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Season 2 Episode 8

Frankie and Ellie Get Lost

Aired Sunday 12:00 AM May 07, 1995 on FOX
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Frankie and Ellie Get Lost
Franklin and Eleanor celebrate their 40th anniversary by going on vacation, but their plane crashes leaving Franklin and Eleanor marooned on an island. Back in New York, Margo and Jay find out about their disappearance and discover they have left Jay everything in the will. Jay decides to put the family fortune to use by cleaning up New York.moreless

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    This is another favorate episode of mine for this show, there is not one dull moment in this episode.

    I loved the begining, when we see Jay review a documentry on Electric Football, obviously a parody on the Ken Burns documentry mini series "Baseball". I couldn't help but crack up from the title of the segment which says, "This Game Sucks". I loved the quote from the interviewee,

    Interviewee: "Electric Football I think is a metaphor for America people always changing and constantly moving....wait a minute that game was nothing like America, it was a game that never worked, that game sucks!" comic silver. It's funny because it's actually true the board game "Electronic Football" never worked and was rather boring because you never got to particpate in the game in anyway.

    I really liked the interplay going on between Franklin and Elienor which is interesting because it kinda gets at a common fundamental problem most people that have been married a long time had where they feel the pashion might be gone, but of course there about to get an adventure of a lifetime that will rekindle it and usually it's always the element of adventure that gets the juices flowing. One part I thought was hilarous was when Franklin hallusinates the "Donkey Kong" video game. That part with the will I though was awdsome and hilarous. Marice Lamache really nailed it on his voice impercination of Orson Wells which he does so well. I just loved the intro which felt like one for some horror anthology show but it wasn't which made it strange and out of place but cool all the same. And the final minutes of that will were just as funny when he then advertised a Frozen Fishsticks product and then expresses how good they are when he eats one of them raw.

    It's just as funny when we discover the source of where Jay's family made billions, and it's from companies that are not just corrupt but have made the Earth almost as unlivable as it is now. In a way that part satires on gready corupt/questionable money grubing enterprises. But Jay decides to use the money to help make the world a better place which he does for only a mere amount of minutes till everyone polutes New York city again for no particular reason. That satires on the issue of most people being lazy to really take care of their enviorment, like sometimes I would see people throw aluminum cans in the trash when there is a recycle bin that is really close only mere metters away; not that that's a big deal but it wouldn't kill them to walk over and go to that bin it's not like their hands and legs are broken, I can never understand that.

    And last this is just a small moment but I thought it was touching when, Margo then sees a image of her mom whom tells her not to give up in her exausting search. Though also funny when we see the ghost of Orson and then once again express his love for the Frozen Fish Sticks. Comic silver.moreless

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    • Jeremy: Vlada! There's a black box in my soup!
      Vlada: I will get you a new bowl immediately. (goes into the kitchen and takes the bowl that his mother had been soaking her feet in) Sorry, mum! (gives the bowl to Jeremy)
      Jeremy: There's an old lady's stocking in my soup!
      Vlada: She's not so old! I mean, it's a noodle.

    • Margo: It's a sign! They're alive!
      Orson Welles: Yes, they're alive, but I have gone to a better place. A place filled with Mrs. Pell's fishsticks! (eats one) Yes. Oh, yes! They're even better when you're dead!

    • Cigarette Company Guy: Mr. Sherman, think of the children; if they don't have cigarettes, what will they do after they have sex?

    • Jay's Stomach: Uh-oh, they're on to me; I'd better emit a cloud of noxious amnesia gas.
      Jay: It's not amnesia gas.
      Jay's Stomach: But it sure is noxious, you've got to give me that.

    • Eleanor: My, this flight is dreadfully bumpy!
      Franklin: I'll go have a word with the captain.
      (goes to the cockpit and sees the pilot's a penguin)
      Franklin: A penguin! And he's been drinking! Wait a minute... penguins can't fly... Penguins can't fly!
      (plane suddenly nosedives)

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    • Donkey Kong
      When Franklin is driving to the airport, his hallucination of an ape throwing barrels at the car is from the Nintendo video game Donkey Kong.

    • The Hindenburg
      The name of the airline that Franklin and Eleanor end up flying on, Hindenburg Airlines "Oh, the Humanity!", is a reference to the German rigid air ship (blimp), The Hindenburg, which crashed at Lakehurst Naval Air Base, New Jersey on May 6, 1937. It caught fire and was destroyed within one minute, killing 35 of the 97 people on board, in addition to one fatality on the ground. The disaster was the subject of spectacular newsreel coverage, photographs, and Herbert Morrison's recorded radio eyewitness report from the landing field, who was quoting as saying, "Oh, the humanity!" over and over again.

    • The Three Stooges
      The scene at Franklin and Eleanor's wedding where Franklin is whooping and rolling on his side is a spoof of Curly from The Three Stooges.

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