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  • Brilliant

  • One of the smartest shows ever

    The Critic is a wonderful show about a film critic named Jay Sherman and his son Marty Sherman taking place in New York City. This show has exactly the stuff I like, political jokes, TV-PG, and some other stuff. This was a great show even though Matt Groening says it is not. He might say "A star is Burns" was a 30-minute ad for The Critic, but this show was so funny it didn't need ads. Even though it was really funny, it was cancelled just after two seasons, the reason why that happened is that people became stupidier-..ish, Al Jean and Mike Reiss did a great job from that and this show will be missed...
    R.I.P, one of the best shows ever
    Besides that, it had to include one of my favorite actors, Jon Lovitz fits perfectly into the Jay Sherman character. So yeah, I guess that's it.
  • Classic series that was taken down before its time.

    We just entered the year 1994. At the time, "The Simpsons" was still in it's 5th season, I had given up on "The Ren and Stimpy Show" (the Nickelodeon-based episodes were starting to get really dumb) and my mother did not want my siblings and me watching "Beavis and Butt-head". One winter evening, I happened to see an advertisement during ABC's "TGIF" lineup for a new animated sitcom series called...

    "The Critic".

    My sibs and I tuned in on its Wednesday premiere and we were taken hook, line and sinker. The series was made by the same team who animated "The Simpsons" and it shared its taste in terms of pop culture, satire and movie parodies.

    As a series, "The Critic" is a show about a New York film critic/cable television host named Jay Prescott Sherman. He's 36 years old, pudgy and balding. He is not a well-respected man. Some say his design is molded after what people would think Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert would look like if they were both in the same body. Jon Lovitz's vocal talents made Jay a very memorable character. But Jay Sherman is not another Homer Simpson or Peter Griffin. He's a more intelligent, thoughtful person who knows what he likes and is not stupid by any stretch. His taste in film seems to view only foreign films in high regard; when faced with just about anything else, he would deliver his signature line: "It stinks!"

    In the show, one thing that led me to think "The Critic" would be on to something was the laugh-a-minute style that "The Simpsons" did so well. But the difference in this show is the fact it is not so much about political issues as it is about the entertainment industry. We got jokes on movies like "Home Alone", "Dances With Wolves", "The Pelican Brief", "Lawrence of Arabia", "The Color Purple", "Crocodile Dundee" and "Beauty and the Beast". And that's only in the first episode. A film buff will find much to look for and laugh at.

    The series also has some memorable secondary characters. Some of the more memorable characters included Jay's adoptive father, who always behaves erratically and is a little on the nutty side. His son Marty looks up to his father and always means to do the right thing. Jeremy Hawke, the Australian movie star/joke on Paul Hogan, who Jay considers his best friend after he had given his first movie it's only good review. Margot, his adoptive parents' only biological child who always wants the best for him. Doris, his make-up lady (voiced by the late Doris Grau) is a chain-smoker who thinly treats Jay with contempt. And Duke Philips, his unsympathetic, egotistical boss who's intended as a satire of media mogul Ted Turner.

    The series really kept the laughs coming. I could count on a laugh from "The Critic" even after it would air after the extremely tragic series finale of "Dinosaurs" (anybody who remembers watching ABC on July 20, 1994 would remember the last episode...and then, we get the riotiously funny episode about Jay's mother using Jay as the inspiration for her children's story, "The Fat Little Pig").

    And then, ABC chose to drop the show after one season. So, it moved to Fox.

    At this point, the second season was improving, even if the first season was already incredible. In this season, Jay met his finance, a Southern gal named Alice Tompkins. She is named after Alice Kramden of "The Honeymooners". she looks like she is about as old as Jay is. She may not have been a young, vivacious supermodel. She may not be built like a Barbie doll. And the fact she is a single mother suggests she's likely not a virgin. But still, I thought she was hot. I had absolutely no objections to her addition to the series. I loved her voice, personality and warmth that Park Overall could inject into her character. And the fact she's an artist is awesome. One of my favorite episodes in the series was "Lady Hawke", the episode in which Jay is stuck between choosing to stay in his soulmate relationship with Alice or move into a new relationship driven by infatuation with Jeremy Hawke's extremely attractive twin sister. This episode really helps solidify my thoughts on these two.

    Unfortunately, the show didn't last nearly as long on Fox.

    I think a problem "The Critic" had was like "Futurama" and "Family Guy" had later, the show was consistently getting bumped around so viewers never got much of a chance to appreciate it. ABC would think it is 'too hot' and Fox would think it is 'too tame'. After its cancellation on Fox, the show was gone. With only 23 episodes, "The Critic" received a fate it did not deserve. And I will admit that I did not approve of the series ending on a clip show; these eps are never among the best episodes.

    Some time later, in the year 2000, Al Jean and Mike Reiss, the series' producers, started to produce a new series of Flash-animated "webisodes" of "The Critic". While I appreciate the fact they considered trying to do something new with the show, and it is nice to see Jay ripping on 2000s movies (examples include "The Patriot", "Harry Potter", "Shrek", "Mission: Impossible 2", "X-Men", "Pearl Harbor", "Cast Away", "102 Dalmatians" and "Pokemon: the Movie 2000"), these new products I find some major flaws in:

    1: Shorter run time. The webisodes themselves are only about 4 minutes long. Like the Simpsons' old Tracy Ullman skits, there just isn't enough time to make a deep, involving story. Jay's "Coming Attractions" show was good for a quick laugh, but it alone was not the episode.

    2: Lack of the rest of the cast. With the exception of Vlada (the Eastern European restaurant manager who appears in one episode), forget about everyone else in the old episodes. All we get back is Jay and that's basically it. But he's not truly that funny if someone is not there to play off him. Everyone else is thrown out without even mention, and with them, most of its heart.

    3: Jay's new make-up lady/girlfriend Jennifer. I felt the chemistry between Jay and Alice in the second season. I would hate to see them break up. But apparently, in the first episode, Jay refers to a 'second divorce'. All that they went through and they still have problems after they (supposedly) got married? I know that Jay does not mention Alice by name, but it can be implied; after all that we saw happen, this is idiocy. I would blame the fact no one in the original voice cast comes back instead. But Jay's new girlfriend Jennifer is everything Alice isn't. For one, she adds nothing to the eps and is at least 10 years younger than him; talk about lack of realism. Could you picture a short, balding man in a serious relationship with a 20-year old girl who is tall, blond and built like a supermodel? I know I can't. And her voice is totally basic; she's just a bore. Taking away what little heart is left in the "webisodes" is the fact we know that Jay loves Alice in the original episodes. His main reason for wanting to be romantically involved with Jennifer seems to be knocking her up. He is transformed into a horny toad that always wants to bunk with her, I'm serious!

    In any case, I don't look at the webisodes in the same light as the half-hour episodes. It nice that they tried to do something else with the show, but I would prefer to write them off as 'non-canon' for the three outlined reasons.

    While I think the show could have gone on for at least one or two more seasons before the writing turned bad (much like "The Tick", another cartoon widely recognized as never having "jumped the shark"), it also might be better the show stopped before it was dragged on and on until the episodes just got stupid and incoherent (like what Fox seems to be doing with "The Simpsons"--don't read that the wrong way, "The Simpsons" is incredible, but it kinda seems like Fox is milking it for all it's worth).

    All things considered, I would strongly advise checking out "The Critic". Anyway possible, through the Internet, old VHS tapes, the "Critic: Complete Series" DVD boxset released in 2004 (I'm sure the boxset sold well enough), whatever you have to, please give the show a shot. With it's smart humor, characters, and writing, and the fact the episodes feel like they have aged just fine (not to mention Siskel and Ebert featured the show on their review series once, and they gave it two thumbs up!) and even Jay himself will have a hard time judging his series with his catchphrase.

    Vive Jay/Alice!
  • The Critic is a hilarious show about New York's third place cable tv film critic and his relationships with his adoptive parents (Franklin and Elenor), his son Marty, his girlfriend Alice and his boss Duke Phillips.

    The Critic that many have said that is ahead of its time. I don't necessarily agree; but at the same time its in my mind the second greatest cartoon of all time. If it would have lasted it would have given The Simpsons a run for its money. I'm happy that it was part of my childhood but I really don't think it would last long in today's cartoon landscape. The jokes don't come at you super speed or in goofy flashbacks...people today want shows that don't make you think to much. The Critic was one of the animated shows that felt like you were watching real people, and if I'm not mistaken the show was almost live action if it wasn't for the fact that the movie parodies wouldn't have been so expensive to shoot. Every character had an interesting background and they built them up to be the normal people and to showcase how goofy a society we are, it seemed to me that even though the show is animated, they lampoon us and we are the ones that look goofy while they seem normal. Every tid bit of this series is phenomenol...believe me my DVD player probably hates me for watching this as much as I do. The animation flows perfectly between that line, where they can get away with the oddball comedy that is intune to animation but still get you to follow the Sitcom nature of the show. Another fantastic thing about the show is the fact that every major character: Jay Sherman: Jon Lovitz
    Marty Sherman: Chritince Cavanaugh
    Alice Tompkins: Park Overall
    Duke Phillip: Charles Napier
    Margo Sherman: Nancy Cartwright
    Elenor Sherman: Judith Ivey
    Franklin Sherman: Gerrit Graham
    Penny Tompkins: Russi Taylor

    Is done by a specific voice actor and only Nick Jameson and Maurice LaMarche do the majority of the other voices. Leading to less overlapping of voices and leading more the to the fact that it feels like a sitcom but animated.

    The humor comes from the relationships that Jay has with his fellow "Relationshipians"
  • Great and Funny show.

    The Critic is such a funny show, i love it. It is about Jay Sherman, a film critic with his own show "Coming Attractions". He hates every movie and ridicules them with a "It Stinks". Jay's personal life is not so great either, he was just divorced with a son and every girl finds him un-attractive, which is one of the funniest parts of the show. The critic has tonnes of funny parts, but the most funniest is the Jay Sherman Fat jokes, his fat jokes are hilarious. A lso, Jay's dad is hilarious. He is so dumb and says the most randomest things and does the weirdest stuff (usually at the wrong time). Jon Lovitz is brilliant
  • funniest show on reelz channel.

    This show is about a bald headed critic who has a show called Coming Attractions.I want this show back on the new episode thing.I mean,their doing these stupid movie ideas and making them all funny.It's like before South Park and Family Guy came out.The theme with the Golden Gate Bridge tearing apart was funny.Even known Rugrats and Family Matters were great classic shows,this one is it.I never even watched this show but now I do.Okay Reelz channel,get some new episodes,let it be one of the funniest shows in American and let it catch up to The Simpsons or South Park.
  • it is worth watching

    This show is about a film critic named Jay Sherman (Lovitz) who says every moive stinks. He is divorced and has a son martie. One of the running jokes is he is extremly fat and ugly. His parents are crazy and dont think much of him he likes his younger sister margo. Even though he is fat and ugly he still manages to find women who like him. Some of the movie parodies are funny. Most of the time he ethier meets a woman ,loses his job ,or helps his son out. It is an decent show with hit and miss jokes. It is worth watching even though it only lasted 2 seasons.
  • Too smart for it's own good.

    The Critic was probably the 2nd best animated show EVER! That's right, #2, right behind The Simpsons. Forget The Flinstones, Family Guy or even King of the Hill. The Critic followed the life of film critic Jay Sherman. The cast also included his son Marty, girlfriend/personal assistant Alice, and his boss Duke. Besides the day to day of life of Jay and the cast we also got to see some hilarious movie parodies, such as Dennis the Menace to Society, A Few More Good Men, and Scent of a Wolfman, all of which got Jay's catch phrase review, "It Stinks!"

    The Critic, unfortunately, never really found it's audience, even after try's on both ABC and FOX. The good news is it the entire series is available on DVD so please check it out. You won't be disappointed.
  • Canceled too soon, the bane of most clever shows.

    The 23 episodes of "The Critic" are some of the funniest, off-the-wall, most wildly inventive and biting animated comedy of all time. Jon Lovitz, along with the rest of the cast, elevates what could have disintegrated into a vehicle for movie parodies alone into a sitcom that (while bizarre) keeps as its foundation a family of characters that love and loathe each other. It never veers off into "Family Guy" (and post-Season 8 "Simpsons") territory, where story and characters are sacrificed for quick jokes. In fact, most of the best jokes on "The Critic" come from the characters and their personalities. Franklin, Duke and the whole lot get miles of laughs out of their quirks.

    Because the run was so short, there isn't a bad episode in the crop. Even though the finale turns out to be a clip show, the framework (including a cameo by Milton Berle) is funny enough in its own right. Like "The Simpsons," "The Critic" used guest stars, but unlike recent "Simpsons," they are well used on this show.

    I would rate "The Critic" with Seasons 3-8 of "The Simpsons," and between the two of them you have a serious debate for best run of an animated series of all time.
  • A very original show

    The reason this show is so brilliant is because it's so much different than the cliche shows nowadays with a group of friends or a dysfunctional family and is just pure hilarity with satire that can be subtle or blatantly obvious and while the show tends to get a little too fourth wall occasionally it is literally a TV show within a TV show and Jay is the kind of self-centred character that thinks he should be on camera nonstop.

    There are so may hilarious side characters but the main thing that keeps me entertained about this show is the movie parodies and celebrity burns.

    The fact that in another twenty years the show will be so out of date, the movies will be unidentifiable is part of the show's charm and it was cancelled far too soon.
  • The Critic is a great show. It is surprisingly underrated and deserved another chance.

    First of all, If you haven't seen this show (which is most likely, because it is relatively unknown), I recommend you buy the DVD. It has all 23 episodes, with commentary on most of them. It also has all ten 'Webisodes'. It aired for two seasons, the first in 1994 for ABC, and the second in 1995 for FOX.
    In Season 2 there is a clear change in the shows style, there is a new intro, and an obvious change in humour. I laughed a lot more in the FOX series, although the ABC series had its moments. On the DVD, for some reason the ABC episodes appear to be twice as sharp, and with a lot better quality than the FOX episodes which is a shame. The animation on this show is quite skilled and usually detailed, even more than the Simpson's. There were some great episodes: 'From Chunk To Hunk' and 'Miserable' and some not-so-great episodes: 'Dukerella', 'I can't believe it's a clip show'. Apart from that, the DVD is a definite must buy. There is some talk of a possible renewal, and although I would love it, it just seems very unlikely to me.
  • The greatest series ever, and not an exaggeration.

    This is the greatest series of all time and should of had at least ten seasons, stupid FOX, once again cancelling a great show, it's pure brillaince and so funny, with out a doubt the funniest thing Al Jean & Mike Reiss has ever done. Infact it is probaply better than seasons 12-17 of the Simpsons, I urge you to buy the dvd, watch than show your friends and get them to show their friends and if this keeps up the greatest show ever on tv will be back on and I will be happy once again. This show rocks! Buy it!!!
  • This show was way ahead of its time and deserves another chance.

    The Critic... amazing. That is what it comes down to. I strongly believe that if this show were brought back today it would be much more popular. What makes it so great? Well, to start off, The Critic had the same writters and producers as The Simpsons. The whole show has a very "Simpsons" feel to it that leaves you laughing until your sides hurt. The series revolves around New York film critic Jay Sherman. As a baby, Jay was adopted by Franklin and Eleanor Sherman. He is divorced and has a son named Marty. Every episode is not only hillarious, but teaches a valueable life lesson that nearly eveyone can relate to. Each episode will leave you jolly and feeling good about yourself. We need more animated shows like this these days.
  • A Cartoon character as film critic

    "The Critic" ran on ABC for a few seasons and I was sad when the show was cancelled. But It has wonderful moments. John Lovitz is the voice of Jay Sherman, a film critic with no respect. I love the way he review movie. also a take-off of some of the movies he'd reviewed. the series had a short time on prime-time television, but I like the series. I though it was one of a few cartoon series that should get an second chance. I watch a lot of movies and I made comments about them on another website and I can identity with the Jay Sherman character.
  • The Critic is the story of movie critic Jay Sherman,voiced by the brillant Jon Lovitz,and his family and friends.It lasted 2 years on network TV before being cancelled.After the series demise,a number of "webisodes appeared on the internet.

    The Critic is one of those animated shows that came along immediately following the success of "The Simpsons",and it was even created by "Simpsons" alumni Al Jean and Mike Reiss.The show provided a good excuse for doing movie parodies,but the main focus of the series was life of Jay Sherman.Fat,balding and a bit insecure,and surrounded by a wacky group of characters,it was the perfect vehicle for Jon Lovitz.While Lovitz was terrific,the show seemed to be too wacky for its own good.The movie parodies are by far the best thing about the series.But some of the characters were a bit too over the top.Interestingly enough,bringing in a girl friend for Jay,seemed to give the show a bit more humanity,and I think it would have improved if it had been allowed to stay on the air.The 2nd sesaon episodes are better than the 1st season episodes,with the funniest being the one featuring Siskel and Ebert.That particular episode seems especially poignant now,with Siskel gone,and Ebert recently hospitalized.I see "The Critic" as another one of those shows that couldve been one of the classic sit-coms of all time if it had been given the chance,but instead,it is a show with great moments and unfulfilled potential.As for the "webisodes",its basically just Jay doing movie parodies and lusting after his make up girl,with none of the other characters.I would just stick to the original 23 episodes.
  • the show is about a overweight loser who reviews movies but is hated by evry1. his ex wife hates him and his boss could give a crap less about him. his hair spraying lady hates his guts and his adopted parents give no crap 4 him. his only friend is son!!

    It really is a good show. but the problem was back then they\'re wasn\'t alot a shock cartoons like aqua teee, sealab, or family guy. the only 1 big was the simpsons and beavis and butthead. so not a lot of people liked it. Plus i have to say the truth, it was not as good as the simpsons but still was pretty funny. but at times it got a little annoying by how it would always make fun of marlen brando and movies. But still it is a very funny show and i wish [adult swim] would pick it up and maybe renew it becuz the jerks at abc and fox had to cancel it.
    check out
  • The incomparable Critic was an overlooked show of 1993-1994. How could brilliant scripts,animation, music, and actors not be recognized? Like the Simpsons you are enlightened, but have a hell of an awesome time. It needs to be brought back to light for pe

    I was merely 4-years-old when I first viewed this piece of savory television toffee. The blissful 2-year period of growing-up and entering 1st-grade was enhanced with this show that was first-rate gold and a creamy satisfaction to the mind and body.

    On a crisp fall afternoon, walking home from kindergarten, my mom taught me how to make vegetarian stir-fry for dinner. Afterwards, my family and I sat for an hour of TV with each of us enjoying a scoop of napolitan ice-cream. Instead of waiting for "The-Simpsons" we tried the debut of "The-Critic," a treat whenever it was on.
  • The cartoon for people needing more visually and mentally than "The Simpsons" can provide.

    "The Critic\" is the smartest/wittiest cartoon I\'ve ever seen. It is also the best looking show with its stunning backgrounds and unique characterizations. This is the thinking man\'s \"Simpsons\" where the humor is intelligent. (But, since this show was produced by the same people as \"Simpsons\", it does have its goofy moments.) \"The Critic\" only had two seasons, and I\'m sure a third would\'ve only gotten better.
  • A hilarious show that mocked Hollywood better than the Simpsons, and prior to Family Guy & South Park.

    This show is one that is hilarious to watch, but
    in all fairness, it is an acquired taste.

    "The Critic" is about Jay Sherman, a Hollywood film
    critic. Naturally, many movies that came out at the
    same time as the show where easily mocked.

    Not many people find the show funny, and the reason
    is because the jokes are pretty outdated. But they
    do keep the funny coming by doing something very
    out of character. Like making an actor do a movie
    that's so absurd.

    Overall, if "The Critic" was done now, it'd be an
    incredible show.
  • Jay Sherman, a film critic who lives in New York, loves to give movies bad reviews. He interacts with his goofy parents from time to time and tries to find love as a short and bald movie critic in New York.

    Personally, I'm a big fan of this show. I used to stay up till 1 in the morning on Sunday (monday morning), just to see the episode of the week. Maybe the fact that I was tired played a role in the number of times that I laughed while watching the show. I bought the complete 3-disc set on DVD when I first saw that it was available. It has yet to disappoint me. John Lovitz is very funny as the voice of Jay. My favorite character is Jay's boss, Duke. He thinks very highly of himself and loves to build statues of himself to honor, who else, himself. This show has very creative writing. It is very witty and shouldn't have been on fox in the first place. It should have been on a network that would have appreciated it more. Jay's father plays a mentally unstable man who ends up being "Leader of the Balloon Doggies." This show has a lot of funny parts in it. Jay's stomach might say that it is filled with chocolatey goodness.
    Overall, the show was original, creative, and very funny. It may be a little old, especially when it makes phoney references to an "upcoming" Jurassic Park III. It is still an excellent show and it should be watched and enjoyed.
  • Similar in style to Family Guy. If you haven't seen this show, go back and check it out!

    I am a huge fan of Family Guy and I discovered on Wikipedia that this earlier show used the same technique of featuring a lot of obscure cutaways and quick paced humour. I decided to check it out.

    Because of how recent Family Guy's success is and how fresh it appears to be, The Critic manages to be enjoyable and original over ten yeas later. Of course, this comparison would lead some to suggest that maybe Family Guy stole from The Critic, but Family Guy itself evolved from a short film, The Life of Larry, that came out about the same time as The Critic. Also, Seth MacFarlane has always been very open in admitting much of the style of Family Guy was actually inspired by The Simpsons.

    But The Critic isn’t just good because it shares some comedy devices with another show. The Critic is witty, likeable and often hilarious, and features at least two very likeable characters in the critic himself and his son Marty. And that’s not forgetting the voice of the talented Jon Lovitz in its title role.

    Anyone who didn’t’ see this show first time round, check it out. You won’t be disappointed!
  • Nobody knows I watched this.

    When this show came out on ABC in 1994, I had to sneak upstairs and watch it on the TV in my parents' room because I did not want to watch my sister's show downstairs. Hardly anyone knew that I watched this show. Anyway, I thought the character Jay Sherman had something in common with me. He basically had to do whatever people told him to do, especially at work. In his case, he had to review movies, hence the show name "The Critic". He was also treated very badly by his family as well as his ex-wife. Poor guy. Overall, I did not watch enough episodes to fully appreciate the show, but when I did watch it, I thought it was good.
  • Show about Jay Sherman, a criticizing film critic who gives bad reviews on every movie

    A very good show, but first it was on ABC, then it was on Fox, and then years later, it would be on another network, probably NBC, and reruns of the series on USA. The Show had good stars. When it's on NBC, it shall have popular movie stars, like John O'Hurley Playing Miranda's Mattress in an Hour assistant
  • Hmmm...

    I think we all remember The Critic it was a uber funny show by producer James L. Brooks (Producer of the Simpsons if you didn't know) so it had somewhat of a "Simpsony" feel to it but it was just not quite as big a hit as the Simpsons. Although Jay made some cameo appearences on the Simpsons (I guess for promotional reasons) it did not show much of an effect on the show. Even though I found myself watching the show all the time it just didn't speak to me ummm yeah. Well although this was an alright show it did deserve its untimely end.
  • The Critic did not last long but it was a wonderful show.

    About a decade ago there was a show called The Critic. This cartoon series was about a semi-pathetic movie critic who was struggling in the dating world. The humor in this show varied from dry to wacky to flat out random. I can see a lot of Family Guy in this show when it comes to poking fun at random subjects or people. Jon Lovitz does a wonderful job voicing the main character, Jay Sherman, and there are many other memorable characters as well. If you are a fan of animation I recomend this show. The entire series is now avaliable on DVD.

    If you like this show you should also try: The Simpsons, Family Guy, King of the Hill, or Home Movies.
  • The Critic, built in the shadows of the Simpsons, proved to become a classic at least in this reviewers book.

    The Critic eventually competed directly with the show it spun-off from. This show is actually a bit more watered down from the Simpsons and seemingly a bit more realistic. However its cleverly added characters and good story lines made it a good show and would of succeeded well without you know who (Which was still a great show)

    Jay Sherman was a loveable loser film critic who only liked a handful of movies and declared "It Stinks" to others. Jay's own family was great, especially the dad and the addition of Alice and her daughter later on in the series seemingly added to the show when other newly introduced characters bring it down in other shows. Duke Phillips was one of the great characters, approaching Monty Burns (Simpsons) in power but with a much more southern and at times backward character.

    I enjoyed watching this show when I was younger, today it seems to be a great family show considering what else is out there and is useful for at least a few chuckles. I recommend it for those moderate comical people not into the more gross jokes of South Park.
  • Film critic Jay Sherman faces the absurdities of living in New York and working in Show Business.

    I want it to come back sooo bad! Jon Lovitz had a really great show here, and everytime I see my DVD's of The Critic, I wish that it was back. It might be by the producers of The Simpsons, but it is far from the yellow Springfieldians' show. If this show was given a chance, I think it could have been funnier than the past few seasons of The Simpsons, and more absurd than Seth MacFarlane's Family Guy. Bottom line, a hilarious show that should go back into production. Hotchie Motchie! (To quote Mr. Jay Sherman)
  • The Critic is one of the best shows ever to see the light of the small screen. It is an essential mix of bad jokes and paradies. A must see for people who love to hate bad movies and no plots.

    Jay Sherman is a complicated man, and no one understands him. Not even him. He pokes fun of movies (both good and bad), politics, and pretty much anything else you can think of on his extremely low rated television show, "Coming Attractions." If you look on your tv guide, the E! network stole the name from them and made a very bad, un-entertaining movie show from it. Jay however, is surrounded by a loveable cast which include his adoptive parents, Eleanor & Franklin, rich aristrocrats who are past their prime as well as out of there gourds. Jay has a son Marty, who has the same appetite, a boss, one Mr. Duke Phillips, the billionaire without a heart of gold, his sister Margo, your average overprotected virgin loser teenager, his make-up lady Doris (R.I.P) who smokes too damn much, and his best friend, famed actor Jeremy Hawke the action star. The show which started its run on ABC for about a week, went on for 2 seasons. Although it should be starting its 11th season this fall, its not and never will be. We love you Jay Sherman, you fat funny bastard.
  • I wish it was back!

    This has got to be one of my cartoon shows ever. I was so mad when ABC, and Fox both canned it. I own the entire series set, and still get a kick out of it. If you havn't seen The Critic, you don't know what your missing. It was kinda like Family Guy, in an earlier time.
  • I dont know why But fox always has a thing with their show.

    I bet you if this show was on comedy central to begin with It would of still been one air, fox has its ways always Fox sucks It kills its big time shows. well enough about fox.

    The critic this show is the opposite of what shermanen sez "It (doesnt) Stink" on the contrary It Rocks. kicks ass. funny ass shit.
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