The Critic

Season 2 Episode 6

All the Duke's Men

Aired Sunday 12:00 AM Apr 23, 1995 on FOX
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All the Duke's Men
When Jay helps Marty become class president, Duke decides to have Jay help him become U.S. President.

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    • TRIVIA (3)

    • QUOTES (11)

      • Duke: I promise you zombies more human flesh than any president since Roosevelt! (zombies groan, and a lone clapper in the back of the room is revealed to be Doris) Doris, what are you doing here?
        Doris: Looking for a husband.

      • (at "Duke Phillips' Hall Of Presidents")
        Hillbilly Bear: I'm Bill Clinton, and I urge you to work for Duke Phillips.
        Jay: That's not Clinton, that's just one of your mechanical Hillbilly Bears!
        Duke: Yeah, but so far, nobody's noticed.

      • Duke: Hey, June! How'd you like my speech?
        June Lockhart: Duke, I want a divorce! You're a terrible man, you'd be an awful president, and you never had any intention of bringing back the people who were lost in space!
        Duke: I did bring back that extra-terrestrial...
        (Duke points to E.T. who is using a floor buffer)
        E.T.: Help...

      • Bob Dole: Bob Dole, good to meet you Duke.
        Dan Quayle: I'm Dan Quayle...I gotta go boom-boom.

      • (Marty has only finished part of the class float)
        Jay: It's a giant horses' ass! (Jay turns to the camera) You're watching FOX. Give us 10 minutes and we'll give you an ass.

      • Devil Duke: (appears in a puff of flames) That's it! I'll run for president! Drop a whole mess a' bombs and put Merle Haggard on the Supreme Court!
        Devil Duke / Duke: (evil laughter)

      • Franklin: (opening the debate) As the first black female head of the Ku Klux Klan, I'd like to say "America stinks!"

      • Duke: I need you to write me a new speech; the Guam primary is next week.
        Jay: Well, besides wanting to win, what exactly do you want to do for these people?
        Duke: Hell, I don't even know what to call them. Guambats? The Guamish? Guammy bears?

      • Ronald Reagan: I do solemnly swear to goof off and eat candy.
        Crowd: Four more years! Four more years!

      • Alice: (to Duke) You carry buttered biscuits in your pants?
        Jay: Yes...oh!(looks at Duke) You're talking to him! Ha, ha, how awkward.

      • Duke's Assistant: The polls show you're not doing well with women.
        Duke: Do they vote?
        Alice: Yes, we do.
        Duke: How about the Irish?
        Alice: Them, too.
        Duke: Uh oh, better change these posters!
        (poster shows Duke kicking a leprechaun, saying "Irish suck!")

    • NOTES (1)

      • Opening & Closing Gags
        Phone Call: (replaced by Jay's radio) "This just in: The state of California has just officially changed its name to State of Emergency."
        Movie Parody: A woman is playing piano on the beach. A huge wave washes over her. After the wave crashes, she is accompanied by an octopuss.

    • ALLUSIONS (3)

      • Era of Good Feelings: At the conclusion of the James Bond parody in which Jeremy Hawke plays President James Monroe, he says to the woman, "Welcome to the Era of Good Feelings." The "era of good feelings" was the period in early American history, most closely associated with the Monroe's presidency, in which the bitter party politics of the previous decade between the Federalists and the Democrat-Republicans had died down.

      • Episode Title: "All The Duke's Men" refers to Robert Penn Warren's Pulitzer Prize-winning novel All the King's Men, whichrecounts the story of the rise and fall ofa demagogic Southern politician loosely based on Huey Long. The novel was made into a film starring Broderick Crawford and Mercedes McCambridge.

        The episodetitle may also be a referenceto Woodward and Bernstein's book All The President's Men, which recounts their breaking of the Watergate scandal. In 1976, it was made into a filmdirected by Alan J. Pakula and starring Robert Redford and Dustin Hoffman.

      • Alice: Listen, honey, I've known men like Duke all my life. There was this one boy back in college: dealt drugs, went to jail, yet today he's the star of Home Improvement.
        Home Improvement is a sitcom about Tim Taylor, the accident prone host of a television program about tools, who raises his dysfunctional family. The star, Tim Allen, was arrested with 1.4 pounds of cocaine in October 1978, was convicted of felony drug possession, and served 2 1/2 years in prison.