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The Critic

Season 2 Episode 1

Sherman, Woman and Child

Aired Sunday 12:00 AM Mar 05, 1995 on FOX
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Episode Summary

Sherman, Woman and Child
Jay's ratings are not doing so well and Duke is about to fire him, so Jay is feeling depressed. His mood improves when he meets a woman named Alice and her daughter Penny. Alice gives Jay tips on how to improve his show and her advice works. Jay wants to get to know Alice better, but discovers she has a boyfriend whom she wants to reject but can't.moreless

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  • A very Special Episode.

    The Critic, here is one of the reasons I miss you, from episodes like this, they are really funny and hilarious and have the best storylines I have ever seen on tv too!!

    This is very much like a second pilot and introduces Alice Tompkins, Jay's new girlfriend, and her daughter, Penny, a brilliant character voiced by the official actor who plays Mini Mouse and also Martin on the Simpsons.

    I wish there could have been a third season because rumour has it Jay was going to propose to her.

    However something that kinda ruined this episode for me was seeing Shockwave #1, where Jay says he divorced her, it made me feel kind of uneasy but laugh at the same time too, lol, odd huh?

    This is probaply my 6th favourite episode and is a killer if you're looking for laughs.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

  • QUOTES (13)

    • Jay: Doris, I need your advice on a personal matter.
      Doris: For the last time, forget the pec implants and go right for the tummy tuck.
      Jay's Stomach: Tummy tuck! I don't like the sound of that!
      Jay: (To Stomach) Hush, you!

    • Alice: Now, Jay, your clothes were soaked so I had to put you in one of my old paternity dresses.
      Jay: On a lesser man, this would look undignified.
      Penny: Are you gonna have puppies?
      Jay: Shouldn't you be watching some cartoon filled with pointless violence? (a flowerpot falls on Jay's head)

    • Alice: Sorry. I hate not being friendly, but this is New York.

    • Jay: (after being pepper sprayed) Mmmm, jalapeno!

    • Jay: Do you ever feel like you are completely alone?
      Taxi Driver: (in a foreign language - subtitles) I live in an apartment with 27 other people.

    • Howard Stern: (on radio) Now, Robin, here's something else I do on the toilet...
      Taxi Driver: Hehehe... Toilet.

    • (talking about his rival program)
      Jay: Aw, I can't compete with that. Boss is gonna yell at me.
      Doris: Hey, he yells at everybody. You should worry if he starts being nice to you, that's when you're about to get fired.

    • (Interrupting Cyrus' kiss with Alice by singing with an accordion)
      Jay: Cyrus is just a virus.
      Cyrus: Hey!
      Jay: He wants to tie you down while you're still young. Your potential, is what's essential! You could someday be another Connie Chung!
      (Alice and Cyrus stare at Jay not knowing what to say)
      Jay: Look, I don't know what this looks like to you. I've lost my ability to tell what's cute and what's idiotic. I just think you should know that you don't need anyone. You should choose what's best for you. It may not be me, but I'm sure it's not him.

    • Jay: Hi, I'm Jay Sherman, the critic. I used to have a big show on ABC... for about a week.

    • Jay: Well, there are a lot of people in New York that would've done what I did... they're called putzes.
      Cyrus: I like pepperoni on my putzes.
      Jay: I'll bet you do.

    • Jay: I've got to help her, but how do you give money to someone you hardly know?
      Duke: At this point in your career, little squirrel, I'd be hoarding my nuts. Winter's coming.

    • Penny: You didn't like The Lion King! You're mean! (punches Jay in the nose)
      Alice: Penny!
      Jay: It's alright. Rex Reed did the same thing.
      Penny: I'm sorry. (kisses him on the nose)
      Jay: Aw... Rex did that, too.

    • (Jay introduces Alice to Duke Phillips)
      Alice: It's nice to meet you, sir. I'll never forget the speech you gave at my high school graduation: "I just drank two bottles of tequila, my wife doesn't know I'm here. Any of you girls over 18?"
      Duke: I still give that speech today.

  • NOTES (7)

    • Al Jean and Mike Reiss, the creators and writers of this episode, tried to make it much like a second pilot.

    • Movies Criticized on "Coming Attractions":
      - "Nightmare Before Channukah"
      - "Forest Gump II: Gump Harder"
      - "Scent of a Wolfman"

    • This episode marks the premier of the newest Theme entrance.

    • This episode was an attempt by Fox to soften Jay's image. His head is rounder, and they introduce a serious love interest, Alice Tompkins, who has a cute little girl. Margo gets a new face design as well. Also, Jay's appartment becomes smaller with a yellow color scheme.

    • During the scenes where Jay gets head repeatly with flower pots in Alice's apartment, Jon Lovitz was reluctant to record the dialogue, because he couldn't understand where all of the pots were coming from.

    • On the same night this episode aired, Jay Sherman (voiced by Jon Lovitz) appeared on the Simpsons episode "A Star Is Burns," the first of his three appearances on that show.

    • Opening & Closing Gags
      Phone Call: "Jay, this is your pharmacist. Instead of hair restorer, we accidentally sent you preparation H." (Jay's head proceeds to shrink)
      Movie Parody: The Sound of Music


    • Billy Ray Cyrus
      Alice's ex-husband, Cyrus, is a parody of country singer Billy Ray Cyrus, best known for his song "Achy Breaky Heart," which was also presented here as the song "Don't Tell My Wife Alice I'm Cheating On Her."

    • The Late Show with David Lettermen
      Madonna swearing on the "Humphrey the Hippo Show" is a parody of her appearance on The Late Show with David Lettermen where she swore through the whole interview and was actually banned from coming back for a while until she and David made up at the MTV Video Music Awards later that year.