The Critic

Season 1 Episode 12

Uneasy Rider

Aired Sunday 12:00 AM Jul 13, 1994 on FOX



  • Trivia

  • Quotes

    • Jay: We'll also be looking at Sylvester Stallone in "Rocky 6: Texas Chainsaw Massacre 4." The audience seemed to enjoy this film, despite some nut in the back of the theater yelling, "Cut off Stallone's head! Cut off Stallone's head!"... All right, it was me.

    • Margot: Hey big brother, how's the job search going?
      Jay: Some scientists paid me $50.00 to test this new P.M.S. drug... As if that's any of your business Miss Buttinski! Ohh, I'm sorry. I don't know why I say such hurtful things. Oh! Chocolate! (stuffs his face, then stops) Oh, that's going straight to my thighs...

    • Marty: A shooting star! Make a wish, Dad! (A meteor flies down and smashes a poster advertising the movie "Ace Ventura")
      Jay: Thank you, God!

    • Vlada: (seeing Jay and his trucker friends) Vlada takes all deliveries in the rear.

    • Jay: Well, that's all for our show tonight. If you want to read more about trucking, I'm sorry but there just aren't any trucking books out there.

    • Stephen Hawking: And now to quote a joke I once heard: "Planck's constant is neither." Ha ha ha.

    • (At Jay's high school graduation party)
      Trucker: Son, I got one word for you: Trucking!
      Franklin: And I got one word for you too, son: Snapple!
      Jay: Oh, Dad, you and your nonsense words.

    • Franklin: I was the head of a trucker's union once. That reminds me, there's a lot of money and some dead bodies buried in the back yard!

    • School Teacher: I'm sorry, but the politically correct book truck is not here yet, but the driver's on the way.
      Little Kid: When's he going to get here?
      School Teacher: He or she, son. He or she. Oh, all is lost.

  • Notes

    • Movies Criticized on "Coming Attractions":
      - "Rocky 6: Texas Chainsaw Massacre 4" (a spoof on the Rocky and Texas Chainsaw Massacre films)

    • Opening & Closing Gags
      Phone Call: "Hello Jay, this is you doctor. We've been going over your X-rays, and it seems you're made entirely of cheese."
      Movie Parody: A man hangs with one arm from the edge of a cliff. With the other arm he is struggling to hold a women. The women is holding a boy. The boy is holding a dog. The dog is holding a cat. The cat is holding a mouse. And finally, the mouse is holding a piece of cheese. (Cliffhanger.)
      Response to Usher: "I'm stuck in the chair."

  • Allusions

    • In the "Philadelphia" parody, "Schenectady", Charles Napier provides the voice of the judge in the courtroom, whereas, in the actual movie, "Philadelphia", Napier plays Judge Garnett in the final courtroom scene.

    • Ingmar Bergman
      When Jay is driving the truck back to New York the only stop he regrets not being able to make is when he passes a booth that says, "Meet Ingmar Bergman for 25 cents!" Ingmar Bergman was a Swedish film maker that wrote and directed the classic films The Seventh Seal, Persona, and Wild Strawberries. He was known for his use of facial close-ups and dynamic use of light and darkness. His visual style was considered so ground-breaking that the term "Bergmanesque" was coined to reference it when used in other film makers' works.

    • Episode Title: "Uneasy Rider"
      The title is a reference to Easy Rider, the 1969 film about bikers on a cross country trip.

    • Thelma and Louise
      Thelma and Louise drive off a cliff just like they do in the 1991 movie Thelma and Louise.

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