The Crew

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The Crew

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Jess and Maggie were flight attendants for Regency Airlines who lived together in the South Beach section of Miami, Florida. Sexy ebony complected Jess often let her temper get the best of her, usually on the job. Maggie, her roommate and coworker was the sensible one. Also working on the crew as flight attendants were gay Paul and horny hick Randy. Lenora, a bitter former flight attendant who loved to spar with Paul, was their supervisor who lusted after Captain Rex Parker. For a while, clueless Captain Parker barely noticed she was alive. Mac, the bartender of Mambo Mambo, the restaurant the gang hung out at, was dating Jess. And Spats was Jess and Maggie's ill-tempered cat, who was never seen, but the world was often seen from his perspective.

This series, from the people who made the critically-hailed-but-ratings-deprived "Five Mrs. Buchanans," was dismissed as "Friends on a plane" during the 1995 season, which was over-run with new TV shows (most of which were dubbed "Friends-clones" and didn't last too long). Although the low-rated series probably would have died a premature death anyway, nestled against NBC's "Must See TV" Thursday lineup, the final blow came soon after a tragic TWA disaster.

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FOX Broadcast History

August 1995 - January 1996: Thursdays at 8:30 p.m.
May 1996 - June 1996: Sundays at 9:30 p.m.


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