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Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar star as father and daughter in this sitcom set in their advertising agency, Lewis, Roberts & Roberts.  Simon is a creative genius, while Sydney is more professional and ambitious.  Their team consists of womanising copywriter, Zach (James Wolk), neurotic art director Andrew (Hamish Linklater) and attractive assistant, Lauren (Amanda Setton).


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    • Could have been soooo much better

      Robin Williams was amazing!. But, this show was not. Maybe it would have improved with a second season and some changes but we will never know now. There was only one episode that even came close to what I expected this show would be with Robin as the star. RIP Robin
    • Simon Roberts tries to manage the chaos at his Chicago based advertising agency.

      "The Crazy Ones' was mediocre to say the least, but it did deliver its fair share of laughs and had a very strong cast who did very well in their respective roles. Those are the two main reasons why I watched the show for its entire one season run. The late Robin Williams was (as usual) terrific as the captain of the ship that was Roberts & Roberts advertising. "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" veteran Sarah Michelle Gellar was also very good in her role as Williams' daughter. Except for the episode where the sisters of Hamish Linklater's character show up to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, all of the episodes of the show's only season were very entertaining. It was almost pretty obvious from the beginning that there would not be a second season of "The Crazy Ones". Well, the one season the show had was not too bad.moreless
    • Not "Crazy funny" but deserved a second season

      The show was good, it wasn't making you laugh every 2 minute but definitely ensured a smile. Sarah Michelle Gellar was awesome, I do not understand how come she does not star in more TV shows? she excels greatly at comedy. Robin Williams was fine and overall other actors were also good. CBS did come up with 3 single camera shows and cancellation of all 3 and renewal of "mom" suggests that they will stick to "laugh tracks" which is good sign. But "crazy ones" was way better than "Two and half men' which should have died long back with "Charlie Harper".moreless
    • Why this show was canceled...

      I had really high hopes here, and it looked good on paper, but the fact is that Robin Williams' outdated act overshadows a highly talented Sarah Michelle Gellar, who did her best with what was given her. This show tried too hard to be like "The Office" in my opinion. Sarah deserved a better vehicle for her post-Buffy return to TV where her skills could be showcased better. Sorry, Robin, but it's not the 80s anymore. I gave it a 3 because that's how many times I actually laughed during the 6 episodes I watched before bailing.moreless
    • I can't believe it's been cancelled!

      i love this show, and I hope it gets a new lease of life on Netflix or Amazon.
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