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  • Season 1
    • The Man We Love
      The Man We Love
      Episode 21
      In this episode, reminiscent of the hijinks on Three's Company, Mac's parents come to town, unaware that Mac and Jess are living together in sin. Meanwhile, Paul and Maggie wind up dating the same man after he cruises them both separately in a supermarket. And Randy, who's trying to find Paul to tell him Maggie's dating the same man, catches Rex with his tongue down Lenora's throat.moreless
    • Winds of Change (II)
      Mac storms out after confronting Jess about her conversation with Darnell. Meanwhile, Lenora's unseen overburdening mother, whom Lenora's had to support since Christmas, is rushed to the hospital, where she subsequently dies. While at the hospital, Rex's wife, who he thought was dead, is rushed past them on a strecher. And Randy and Maggie wind up consumating their friendship, and Paul walks in to find the two in bed together. The new lovers (literally) step outside of themselves to evaluate their newfound romance.(Part 2 of 2)moreless
    • Winds of Change (I)
      Jess says having dinner with her old flame is no big deal, but she's irked when Mac shows no jealousy. Meanwhile, Rex prepares to propose to Lenora. (Part 1 of 2)
    • Love and Marriage
      Love and Marriage
      Episode 18
      Jess suspects there's got to be something wrong with Maggie's new boyfriend, and she's right -- he's married. Meanwhile, Rex and Lenora try to enjoy a romantic, non-sexual dinner date, but both become very aroused by the entrees.
    • The New Kids on the Block
      Jess and Mac decide to move in together, leaving Maggie to interview an array of assorted weirdos to fill Jess's empty room. But Jess and Mac's happiness soon turns sour when they realize they've moved into a crack house.
    • Retail Slut
      Retail Slut
      Episode 16
      Jess tricks Lenora into thinking her enemy got a raise, when the woman really raised hell and got written up. Lenora marches into corporate and demands a raise too -- and ends up resigning when she doesn't get one. Jess has problems of her own when Randy invites Mac to get his ear pierced with him. Jess causes such a ruckus that Mac decides to take it one step further and get his nipple pierced -- only the piercing gun gets stuck in his chest. While at the mall, the gang run into Lenora -- folding clothes in The Gap.moreless
    • A League of Their Own
      Before Regency's big softball game against the champs, coach Jess dumps Maggie for Mac, and Randy wants to dump the umpire he's been dating. Cleveland Indian Kenny Lofton has a cameo.
    • My Mother, My Sister
      Maggie's mother comes to visit and announces that she's going to have a baby – but she wants Maggie to supply the eggs. Mac stays over with Jess while they're doing renovations on his building. Meanwhile, Randy finds himself modeling for (and sleeping with) a sculptor, who makes plaster casts of his entire body -- but the finished product only includes his significant pelvis. And Rex and Lenora have fears about their encounter at the Christmas party -- but they wind up together in the closet of the art gallery.moreless
    • The Worst Noel
      The Worst Noel
      Episode 13
      It's Christmas time, and as Rex says, "Ho, ho, friggin' ho!" The gang creates a choir for the Christmas show, but no one has the guts to tell solo volcalist Jess that she can't sing. Rex is wrangled into playing Santa. Meanwhile, Lenora's sister comes to visit and the two click like never before -- but Loretta has an ulterior motive -- she wants to make their mother move out of the nursing home and in with Lenora. Both Rex and Lenora are bummed out by the holidays, so they find solace in each others arms. . .moreless
    • The Mating Season
      The Mating Season
      Episode 12
      Regine Hunter shows up as a passenger and demands to be upgraded to first class. Paul gets stood up, as does Lenora by Rex, so they get drunk together at Mambo Mambo. Randy's cyber-pal, G-String, is a little younger than he expected. And Jess makes plans with Mac and Maggie on the same night, so she feeds them an endless stream of lies so that the trio can all have dinner together.moreless
    • Extremities (aka Weekend Warriors)
      RuPaul is a traveler on a flight, who gets to fulfill his dream of being a stewardess. Usually brass-balled Lenora freaks out and moves in with Jess and Maggie after she becomes the victim of a burglary. When Jess and Maggie finally get her to go home, Lenora encounters the returning burglar, and ties him up and shoves him in the fireplace, in a move worthy of Farrah Fawcett. But will she kill him and bury him in the back yard? Meanwhile, Randy tricks Paul and Mac into going camping at what they think will be a nice cabin in the woods. But both become bitter when they realize they'll be sleeping outdoors.moreless
    • Around the World in 80 Ways (The T & A of PSA?)
      When going through some old magazines at a thrift sale, the gang discovers an old issue of Playpen with an article entitled "The Girls of Pan Am: Around the World in 80 Ways," which features model Linda Zernick. . .who bears an uncanny resemblance to Lenora Zwick. Meanwhile, Jess keeps having chance encounters with all of Mac's ex-girlfriends, so she invites them all over to dish.moreless
    • Goin' Hollywood
      Goin' Hollywood
      Episode 9
      Mac puts aside his fear of flying to join the crew on the airline's new route to L.A., where the sight they see most is the car-rental desk.
    • Revised "Old" Pilot (aka Invitation to a Wedding)
      When Maggie's ex-boyfriend, Jake Monroe, the guy who couldn't commit, phones her, she thinks he wants to reconcile. But the reality is that he's getting married and wants her to attend his wedding. So she attends, trying to pass Paul off as her new boyfriend, but she winds up in a drunken stupor and proposes a curse instead of a toast before writing "Just Married. . .A Cow" on the back of Jake's car.moreless
    • Who's Got the Button?
      Maggie asks Jess to help pay for an operation for her ailing cat; Capt. Parker sulks after a tiff with his co-pilot; and Paul fears he's going bald.
    • Bar Mitzvah Boy
      Bar Mitzvah Boy
      Episode 6
      Paul's visiting father treats Randy like the son he really wanted; Maggie's in-flight accident takes her off her feet, and makes Jess an at-home attendant.
    • The Sugar Shack
      The Sugar Shack
      Episode 5
      Randy's friends are impressed by his palatial pad, but they're shocked at his living arrangements with an older woman. After co-pilot Gary bails on a hunting trip, Rex invites Lenora, who has every intention of seducing him.
    • P is for Paul
      P is for Paul
      Episode 4
      When Randy and Paul are chosen for random drug testing and Randy doesn't have to pee, Paul agrees to take the test for him. So when Randy's test comes back negative for drugs and Paul's comes back positive, Paul wrestles with confessing to taking both tests or having his job terminated. Meanwhile, Maggie tries to throw the perfect formal dinner party -- with disasterous results.moreless
    • The Operation
      The Operation
      Episode 3
      The promotion that Jess expected goes instead to Paul, who's the one in charge when an obnoxious passenger develops a medical emergency in flight. Meanwhile, Randy hits on a passenger on the flight, not realizing that he had slept with both her and her sister (who is accompanying her on the flight) in high school and then tossed them aside.moreless
    • The Dating Game
      The Dating Game
      Episode 2
      While Jess and Mac feud over his decision to spend the evening watching a ball game, Maggie goes on a first date with an obnoxious man, and Randy's first date is interrupted by a blind man. Paul thinks he's scored the man of his dreams -- until he realizes who he is.moreless
    • The New Pilot, Literally
      When the gang treat Paul to a 26th birthday dinner at Mambo Mambo,there are sparks between recently separated Jess and bartender Mac. So when Maggie takes a call for Jess, she tells Mac that Jess would love to go out with him -- which causes a catfight between the two women. And speaking of cats, Jess and Spats have their first on-screen tift. Captain Parker begins working at Regency, and Lenora begins her flirtation with him.moreless
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