst I have ever seen on a cartoon, and that's saying a lot. Everyone's skin is a different color for some reason. The dad's is green, the mom's is yellow, Wayne's is purple, but for some reason Lucien's is the only one with normal skin color. What happened? Does everyone live near a nuclear plant and some sort of meltdown mutated everyone's skin or something? Also the tins have no noses, but a pair of holes instead. Did the artists have trouble with noses? The animation is very stiff, and choppy. There's also these wobbly lines around the characters, why? The humor is nothing but potty humor. Is that the best they could come up with. Potty humor can only work for a limited time before it gets really bad. There is nothing redeeming about this show at all. The jokes are terrible, the characters are awful, the artwork is bad, the animation is even worst, and the stories are not interesting at all. I am glad this show is gone for good, and will never come back. Unless you want to lose some brain cells or go insane don't watch this at all, but if you do don't say I warned you.