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  • Could have been soooo much better

    Robin Williams was amazing!. But, this show was not. Maybe it would have improved with a second season and some changes but we will never know now. There was only one episode that even came close to what I expected this show would be with Robin as the star. RIP Robin
  • Simon Roberts tries to manage the chaos at his Chicago based advertising agency.

    "The Crazy Ones' was mediocre to say the least, but it did deliver its fair share of laughs and had a very strong cast who did very well in their respective roles. Those are the two main reasons why I watched the show for its entire one season run. The late Robin Williams was (as usual) terrific as the captain of the ship that was Roberts & Roberts advertising. "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" veteran Sarah Michelle Gellar was also very good in her role as Williams' daughter. Except for the episode where the sisters of Hamish Linklater's character show up to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, all of the episodes of the show's only season were very entertaining. It was almost pretty obvious from the beginning that there would not be a second season of "The Crazy Ones". Well, the one season the show had was not too bad.
  • Not "Crazy funny" but deserved a second season

    The show was good, it wasn't making you laugh every 2 minute but definitely ensured a smile. Sarah Michelle Gellar was awesome, I do not understand how come she does not star in more TV shows? she excels greatly at comedy. Robin Williams was fine and overall other actors were also good. CBS did come up with 3 single camera shows and cancellation of all 3 and renewal of "mom" suggests that they will stick to "laugh tracks" which is good sign. But "crazy ones" was way better than "Two and half men' which should have died long back with "Charlie Harper".
  • Why this show was canceled...

    I had really high hopes here, and it looked good on paper, but the fact is that Robin Williams' outdated act overshadows a highly talented Sarah Michelle Gellar, who did her best with what was given her. This show tried too hard to be like "The Office" in my opinion. Sarah deserved a better vehicle for her post-Buffy return to TV where her skills could be showcased better. Sorry, Robin, but it's not the 80s anymore. I gave it a 3 because that's how many times I actually laughed during the 6 episodes I watched before bailing.
  • I can't believe it's been cancelled!

    i love this show, and I hope it gets a new lease of life on Netflix or Amazon.
  • Really want to see more

    Few ep (13-14)
  • Gone and probably forgotten...

    I was looking forward to this show when it premiered. A long-time Robin Williams fan, think Sarah Michelle Gellar is lovely, and I'm in the communication/marketing/PR business and was looking for some fun satires of the agency biz. Despite all that, the show stopped clicking for me after a few episodes. It was unclear what kind of comedy it wanted to be--family comedy? Workplace comedy? As with many of the great comedies MASH), it tried to interject some drama aging, the legacy of divorced parents, how to handle defeat, but didn't really do so well. After awhile the comedy (even Williams' riffs) became predictable. There seemed to be some promising plot lines developing toward the end--Mary Lou Henner as Sydney's mom--but it was too little, too late. The show jumped the shark for me in the "book burning party" for a library episode--that plot line was ripped off from an actual campaign for a library in Troy, Michigan. I was looking for advertising satire, but when you use actual campaigns in the plot line (without giving credit, as far as I could see), the show becomes more industry report than satire. If I wanted to see Mad Men, I would switch stations. So--RIP "The Crazy I hope to see some of the good looking cast in other shows where the parts work together better.
  • Too Crazy

    Too goofy and lighthearted for its own good, The Crazy Ones delivers plenty of laughs but doesn't quite know when it's taking its jokes too far. Created by David E. Kelley, the series follows the ad campaigns and office shenanigans of Simon Roberts and his advertising company. Robin Williams leads the cast and delivers his trademark stand-up comedy (which is hit-and-miss). And, the cast as a whole is pretty weak (with the exception of Sarah Michelle Gellar). Yet, there are a lot of fun comedy sketches and some clever advertising satire throughout the episodes. A mediocre workplace sitcom, The Crazy Ones is entertaining but feels disjointed and cartoony at times.
  • Lifts up your spirit!

    Great show! I really love all the characters and Robin Williams especially. I really like that this is a very light and warmhearted humor not something, which makes fun of others on their expense :)

    The best thing on TV right now. I hope this one will never end :))
  • Underrated/ Constantly Improving

    This show started off shaky, but with promise. And it has truly flourished. Almost every episode has been better + funnier than the previous one. As they venture further into the absurd and the characters continue to develop, it just gets richer, stranger and more endearing. Williams is at his best here and Gellar deserves the People's Choice Award she just won for playing Sydney. What a great show it's becoming. :)
  • Great show, but...

    When I found out Robin Williams was getting back into TV after being away from so long, I was absolutely excited to see him again. I watched al ot of his movies and stand up, and wondered when he was going to give TV a chance again. I watched the first episode, and was not disappointed as Robin was vintage Robin. Didn't know much about Sarah or the others, but was willing to sit down and judge for myself. After a period of time, Sarah has gotten more comfortable in her role, James Wolk is excellent and has the potential to be the next breakout star. Hamish and Amada are good, and both have the opportunity to go very far, especially Hamish. His low key style of comedy plays well off Williams' wild, frenectic style. If done right, this show has the potential to be on the air for the forseeable future.

    One thig is missing however. On the show, it is mentioned that Sydney has a mother. It would be awesome if she actually were on the show. Their is an actress out there, who hasn't been on TV for a while that would be perfect for the role, and that is Robin's former co-star on Mork and Mindy, Pam Dawber. Pam could easily fill the role and to me, the show would be even better. If CBS can find other actors to make guest appearances on the show, they can certainly give Pam a shot at either a guest shot, ot better yet, a contract role. Both Robin and Sarah have requested Pam, and CBS ought to be able to make it happen.

    The Crazy Ones is certainly a keeper, and I hope it lasts the season and gets renewed. A solid cast makes the show a winner.
  • Potential to go either way!

    I watched the pilot more out of mild curiosity and I must admit to being pleasantly surprised. Don't get me wrong the sometimes cringy over-ranting from Robin Williams can be tedious, it is kept to reasonable short measure throught the pilot episode. How well it is contained through an entire season is anyone's guess.

    SMG is the potential weakest of the bunch in my opinion. Though I did enjoy her on Buffy (S1- 5 then she really seemed to stop caring) I have always found her stiff as an actress, particularly in comedic roles/situations. The actress herself has admitted to the fact she is uncomfortable laughing on camera and for me that discomfort really shines through in her performances sometimes. However she does elicit a certain charm and flares of genuine humour at certain moments during the pilot. Fingers crossed this carries on and she grows more comfortably into the role.

    Overall I did find myself laughing and cringing but in a good way so I guess the show had the desired effect. I shall however be watching on cautiously.
  • Garbage

    Robin Williams used to be funny.
  • A little spine please

    Love seeing Robin Williams every week, but Sarah Michelle Gellar needs to grow up. The daddy-didn't-have-time-for-me pity party is getting old fast.
  • Funny Show. Doesn't keep up to it's competitors.

    This show is defenetly funny. Very funny if I may. ALthough I do think Robin Williams' acting is the one carrying the show. I think the writting could be better done in terms of dialogue and story. I can't help to compare it with other work place comedies like "Parks and Recreation", "The Office", "Scrubs", "30 Rock", etc. And I can't help thinking all these shows are better but I still can't find out why.

    Probably the gags featured in all these shows are more relatable in general to the public. Probably the Crazy Ones lacks certain amount of ridiculuosness or patheticness in it's charachters. Maybe the show could use a little more supporting charachters for comedic relief. I don't know. I enjoy watching the show, but as I said already, don't expect it to reach the qualitty of the shows I previously mentioned.
  • Can't get with this

    I don't really care for this show. I watched the first episode and thought, this has some slight potential, but I gave up in the middle of the second episode because it just seemed so dumb.

    To be fair though, it would have been weird if I had liked this. First off, I don't like its creator David E. Kelley, who humor I find forced and who's characters I find precious and artificial. Second, while I love Robin Williams as a movie actor, I've never cared for his manic TV persona. Third, while I loved Buffy the Vampire Slayer, I was never a huge fan of Sarah Michelle Geller, who has a brittle, irksome quality and who I don't think is really much of an actress.

    So it's not surprising I'm spending my TV time elsewhere.
  • Robin and Sarah at Their Bests!

    Thoroughly enjoyed watching not only the pilot, but the last two episodes! Love this show!
  • Really liking this show

    I 've watched the first three episodes and I'm really liking where this show is going. Robin Williams is such an amazing actor and I'm just loving this character. I think Zach is really funny and I love what's going on between him and Simon that makes Andrew the ep with the ducks! Love having Sarah Michelle Gellar return to TV again.
  • Too hard trying to be funny...

    This show is too hard trying to be funny and the writers mainly forgot to write interesting, funny stories.

    Even the pilot lacks of any kind of idea and seems to be mainly a comedic ripoff of mad men without comedy.

    Some people might find Robin Williams funny, at least those viewers will get something delivered, the rest of the cast seems to have the need to fill the lack of script with exaggerated comedy.
  • Love'm or hate'm

    This show's all about Robin Williams and you either love him or hate him.

    And I love him. Okay he's repatitive and sometimes a big old cornball but sometimes he's hillarious and makes me really LOL!!!
  • what the?

    Is this supposed to be funny?

    I'm waiting for the part where I laugh.
  • new idea

    i think its very good start cause its different.

    after watching the episodes i was wonder whats gonna be the story

    so i think I'm interested in it .

    my fav character is Zack <3
  • Not that good

    I watched the Pilot, but couldn't finish the next episode. So far it's a buddy show for Simon and Zach. Sydney and the other characters are bland. Thursday night is a wasteland between Big Bang and Elementary.

    How to start? Thats every question a writers ask themselves. The start of "the crazy Ones" isn't perfect but there isn't one show that can say they had perfect start. I read some of the reviews for this show and some people wrote about their disappointment, and how they thought the show lacked comedy. Then there are others who wrote about the laughs they got out of watching the first couple of episodes. It's not all one sided. This show has potential. It's all a little confusing right now. The characters aren't developed and that not going to happen within the first few episodes. They develop with time. The editing could be better. There are some shots I would love from different angles, and then there are some that are just right. When you do get the right shot you can see how talented these actors are. Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar can act, and so can the rest of the cast. The actors need to find where their character fits within the show. The father/daughter story line is great. Robin and Sarah have this chemistry that works, now the rest of the cast needs to fall into place. The show is funny, it does have laugh out load moments, and I like the scripts for the first two episodes. Simply put, this show has potential, and I can"t wait to see it grow into half of what these viewers are hoping for. AWESOMENESS
  • Ripoff of ad agency on "Bewitched", but not funny. At all.

    I was appalled at "The Crazy Ones". What an awful show. I've only seen the second episode, but noticed the following:

    1. I didn't laugh a single time (because there was nothing funny to laugh at).

    2. The show and its plot is a ripoff from "Bewitched", with Robin Williams playing Larry Tate and Sarah Michelle Geller playing Darrin. The plot on the second episode was used dozens of times on "Bewitched".

    3. There were two hunky guys that served no apparent reason except to be hunky.

    4. Neither Williams nor Geller appeared to be comfortable in their roles.
  • So far so bad

    The first episodes were, to put it mildly, disappointing.

    I really like Sarah Michelle Gellar (allthough that might be Nostalgia since she hasn't really done anything good for quite awhile) and have fond memories of the time when Robin WIlliams actually was funny, so I'll give it some time.

    I hope they find something funny to show soon.
  • [Everbody] Just Wants to Have Fun!

    While I am a bit concerned about the "ad-camp" of the week possibility here, I could actually live with that [for a little while]. This is something I have not seen in a long time. No pretension, no need to be appreciated for innovation ["look at me doing something with one camera that I say no one has done before"]; just a cast, writers, and director who want to have fun while telling a story and share it. And that's why the audience will have fun.

    Anyone who doesn't get that has their thump up and checks clenched around it. (You get to pick which set of I was so relieved not to see yet another knock-off, one-camera, docucomedy [not], pretentious pile of ... cheek-escape.

    Robin and Sarah have some chemistry started if not finished and honed. The rest of the cast will get there as well, I hope.
  • I might be in love

    To say that a huge reason I love this show isn't that fact that it stars one of comedy's greatest (Robin Williams), and one of drama's greatest ( Sarah Michelle Gellar), would be a lie. I am so happy to see comedy going back to its truest, purest form. It has gotten lost in boobs, and vulgarity and utter crude behavior (not that that doesn't have its moments). I am still, however, a lover of good old fashioned natural feel good humor. It has been slowly brought back recently with a variety of shows, and I am just glad to see another. Robin and Michelle... GO GET 'EM!!!! I love you guys!!
  • over acting!!!

    i used to love over acting in the 90's

    robin williams and jim carry were the kings of that time but time moved on and it

    looks like robin williams is still there and its a shame.

    i hoped to see a mathured williams but instead his is still a kid

  • This Show Has Great Potential

    First, Robin Williams is a comedic genius. His presence alone will make this show work.

    Second, the premise of the show is about the Roberts & Roberts Advertising Agency whose creative talents are hired by clients to sell their products or services in the marketplace.

    There is no limit to the number of clients R&R can have so the show's writers can come up with all sorts of traditional as well as unusual businesses that need advertising promotion. In the 1st episode it was McDonald's, an international brand name company. Maybe in the future it will be the Vatican (how silly would that be) in need of some positive reinforcement of their public image.

    This is going to be a very funny show as long as the writers keep it light with humorous situations to convince R&R's clients they are the #1 agency over the other competitors in the advertizing industry that will get the results expected.

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