The Critic

Season 1 Episode 5

A Little Deb Will Do Ya

Aired Sunday 12:00 AM Feb 23, 1994 on FOX
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A Little Deb Will Do Ya
Eleanor is determined to have her daughter, Margo, attend the annual Debutantes Ball as it is a tradition in her family. When Margo is reluctantly forced into it, Jay decides to accompany her. Meanwhile, Jay competes in his time slot against childrens idol Humphrey the Hippo.

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    • TRIVIA (21)

    • QUOTES (18)

      • (reviewing "The Tea Cozy")
        Jay: So run, don't mozy, to "The Tea Cozy"... it really hits the spot! (laughs)
        Duke: (off-camera) Where's the joke?! (loud whispering from off-camera) I know we're on the air, but where's the joke?!
        Jay: Oh, well, it was more of a bon mot...
        (Duke glares from off-camera)

      • Jay: Kids don't watch my show.
        Duke: Well they did. Our testing showed you reminded them of the Pillsbury Dough boy. (Pokes Jay in the belly and he giggles)
        Jay: Don't. I find that so demeaning. (Duke pokes him in the belly again and he giggles) Look, the Dough boy and I happen to be ticklish in the same spot. But that doesn't give you the right to..(Duke pokes him in the belly again and he giggles)

      • Eleanor: The debutantes' ball is a Wigglesworth tradition! To starve yourself to fit into a dress, to dance with boys who feel you up and to drink so much you fall into a well. It's a magical night.

      • Ethel (Jay's voice disguised): You were quite a looker, Mr. S!
        Jay: Thank you, Ethel. You know, that analyst said I should stop doing this.
        Ethel (Jay's voice disguised): He's a quack!
        Jay: Right as always, Ethel!

      • Eleanor: Well I think Reed's adorable, and if you won't go to the ball with him, I will.
        Franklin: What about me?
        Eleanor: I was just going to give you some rubber bands to play with...but if you want to, you can come.
        Franklin: Oohhh, I could've had rubber bands.

      • Margo: Can't you help me? Please talk to mom...
        Jay: Alright...I do have a way with women...over 60....

      • Jay: Hi dad, anything new in the paper today?
        Franklin: Ohh, the usual stuff...(points to paper) big type here, little type here. Uh-oh...son hold very still. (hits Jay with paper)
        Jay: Ow! Did you get the bug?
        Franklin: What bug?

      • Jay: (on the phone, proudly) Hello, Liz Smith? I've got three chicks in my apartment. (pause and becomes disappointed) Yes, they're chickens.

      • Humphrey the Hippo: Please, kids, my philosophy is "love and dance" not "hate and not dance."

      • Humphrey the Hippo: Now remember kids, you can be anything you want.
        Jay: Except for a doofus in a hippo costume, that job's taken.

      • Dress Maker: We dress makers have a very strict code, so I need to know: do you deserve to wear virginal white? Because if you don't, you'll have to wear an off-white, what we call a "hussy" white. So which will it be? White white?
        Margo: for the gloves.

      • Dress Maker: Oopsie, I swallowed a pin. That's going to be a fun little journey.

      • Duke: Dance for me Jay, dance!
        Jay: I don't have to dance.
        Duke: Yes you do, it's in your contract.
        Jay: I believe the contract I signed called for me to "prance".
        (Duke gets out the contract, looks it over)
        Duke: (sternly, angrily) You win this round, Sherman.

      • Margo: Debutante balls are outdated, elitist, and sexist. You said so yourself in your review of Boyz 'N the Hood.
        Jay: Yeah, I was really off on a tangent that day.

      • Butler: I'm sorry, Master Jay, I did so want to scrub your dainties, but they somehow caught fire. Why do they burn so long?

      • Woman: May I have your autograph?
        Jay: Oh, for the third time tonight, I am not Roger Ebert.
        Woman: I know, you're Jay Sherman; and you're much cuter than Roger Ebert.
        Jay: (flattered) Wow, cuter than Roger Ebert?

      • Jay: And your cereal turned my urine pink!
        Humphrey the Hippo: But you need to eat six bowls for that to happen!
        Jay: Yes, yes, and a gallon of chocolate milk, but that's not the point.

      • Jay: This film gets my highest rating: 7 out of 10.

    • NOTES (3)

      • This episode was intended to show how well the creators could do in producing an episode with "heart". Unfortunately, its original airing was opposite the figure skating competition in the 1994 Winter Olympics featuring Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding, which at the time was the third-highest rated sports broadcast ever.

      • Movies Criticized on "Coming Attractions":
        - The Tea Cozy (This is not a parody of any one particular movie, but of the genre of movies represented by the British adaptations of novels by Jane Austen, the Brontes, and E.M. Forster, and by the "literary movies" of Merchant-Ivory Productions.)

      • Opening & Closing Gags
        Phone Call: "Jay, it's Doris. I'm at the morgue. Can you come down and tell them I'm not dead? They don't believe me!"
        Movie Parody: A monkey bangs on a rock vending machine with a bone. Out drops a can of "Pensa Cola" which the monkey drinks. (2001: A Spaced Odyssey)
        Responce to Usher: "Get away, zit face."
        (This episode has an abbreviated opening. It cuts immediately from Jay's apartment to "Coming Attractions".)

    • ALLUSIONS (8)

      • Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
        A poster advertises the 1939 motion picture, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, directed by Frank Capra.

      • Episode Title: "A Little Deb Will Do Ya"
        The title of this episode is an allusion to the old TV jingle for Brylcreem, a product for men's hair. The jingle went, "A little dab'll do ya!"

      • ALF
        A warehouse worker mentions that there is a landfill full of ALF merchandise. ALF was a comedy that The Critic creators Al Jean and Mike Reiss, were also showrunners for.

      • Barney and Friends
        Humphrey the Hippo is a reference to the childrens entertainer and main character in the television show, Barney and Friends, Barney the Dinosaur.

      • Snow White
        Eleanor tells Jay that if he can't convince Margo to go to the debutante ball, he should "get her to take a bite from this apple." This is a reference to the wicked queen in Snow White.

      • Fantasia
        Margo's fantasy of Jay as a centaur is a reference to the Beethoven Pastorale segment in Disney's Fantasia.

      • Eleanor: No more wire hangers!
        This is taken from an 80's movie called Mommie Dearest that more or less told the story of an obsessive actress and her relationship with her daughter.

      • Little Girl: Humphrey's inside. He's autographing his new rap video, "Hug da Police."
        "Hug da Police" is a parody of N.W.A.'s controversial song "F*ck tha Police" from their 1988 album, Straight Outta Compton.