The Critic

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Sunday 12:00 AM Jan 26, 1994 on FOX

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  • The first Episode of the Critic

    Pilot: " This episode was pretty good. I think it had a pretty good plot. The plot is that Jay Sherman has a date with a movie star name valerie fox and they go into a love relationship. later on in the episode he was to review her movie but he doesnt at first and pretends to be sick because he thinks thats if she doesnt get a good review she would walk out on him. He finally watches it and reviews it on Coming Attractions. This resulted on her walking out on jay in her.What a way to kick off the first episode then to have a legendary film critic like gene shalit. This episode also shows the relationship jay has with the people he knows."

    Favorite Movie Parody: Rabbi P.I.
    Favorite Scene: The scene where Doris his makeup lady accidently sets the top of his on fire with her cigerette.
  • A brilliant start to the Greatest series of all time!!

    This is a brilliant pilot episode. Brilliant Animation. Brilliant Writing. Brilliant Acting. And Brilliant Directing. This was the first of twent-three great episodes of this amazing series!! The storyline Jay meets a luscious actress, Valerie Fox and starts an affair with her despite the warning of his best friend and Australian film hunk, Jeremy Hawke is great. This kind of story is exactly why I love both this series and the first four years of The Simpsons. This is proff of what a great show it was and how stupid FOX, ABC, UPN, COMEDY CENTRAL and ATOMFILMS are for cancelling it. It was "a labour of love" and Al Jean and Mike Reiss should be very proud to have written and created this. Brilliant!! If only all TV could be this good I could be happy!
  • Before It's time

    The Critic was a classic show, but unfortunately was cut down before it's prime. The pilot episode introduced us to the main character, the host of Coming Attractions, Jay Sherman (voice of Jon Lovitz). Jay Sherman is a New York film critic whose only three friends are his son Marty Sherman, his sister Margo Sherman, and an actor named Jeremy Hawke. In this episode an upcoming actress named Valerie Fox, falls in love with Jay Sherman while making an appearance on his show. Despite was Jay's friends and family say about Valerie, he believes she really loves him. The only problem is that Jay has to review her movie on his next show, and well "IT STINKS."