The Critic

Season 1 Episode 8

Marathon Mensch

Aired Sunday 12:00 AM Jun 08, 1994 on FOX
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Marathon Mensch
When the studio catches fire during Jay's show, he collapses and must be rescued from the fire by Doris. When the news reports Jay's being rescued, he gets a reputation as being a wimp so he tries to prove his manliness by running in the "New York Marathon" which tends to be more tiresome than it seems.

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  • Pretty good episode.

    I like this episode, especialy the song, that was just hilarious. And the plot was good, espicially how long Jay takes to do the New York Marathon Run and of course seeing Jay squash a cat is always good. This is the type of episodes the simpsons used to do and I liked them, I think one of the reasons I lost my love for that show is because I have watched all the critic episodes so many times, like a million each, so you know The new Simpsons plots seem pretty crap to me. Anyways they should've made heaps more like this, plus I forgot to mention the animation, Susie Dieter does it again! even though she kinda panned the show, on a Simpsons commentary, but she still did a good job. One more good episode.moreless

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  • QUOTES (11)

    • (the studio is on fire and Jay is crawling on the floor, choking on smoke)
      Doris: What have you ever done for me?
      Jay: I saved you once from a burning building when you were overcome by smoke!
      Doris: I don't see how that's relevant.

    • Doris: Mmmm... smoke.

    • Guy: Man, you've got it all; handsome as Beavis, funny as Butt-head.

    • Jay: Well, it must bring you much happiness to know millions of people still laugh at your incredible stunts.
      Silas: I live every moment of every day with unimaginable pain followed by brief moments of less pain. (groans in pain)

    • (Jay is scaling a building dressed as The Human Fly)
      Jay: Nothing turns on the chicks like The Human Fly...or was that Spanish Fly?
      (a thug puts a gun to Jay's head)
      Thug: Hey, Fly, gimme yer wallet!
      Jay: (small, high voice) Help me...

    • Jay: Hello, Vlada! Tonight, I'm on a diet.
      Vlada: (turns away, picks up phone) Tell Vlada Jr. no Harvard.
      Jay: In fact, I may just have coffee.
      Vlada: (picks up phone again) Pull the plug on, Mama!

    • Margo: Hey, I think I see him!
      Shackleford: No, that's the gentleman with the ferret in his pants.
      Man with Ferret: Hey, they laughed at Christpher Columbus.
      Shackleford: No, they didn't.
      Man with Ferret: Well, they would have if he'd had a ferret in his pants!

    • Coroner: Judging by the stench, I'd say he's been dead for several hours.
      Jay: I've been declared dead by better coroners than you!
      (Coroner has a heart attack and collapses)

    • Man: (standing on street promoting a strip club) Lewd Nudes! They're fat, they're ugly, they smell like garbage, but they're nude; you've got to give me that.

    • News Anchorman: You must be very appreciative of this woman. She's like the mother that lifted the Volkswagon off her child, except you are the Volkswagon and the child is the child in all of us.
      Jay: What are you talking about?
      News Anchorman: I don't know. I was hired for my looks.

    • Jay: I can't die like this! I have holes in my Little Mermaid underwear!

  • NOTES (1)

    • Opening & Closing Gags
      Phone Call: "Eh, Hello Mr. Sherman, this is the fire department. Your building is on fire. We would have called sooner but your neighbors asked us not to wake you."
      Movie Parody: Indiana Jones
      Response to Usher: "I'm stuck in the chair."


    • Charlie Chaplin
      During one of Jay's segments, he tells the story of a silent film actor named Silas. Silas is obviously a parody of the legendary silent film star Charlie Chaplin.

    • The Fly
      When Jay gets robbed he says, "Help me" in a tiny, high-pitched voice. This is a reference to the 1958 sci-fi film The Fly where a scientist has a lab mishap that puts his head and arm onto the body of a fly, and vice versa. "Help me" is the famous line from that film from a scene where the scientist/fly gets himself caught in a spiderweb.